WIP Wednesday: Vow (Andino and Haven, Part 2) #ComingSoon

Hey, loves!

So, I missed WIP Wednesday last week, but we are back to our regularly programmed schedule this week, I promise. And hopefully from here on out.

This excerpt is one of the very few I can actually share for Vow (my current WIP) without spoiling bits that happened in Duty. So, I am excited for you to get a peek at this.

I have five chapters and two scenes left to write for Vow, and then I will be taking a two month break from working on the next main release to do some other things I have put aside. Like a Vivana and Anton prequel based on the free read on my website, White Sand, Black Beauty. Also, I will be doing a Christmas novella for Chicago War, first gen. AND, because so many asked, I will also be working on a novella for Nazio (Naz) Donati and Rosalynn (Roz) Puzza that will release with the Cross + Catherine collection (probably in September, that's the goal).

So, these are just a couple of my upcoming projects for the summer. Alongside finishing Kolya Boykov, plotting all the Guzzi brother books, and more.

And then in September, I will begin writing Lucia and Renzo ... who I am ridiculously excited for. I seriously cannot wait.

That's a peek at my upcoming work, and what I will be doing.

For today, enjoy this VOW teaser. It is unedited, and there might be typos. I just wrote it yesterday, and I don't edit as I write.



"You were quite adamant about the issue--"
The issue being Haven, Dante meant.
Kev waved a hand to stop Dante from saying anything more. "Oh, that? We'be handled that, I assure you. And besides, we are aware that what a man might do in his private life is his business as long as it's ... kept quiet."
The man looked to Andino, asking, "Isn't that right, Andi?"
"Andino," he corrected Kev. "For you, it is always Andino."
Andino could tell that this was not what Dante had expected to happen for this meeting. He'd forewarned Andino to stand at his side, and keep fucking quiet as much as possible. They were still working towards peace with the Calabrese, after all. That was supposed to be the most important goal.
Kev got in his feelings about Haven's little show at the restaurant for a while, but now it seemed like he was over it. Andino knew it couldn't be that simple. Nothing with these snakes was that simple or easy.
And Kev had said ...
"What does that mean?" Andino asked the man.
Darren smirked. "Oh, us handling the issue?"
Andino hadn't asked the youngest of the two asshole brothers, but he also didn't give a shit who answered his question as long as somebody did.
He didn't like what it implied.
His rage was rising again.
"It means we handled it," Darren said slowly as though he were talking to a small child and not a man who could easily beat his skull into the bar behind him. "And we have no doubt that the problem will correct itself now."
"interesting woman you chose to be fucking, though," Kev added. "Former stripper. Current business owner. Pretty thing--if it weren't for all the tattoos. A bit much, really. I can see why your family wouldn't want you running around with that all over town, even if she is quite nice to look at."
Dante tensed beside his nephew. "That's out of line, Kev."
He didn't need his uncle stepping in for him.
At all.
Andino's jaw ticked when he said, "First, if you insult Haven again, it will be the last thing you do. She has nothing to do with this, or us. Second, if you think to touch her in some way, I will make it my first and last mission every day to make sure anyone with your name is in a grave."
"Andino," Dante warned.
He never took his gaze off the Calabrese men.
"It's not a promise," Andino said, "it's a fucking guarantee. Test me."
Kev only smiled in that fucking way of his again. "Oh, I don't think we need to worry about that now, Andino. As Darren said, we believe the issue will correct itself from here on out. We handled that."
Yes, but what did that mean?
Andino didn't think he would like it, but he was going to have to find out.
Not right now, though.
Kev gestured at the bar. "A drink?"
Andino wanted to say no.
Dante answered for him, instead. "Sure, a drink sounds fine."

They were still playing nice, it seemed. Andino was really getting sick and tired of this bullshit. His time for playing nice was just about over. 


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