WIP Wednesday: Duty #AndinoandHaven #ComingSoon

Hey, loves!


So, this week you get a pretty nice sized excerpt for Duty on this WIP Wednesday. This will probably be one of the excerpts I use for tours/reveals, etc just because I like it so much.

It's a good scene.

And sometimes, Andino can play a little dirty to get what he wants.

Or rather ... a reaction that he wants.

Do enjoy.

*All unedited, and subject to change.


“Andino,” Haven greeted, sliding in beside his table and ignoring the patrons at the booth next to his. “I’d like to say I’m surprised to see you here, but I can’t say that I am.”
He glanced sideways at her, all striking green eyes, a strong jaw relaxed in his smile, and an aloof attitude that made her think cool, calm, and always collected. Wasn’t that Andino in a nutshell? She didn’t think this man knew how to be fucking emotional.
Goddamn him, too.
He looked good.
He’d ditched the usual three-piece suit for dark-wash jeans, a plain white T-shirt, and a black leather jacket with the sleeves pushed up his forearms. And those arms. God, she loved his arms—next to his face and his cock, she swore they were his best fucking feature.
“You were expecting me?” he asked smoothly, arching a brow.
Haven saw that trap for what it was, and refused to walk into it. There was no way in hell she was about to explain to this man that, yes, she absolutely had felt his presence from the moment he walked into her business. Frankly, she didn’t know how to deal with that. She wasn’t at all sure that he would know what to do with.
And did he really need that information?
Haven didn’t think so.
“What are you doing here?” she asked.
Andino’s attention went back to the stage, and she felt the loss of his gaze instantly. The buzzing through her nerves, the humming on her skin, and the tightness in her chest was gone the moment he looked away from her. The heat traveling through her body was quick to leave, too—a coldness remained in its wake.
Look at me again, she wanted to say.
Make me feel like that again.
Only you do that to me.
Haven kept quiet.
She was a damn mess. It had been her who chose to walk away from Andino, and not the other way around. She did that for good reasons—all good reasons! Him showing up, and looking at her should not make a difference to why she had chosen to walk away.
And yet …
Here she was.
Entirely fucked.
All because of him.
Andino nodded at the stage subtly, saying, “Watching the show.”
Haven stiffened, but didn’t bother to look at what he was talking about. She didn’t need to look at the stage to know it was one of her girls dancing—Marney, actually, who specialized in erotic dancing with little tricks, but more sensual moves and things of that nature. She was a favorite of the patrons, and—
“She’s new, isn’t she?” he asked quietly, passing Haven another glance.
She couldn’t tell if he was actually interested in watching Marney, or just trying to see if he could piss Haven off. He was succeeding. She’d never really felt jealousy before—didn’t have time for nonsense like that.
And yet, there she was.
Green all over.
It burned like bile in her throat, and made her fist clench into a tight ball at her sides. She was sure she was scowling, because she sure as fuck wasn’t smiling in those moments. Heat shot through her body the longer Andino watched the stage instead of staring at her. She was holding his drink of scotch so firmly that she very well might break the damn glass.
“She is new,” Haven managed to say. “Started last month.”
“Very beautiful.”
Jesus Christ.
She had all she could do not to pour that goddamn drink over his head. Unfortunately, that wouldn’t look good for her, or her business. She didn’t need to be making a show over a man. And besides, watching the girls strip was kind of what this place was about, anyway.
Haven set the drink down in front of Andino—maybe a little harder than was necessary—but his gaze never drifted away from the stage. “Since when do you drink scotch?”
His lips curved upward at the edge.
Just the hint of a smirk.
Sexy in a blink.
A promise of sin.
His gaze finally drifted away from the dancing woman, and lingered on Haven’s face in a way that made her think she was the only thing he was actually seeing. He made her feel like all the noise in the club silenced, that every person faded into the background, and it was just him and her right then, and there.
You walked away for a reason.
They were good reasons.
Except … when he looked at her like that, and she was reminded of all the other things she did know about Andino that had nothing to do with the stuff she didn’t like … well, it was easy to forget, and wish she could turn back the clock.
“I don’t drink scotch,” he said.
Haven lifted a brow. “Then, why—”
“I thought you might know it was me if I asked for whiskey.” His intense gaze traveled down the flimsy crop top she’d pulled on to wear to work, and then lingered on her jean-covered legs for a while. “You’re looking good.”
“Thank you.”
Andino’s tongue peeked out to wet his bottom lip—an action that made Haven wet between her thighs considering she knew just how good he was at putting that tongue to use between her thighs.
Yeah, you went there fast, girl.
Of course.
“Did you really come to watch the show, or did you come to see me?” she asked.
“Maybe both.”
“I could just have a bouncer escort you out, you know.”
Andino shrugged his wide shoulders, and went back to staring at the stage. “I mean, you could try, baby. We’ll see how it works out for you.” 


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