WIP Wednesday: Duty (Andino + Haven, 1) #ComingSoon

Hey, loves.

It's time for another WIP teaser from Andino and Haven. These two have been both fun and exhausting to write. When they are happy together, they are great ... but when they are forcing themselves apart from the other one ... yikes.

Do enjoy.


“First of all, the restaurant thing was three days ago, donna,” Andino grumbled even as he moved away from her slightly. “Can’t you let it go?”
“Not yet.”
“Of course.”
Haven shook her head. “You don’t get it, Andino.”
She didn’t even realize what had happened before she was spun around fast to face him. His hand locked around her wrist, and me moved in close so that the only thing she was looking at was him. She fucking hoped to God that he could see the fire blazing back in her eyes.
If he thought he was getting laid tonight, he was wrong.
Frankly, Haven didn’t even fucking know why she had come here today. Things were still tense after his little trick at the restaurant, and she should have just taken some time to settle her feelings about it all.
That would have been best.
Instead, when he called, she went.
He asked, she gave.
He demanded, she did.
That was them in a goddamn nutshell, and Haven wasn’t even sure if she liked doing this with him now. If all it was going to leave her feeling at the end of the day was dirty and ashamed, then what was the goddamn point?
“I don’t want to be your secret,” she told him quietly.
“One thing at a time,” he returned.
“Except, the problem with that is I don’t know all the things you need to deal with before you can finally deal with us, Andino.”
He sighed heavily. “Maybe I’m trying to deal with everything else so then I won’t have to deal with us at all—it’ll already be practically done.”
“If by done, you mean chasing me entirely out of your life, then keep it up.” Haven arched a brow, adding, “You’re doing a fantastic job.”
Andino’s jaw tightened. “Come on, Haven.”
“You hid me from your mother.”
“For good reason.”
“Yes, because they don’t think I’m appropriate for you, and it seems you agree. Tell me not to have some kind of feelings about that again, Andino. Go on, I dare you.
Because it would not end well for him.
That was a promise.
“Okay, stop,” Andino murmured.
Haven glared. “I can have feelings about this!”
He said it again, but even quieter and he came close enough that his lips brushed over hers as he spoke. It was enough to set Haven’s insides off like a wild fire suddenly burning out of control. She wished she had more of that—control—around this man.
Or self-respect.
Maybe that’s what she needed instead.
“You’re not my secret,” he told her. “Nothing like that, but you have to let me handle my business first. Okay? That’s all I am asking for, and then we’ll deal with the rest.” 


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