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Hey, loves!

It's that time of the week again - you ask all the burning questions, and I try to answer them. Do you have a question of your own that you've been meaning to ask me?


Drop it in here.

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And now, onto the Q's of the week.


1. When will Haven and Andino's story be released? Will it be its own series? 

I've said this a ton of times, yep. Andino and Haven have their own duet (standalone from all other series and duets). Book one is Duty; Book two is Vow. And it will release in October and November 2018. I'm currently in the process of writing their duet.


2. One of my thousand favorites scenes in your books is in the Guzzi Duet book 2 when Gian caught Cara on a date with another man and how jealous he was. I loved that scene and the emotion that came out of it. YOU ARE AMAZING IN THAT WAY 😊. Which Guzzi brother is most like their father? Also, will any of them have a scene or experience like that?  

Hi there.

Um, so I would say Marcus is probably most like his father just because he is intended to be the one who takes over after Gian, so he's kind of taken the most influence from his father in that sort of way. Although, to be honest, all of the Guzzi brothers have taken traits, attributes, or behaviors from their father and mother.

Out of all my families, I think the Guzzi brothers have probably had the most normal upbringing in terms of a mother and a father - just because Cara is who she is, a therapist, and whatnot, so she made a great effort to have a family-first approach to her sons and their raising. Respect and love and family are all big things for the Guzzis.

Not to mention, Gian was never the type of man to shy away from allowing his wife to be the head of the household where most of my men tend to take center stage, and their wives are the support pillar standing beside them.

Well, in the Guzzi's case, Cara is the one who when it comes to family and her boys, runs the house and Gian is the one who nods, agrees, and makes sure his boys toe the line of whatever their mother deems acceptable. Gian runs the family, and Cara runs their family.

Just a different sort of ... dynamic, we'll say.

Those Guzzi boys love their ma.

Um, as for the other question. I can't really say if there's going to be a scene like that just yet - I have not even started plotting them (that's my summer project amongst other things), so I don't know what's going to happen beyond the few bits I have decided on for main plot points.

So, wait and find out, I suppose.


3. Would you ever do a second chance couple in your novel incorporated with your organized crime books?  

Hi there.

So, isn't that what Revere in the Cross + Catherine series is? A second chance romance? If you haven't read it yet, there's one.

And yes, I do plan on eventually doing this theme for something. I can't say what yet, but yes, it's in the plans.


4. You've spoken about your reasons for why you don't want to write about any of the Vegas families, but is there a particular reason why you chose not to write about all of Chicago's second generation? Other than Joe and Tommaso, I don't think you've said you'll be writing about anyone else, so I'm wondering if there's a specific reason or if it's something we can expect even though you've said you're moving on from this world. Also, I LOVE all your books! Wish you could release a novel every week haha. 

Hi there.

So, part of the reason is that I don't have enough people to cross over with the women from Chicago. Like, there's three girls from Adriano and Alessa, Damian and Lily have a daughter, and so do Tommas and Abriella. So, that's five girls--who are they going to be paired with across other series? Before someone says Cory Rossi for at least one of them, Cory is related to literally all of them, and that's gross.

That's a problem--the point of the Legacy novels were to cross series, not to just give second generations stories. I wanted to bring my world full circle, and in this way, I can do that.

Another part of the reason is that ... I have honestly never had any desire to write about the Chicago girls - they've never come into my mind with plots, or otherwise. They've never been strong characters with voices wanting to be heard. I don't tend to force my muse into making something up for someone.

The muse either comes to me with a story to tell, or I don't tell it at all.

Mind you, I still have a good year worth of writing in this world, so maybe someone will come up and want to have stories told with them.

As of now, I just haven't found it.

Before someone asks about Cory Rossi getting a book - it's a maybe. Not a weak or firm maybe, just a maybe. He is a loud character, I simply haven't found someone with enough wildness in her heart just yet to match him. He would not do well with just any woman by his side - he needs a particular woman. When, or if, I do find that woman for him, I shall let you know.


5. Do you believe in the kind of love you are writing about? Do you think that is possible to love someone like Antony and Cecelia love each other, just to met someone and to know that that is it for you? 


So yeah, I do believe in love at first sight. And I absolutely believe in soul mates. And I believe that only a very lucky few in this world get that experience of meeting someone, and knowing that is their one person - the one soul meant just for theirs.

In the case of Antony and Cecelia, he knew. She, on the other hand, fell in love with him over time.

I believe in this kind of love because this is how my hubby fell in love with me - instantly, on the spot, and with a single sentence spoken from me. He knew from that moment who I was to him, and what he wanted. And he'll tell anyone who asks that yes, he absolutely fell in love at first sight.

So yes, I do believe in the kind of love I write about.

We don't all get to experience it.

I fell in love over time.

Like most people do.

Never discount the love of someone else simply because you may not feel it the same way they do, or your experience differs from theirs.

All that does is dimish their feelings and experiences. Just because it hasn't happened to you yet doesn't mean it does not exist.

And that's all for this week, loves.

Until the next.


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