AMA - You Ask, Bethany Answers!

Hey, loves!

It's that time of the week again when I ask all your burning questions, or ... try. Haha.

Yesterday, the cover for Captivated was revealed. So, if you missed that, you should head over to the fan page HERE and check it out. I cannot wait to share these two with you all.

Do you have a question to ask me - about me, my words, or something else? Awesome. Drop it in the form HERE. If you notice there's only 4 questions instead of 5 this week, it's because I am running out of Q's in my form to answer. I can only do these AMAs if I actually have questions to answer.

Now, onto the Q's for the week.


1. Hey, Bethany, I love love love your novels. Since I recently read them all, I was wondering why we never see Andino, John and Michel have a conversation or a scene together? As in, was it a strategic choice or is that how it just happened to work out in the novels? Also, can we have an outtake of the three together? Thanks!

Hi there. And thank you.

So, I guess that was just how the plots fell in the case of the Legacy novels. Michel is a busy man being that he's a trauma surgeon resident. His wife is working to become a partner in a law firm. Their life doesn't really revolve around making sure to show up at ever single event or family thing because they just can't.

You do see Michel show up once in Andino's book because he's needed. Which is the key word--needed. If a character's presence is needed or can be used, then I try to include them. I don't really write things in the main novels just for the sake of writing them, though. That's fluff pieces, and not important to the actual plot.

Which is where the outtakes and things come in.

If you want to request an outtake for the three cousins, you can put that in HERE.


2. I was wondering if you could share the nature of Michel, Andino and John's relationship? I understand that Andino and John are close, but what about Michel? Isn’t he close with them or does he have his own set of friends?

Hi. This was probably the same person as the first question, haha.

So, the three of them are very close as friends. They all grew up together, but sort of veered off on different paths in the sense that Michel chose to become a doctor more than continue on with the family business, and Andino and John decided that their goal in life was to be made men for the family.

That doesn't mean Michel isn't involved -- he is, and there's a reason why he's a trauma surgeon resident, after all.

But as adults in their own life, they are still a close unit when the time calls for it. They're all busy with their own respective lives, but that doesn't mean they don't come together once in a while to do things together, or just chill out. They do.

That's simply never been something I put on page in an actual book because there was never a good place or time for it.

And they all have their own set of friends - Andino is friends with other people, so is John, and so is Michel. Their lives don't revolve around each other. They look out for each other, but that doesn't mean they aren't their own people.


3. I love your books and love that I still get see my fav characters in the legacy books. My question is, did you always plan to write the legacy books or did you (just like I did) have trouble letting go of the characters and want to keep writing about them? 


So, I knew from the moment I began the Marcellos that I was going to do a second generation. I wanted to do a whole big world where several families existed, and I wanted to at least go into the second generation with Marcello kids.

Clearly, the world has grown.
So has the second gen.

Details, semantics, and plots came later when the time was right, but the general idea of what I wanted to do had always been there from the very beginning. It's just grown so much in that time that this world and these families have really taken on a life of their own.

They're a monster.

But I can't help but love it.

I can't say that it's hard to let go of them, in a way, but I can't say it's easy, too. This world is comforting to me--I have been writing in it for so long that the idea of moving away to something new is both exciting and terrifying.

I also know how attached my readers are to this world - and with that means they might be hesitant to start something new.

I do hope they'll take the trip with me because I don't have a whole hell of a lot more to write about the Commission world. Once the Guzzi Legacy is done, it is done.


4. I hate to be the one to annoy you with this question, but is there absolutely no chance of you writing about the Vegas families? I know you write HEA, but your writing is amazing and I would love to read a non-HEA or about a character that is practically the anti-hero/villain in the novel, but also the main character.

Hi there.

So, I never said everybody in Vegas didn't get a HEA. Andino's uncle (Kim's brother, Cory) married a woman and had his own HEA in that he loves her, and became the boss. I'm not sure what happened after all that because they've never been in my head.

I was never fond of the Vegas family which is partly my problem. They didn't come into my head to talk, and I didn't hear them.

I can't actually write things I don't know. I don't force words. Characters come to me with a story to tell, or they don't. If they don't, then I don't have something to write for you.

It's as simple as that.

And that's probably going to be a no on the non-HEA style book. That's not my thing. I like a happily ever after. I enjoy putting readers through the emotional ringer just to bring them the satisfaction of a good ending at the end of a big series, or book.

That's my style--my signature.

My readers have come to expect that under this penname, and the last thing I ever intend to do is break the trust my readers have in me with something like that. They know when they pick up a BK book, they can expect this kind of thing to happen by the end of the series or standalone, and that's what I always want them to feel like they can trust in.

Also, I don't like books that end in a way that kills off a main character - that's not romance for me. Romance isn't death. I don't write things I don't like.


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