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Hey, loves!

It's that time again where you ask all your burning questions, and I try to answer them as much as possible. Do you have a question for me?

Cool - drop it in the form HERE. Add some in, because I am running low! *winks*

Onto the Qs.


1. Hey Bethany! 
Can you tell us a little about the Astors without giving away anything? They seem like they're going to be an interesting family! 
Will all of the Astors be getting a book? And if you're allowed to tell us...who is the most captivating Astor? 

Hi there!

There are currently six Astor siblings - so at least six books. There is a possibility of me going back to do a prequel as well for Pearl Astor who is the main people's great-grandmother. She essentially runs the family next to Fourth, and his father. Fourth (which stands for Remington Valor Astor the Fourth; it's a mouthful) is the oldest, and he'll be the first book. He's probably the most vicious of the bunch. There's three boys, and three girls. The boys are older than the girls. And two of the girls are identical twins.

The Astor family is excessively rich - and are very active in controlling government, and media. So, everything the "world" knows about their family is what the Astors have allowed the public to know. Which is why everyone thinks they are this upstanding, charity-donating, lovely family full of beautiful people.

In reality, they are criminals.
And dangerous.

Each Astor brings something else to the table. I can't say which one is most captivating. That's all for you to decide once we get to their empire.


2. HI Bethany, 
What books are you releasing this year and in 2019? 

Hi there.

So you can always find my upcoming (and guesstimate for the next year) schedules on my website at whenever you wanna know what's coming next, or a look into the future. I try to keep it updated, and once I set a schedule for the year, it is pretty much written in stone.

I say a book is coming - I write it.

I set a date - I keep it.

That's how I roll.

For the rest of 2018:

Cozen (standalone, no series) - June 4th.
Captivated (standalone, no series) - July.
Dishonored (standalone, no series) - August.
September - no release as of yet.
Duty (Andino + Haven, book 1) - October
Vow (Andino + Haven, book 2) - November
December - No release as of yet; possible Christmas novella; I make no promises.


January - Priviledge (Renzo + Lucia, 1)
February - Harbor (Renzo + Lucia, 2)
March - Contempt (Renzo + Lucia, 3)
April - No release as of yet.
May - Fractured Ties (Kolya; Boykov Bratva 1)
June - Michel + Gabbe; standalone, no series.
July - Untitled (Viktoria; Boykov Bratva, book 3)
August - No release as of yet.
September - The Guzzi Legacy, 1
October - The Guzzi Legacy, 2
November - The Guzzi Legacy, 3
December - The Guzzi Legacy, 4

And that's my look through 2019.


3. Can you tell us something more about Renzo and Lucia? Are the wild like Cross and Catty. What kind of people they are? Is their story(ies) love at first sight or something different?


So, Ren + Lucia is a three book trilogy. Originally, it was only going to be two books but as my muse usually does, she cannot be contained, and these two had far more to say that was not going to fit in just two novels.

But I do love me a good trilogy, so.

Renzo and Lucia are first love/young love/wild love.

Think, Bonnie and Clyde.

So kind of like Cross and Catherine, but entirely different at the same time.

It is not love at first sight.

Renzo hates Lucia on sight, haha.

I mean, how long that lasts isn't important because it doesn't last. But she is everything he is not, and can never be. She is privileged, rich, and was born into a legacy.

He is a poor, street kid struggling to keep his siblings alive and supported while his drug addict mother sleeps off her latest high on the couch or at the kitchen table.

So, there is a little bit more for you.


4. Whoever found Tommaso and Camilla in the room before the wedding that caused them to be late? Was it August? By the way that scene was hilarious. Lol. 😉

Hi there.

So, it was not August.

It was Cross ... poor guy.

And I may do an outtake for this at some point just because I think it would be hilarious.

So yeah, it was Cross.

And that's all for this week, loves!
Until next time.


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