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Hey, loves.

So, hopefully I can get back to my regularly programmed schedule this week. Or, that is the plan anyway. Starting with my usual weekly AMA.

You ask all your burning questions, and I try to answer them. If your question hasn't been answered yet, then please check the AMA tag here on the blog to see if it was answered in a previous post. It may be that someone else's question was the exact same as yours. Or, I simply may not have gotten to it yet.

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Now, onto the Q's of the day.


1. Hi, Bethany! If you had to choose who are your three top favorite couples from your books? 

I actually try not to pick favorites for a lot of reasons but most importantly because I love all my characters and couples as favorites for their own unique reasons. Each couple has been a favorite of mine at different points in time for reasons that are unique to only them.

There are different things about each pair that has made me get entirely lost in telling their stories. It's as simple as that.

BUT - if I give a couple more than one book, you can safely assume they are a special case and favorite for me. That is not always the case as I have couples who only have one book who I adore just the same.

However, if I were to make a list of my top eight in NO ORDER of favorites, then it would be:

Anton and Viviana
Cross and Catherine
Caesar and Aria (not released yet, but written)
Calisto and Emma
Dante and Catrina
Theo and Evelina
Gian and Cara
Renzo and Lucia


2. What is it that you're most excited about when it comes to Renzo and Lucia's story? 

(on a side note to this question, please stop dropping into my form "I know you have answered this question already about Ren and Lucia, but could you tell us more about them?" The answer is no from here on out. I gave as much as I gave about them without spoiling things. I'm not going to go into details about them and their books - I will begin writing them in September, and you can follow along with the WIP posts to get excerpts and teasers. I won't be answering those questions anymore for that.)

Um, I guess that they're a young couple, mostly. I really enjoy going into the ages of 18ish, and playing there with writing. I think it allows for some angsty emotions, and that is something that appeals to the black heart I seem to have.

I like young love, I like that it's messy and complicated. I like that they don't even fully understand the things they feel or how to handle and deal with it. I like that immaturity comes into play because life experience means little to the fact you're still eighteen, and going to act like an eighteen year old in love for the first time.

I don't really care what readers say about young heroines who they think should act or behave a certain way. Go on with yourself, I guess. If you don't want to read about young women who act like young women, then perhaps stop reading young women? That seems like a super obvious solution to that problem, but that's just me.

So yeah, I guess that's what I am most excited for - that they are young, angsty, intense, and messy. They make a lot of mistakes but they're amazing, still.


3. If you had to choose what is your most favorite book you have written and published so far? And why? :) 

I will give a top five because I don't play favorites like this - same as characters. All my books are my favorites for different reasons that are unique to them.

So, top five in no particular order to favorites:

The Score (Anton and Viviana)
Dishonored (Caesar and Aria)
Cozen (Cozen and Sargon)
Guzzi Duet (Gian and Cara)
Always (Cross and Catherine)

And this could change next week, so.


4. Did you always plan for Demyan story to go the way it did, for him to end up with Claire instead of Gia? Do you think that he would be unhappy with Gia because of the way she was?

First - Gia wasn't any way. She was Gia. And she had an opinion about the lifestyle Demyan and the men in her life led. There's nothing wrong with that - it's okay to not approve of what criminals do. That's a part of being a decent human being. It's been said time and time again by the men in my books that finding a woman who loves every part of what they do is not the rule - it's the exception.

And yes, I knew from the moment I said Ivan's wife was pregnant in The Arrangement that Gia would end up exactly how Gia ended up. It wasn't something I decided later on - it was something I already knew was going to happen. It was the hows and the whys that came into play later.

Demyan would have been very happy with Gia - he loved her, and she loved him. She just didn't love all the parts that made him who he was. That doesn't mean they wouldn't have been happy together. It just means that over the years, there might have been rougher patches because she had an ideal man she wanted, and Demyan didn't entirely fit that bill. That doesn't mean she didn't love him because she did.


Hope that answers that.


5. Hi 😊. I love your books and I just had two questions. Will Ginevra's mother's death be discussed in her book? Also, when Lucian stated in John's book that he had one daughter that got mixed up with a man that almost killed her. Who was he talking about exactly?

For the second part of your question -- all that is spoilers, and you can read upcoming books to find those answers.

For Ginevra - you get some of the answers about her mother and what/why in part two of the Andino + Haven duet. Mind you, it won't be from her perspective. Simply a 'fill in the blanks' from someone else.

But yes, I suspect that in her book she's still kind of fresh off the boat of her mother dying, so that's going to have a huge impact on her as a person, and the place she's in mentally and emotionally. She loved her mother - she was an important part of her life, and the only parent who really raised her on a daily basis.

So yeah, that will play a part at least in discussion between Ginevra and her heroes.

Okay, loves. That is all for this week. Until the next one!


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