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Hey, loves! 

It's that time of the week again where you ask all your questions, and I answer a few of them ... for now. It's also release week for me. Cozen is now out into the world! Yay. I am beyond proud of this book, because I stepped out of my normal box to write it, but also because ... well, you get to meet some people in the new world. 

And I do love building a new world. 

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Now, back to the AMA - so if I haven't answered your question yet, it may simply be because I haven't gotten to it. It could also be that I answered one just like it before - check the older AMA's to see if that might be the case. 

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Onto the Q's ... 


1. Hi Bethany! Love your books! Just wondering if Michel is close to his cousins John and Andino? It doesn’t sound like he is, if so, why is that? 

Hi there. 

So it only really sounds like he isn't close to them because I have never actually put him on paper with them. The only time in the Legacy series(s) that you have actually seen Michel was twice in Revere - once when he came to tell Catherine his wife was pregnant, and a second time at the big proposal when he had something to put in her shadow box, and was holding his son. 

I've not actually given a reason for anyone to think they're not close, or that they don't like each other, or anything of the sort. Because there's nothing there to draw that conclusion. 

Michel, would be, currently in his residency. His wife is also working toward being a partner in a major New York law firm - they also in the midst of this have a high risk pregnancy because Gabbie is diabetic, something that developed later in her teen years. They don't have a whole lot of time in their lives right now. 

Anyone who knows anything about a doctor's residency knows it's intense. He's also doing a residency as a trauma surgeon--which ups the game even more--even though he never intends to work in a hospital, he plans to have a private practice. 

Why is he training on trauma? 

Because he plans to be the man his family can come to--the doctor/surgeon they need on call. 

Michel never fit into anyone else's plot other than the few times he shows up in the Cross + Catherine series. I don't randomly drop characters in to say hello unless they have a purpose for being there, and that is why he hasn't showed up yet in the other books. You will see him only once in Andino's second book, VOW, to stitch somebody up. 

Michel very much loves his cousins, and I can assure you they love him just the same. Those three young men grew up together - Michel wasn't able to go into the life that they did, and so he chose his own path that still intersects with their path. They still, however, converge back together as friends. 

Now's really not the time for that, unfortunately. 


2. Since you will no longer be writing about the Marcello family after the Legacy and Guzzi novels are done, is there any info you can share about what happens to the Marcello family as a criminal organization in the future? In John's duet, Andino said something about his son (if he has any) being the last Marcello boss as the bloodline will sort of end there when it comes to the mafia, so I'm wondering if this is something that you can explain now or will be explained in any of the upcoming releases.  


So, Andino also said, "But there is you." In reference to John, and John's sons. People seem to pick and choose what they read sometimes. LOL. 

Andino's sons would be the final boss's from the actual Marcello bloodline - real Marcello DNA, his boys will be the last ones. If he has any ... we say in Unruly that at that point, he only had girls. His wife was pregnant, though, and it was with his only son. So yeah, his son would be the last boss with actual Marcello blood, BUT ... keep reading. 

But there is John. 

And any children John has. 

John may not be a Marcello by blood, but he has the last name, and that's really what counts. He also has a kind of muddy bloodline if you know the entire Marcello history being Lucian was adopted, his mother was only half Italian, etc. 

John's boys technically wouldn't meet the requirement of being at least half Italian from their father's side. Thing about that is - every culture has a rule about death, and in Cosa Nostra, it's that above all else, you respect the dead. 

No one is going to go digging into family history and buried secrets to slander John's dead bio-grandmother/father with things like bloodline. He's at least half Italian even if it's spread between his bloodlines, looks like an Italian, and has been raised by Italians. Most people who would be able to challenge him, or his bloodline would be dead and gone by the time his sons are old enough to take over or be made. 

See what I did there? 

There's this aspect of the Marcellos starting to change with the times, too. You get that theme in Vow between Andino and Dante. It's a new boss coming in, and a whole new generation. Things can't stay the same if the Marcellos want to continue to be on top like they have been for nearly a century. 

So while I leave this kind of open as a ... here's what could happen with these books. 

Here's what actually happens: the Marcello line never dies out, and things change. Rules change. Exceptions are made. Because if they didn't, everything that the older generation worked to keep would burn to ash. 

No one wants that. 

The Marcello empire lives on. 


3. Hey, Bethany! This is something I’ve been curious about ever since the second generation in your La Cosa Nostra came in the forefront, so to speak, in your books. *spoilers* in one of the free reads of Chicago Outfit, you mentioned that Chloe was pregnant with Joel’s kid. So, 1. Will this child ever be introduced in any future books about the Chicago Outfit? If no, then can you please tell us whether they ended up in the outfit or did they move out? Last but not the least, Girl or boy? 😅😄

Hi there. 

So I eventually--someday--wanted to go back and do a book for Chloe because I thought she was such a sad and broken character who deserved to be loved, and loved well. I may still do that, but it's hard to say. 

Chloe was pregnant at the end there - she told Joel just shortly before he died, and he did not react well. Not because he's ... well, Joel. But because inside, he knew he should never be a father. He'd been hurt too much by the men who were supposed to be his male figures, and it kind of ruined Joel. 

So, she had a boy. 
His name is Joel. 
The outfit people--Abriella, Alessa, Tommas, and the rest--very much love little Joel. He's well taken care of. He is an outfit man today. And he is nothing like his father. 

I don't want to say more lest I do go back, ect. 


4. I know the Guzzi brothers books are coming out next year. I really can't wait 😊. Are all of them different in personality or come into great use for specific parts of their family? I know you said Benedetto will be the wildest one for many reasons. Will his twin be the opposite? Because I know they were extremely close at the end of Entangled. Will any of their heroines change them in any way? 

Hi there. 

So these are all the kinds of questions you will get answered when you read their books - I'm not dropping all these answers. Seems really spoilerish, and what will there be to learn about the Guzzi brothers when the time actually comes? 

Makes for a boring book when you already know all the answers. 

So, wait until 2019, and find out. :) 


5. Hi Bethany! Before I start I have to say that you're such an incredible author! Your books are so well written, captivating and utterly beautiful. And I especially love how raw and real all your books feel! Your books are underrated masterpieces'
Okay, so I am getting ready to start writing my own books (mafia/crime/etc)..something I have wanted to do for many years, but unfortunately, I do not know where to start. Do you have any suggestions for me? Also, I want to be as accurate as possible. What type of research should I do? And where can I find this information besides WIKI? And should I have a Commission in my books? 
Thank you! 

Hi there. And thanks.

So, whether or not you have a Commission is entirely up to you. The Commission existed for a time, but it's unclear as to whether it does today. I used it in my series because it was a way for me to bring all of these far-reaching organizations together, and tie them in a way.

Putting a Commission in isn't a requirement - lots of people don't do that. It doesn't matter.

So, for research ... there's lots of documentaries to watch. All over youtube, on Netflix, and on general cable every so often. There's also blogs and forums dedicated to tracking the lives of mobsters, so Google is really a good friend in that regard. There's tons of books on Amazon to buy and read, you should start with that.

That's my suggestion.

All right, loves.

That's all for today.

Until next week!


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