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Hey, loves!

It's AMA day again, loves!

So, if you have Qs for me, then drop them into the form HERE.

For now, let's get into the Qs for this week.


1. Hey Kris, I’d like to read all your books in a chronological order but I don’t know where to start, could you help me? 

Hi there.

So, it's literally impossible to read my books (the ones that do exist in the same world, because not all do) in chronological order. Why? Because some series happen at the same time as another series. Ie, Donati Bloodlines is happening side by side the Marcellos series.

This is why each and every series is written as a standalone so you readers do not have to worry about this whole, what order, thing. I was careful about that.

However, if you want to see all the different worlds, and what the publishing order is inside each world, then you can find that HERE.

Happy reading.


2. Have you ever written a book where the hero or heroine is NOT mafia but falls in love with one? 

Yes, read DeLuca Duet. Also, the Andino + Haven Duet coming out in October and November are also a couple where the heroine is not involved in the life and falls in love with someone who is. Another one would be Gun Moll trilogy. Melina is not involved with the life and falls in love with a love level foot soldier of a family who works his way through the ranks to the top.

Yep, this is a trope I have written a couple of times before.

I will probably go back to it again when I get around to the right heroine and hero.

Happy reading.


3. Do you ever plan to write some super angsty love triangle? And do you plan to write more book with an arranged marriage? 

Hi there.

So, you know, I have never found the right plot or hero and heroine to do the super angsty love triangle thing. It's not that I am actually against the trope or that I don't like it. I just haven't gotten to a point where I have something to write that yet.

But if I do find the right characters, and that plot falls into my hands, I would be happy to write it. I'm sure it would piss a few readers off, but that's the thing. An author can't please every single reader when writing a book. Not every person will be happy.

So, yes, someday.

Just have to find the right characters.

As for the other bit of your question ... I do have more arranged marriage plots in the world. The soonest one I can think of is the first book in the Astor series. Fourth is an arranged marriage trope. I don't think he will be the only arranged marriage trope in that series, though ... as the Astors do as the Astors do, and aligning themselves with the right powers that be is kind of their thing.

So yep, more of that is also coming.


4. These WIP teasers about Haven and Andino story were amazing, can you tell us more about them?

Thanks. :) 

So, there's not a lot I can tell without spoiling it all to hell. Sorry. Just know they're messy and angsty. Andino needed a woman who would finally make him break the rules and step into his proper role, and Haven was that woman. 

I love her. 

Not long now for them - few more months. 


5. Does Michel know that he is adopted and that Cat is his aunt? Also can you tell us something more about him and Gabbie?

Hey, there. 

So yes, actually, Michel does know that he was adopted. He learned that in his teenage years when he was going through some paperwork and realized his papers were actually fraudulent. A good fraud, mind you, but still fraud. 

He's never felt out of place, though. Or even lied to. He sees Catrina as his mother, and Dante as his father. He loves them very much. 

So yep, he knows. 

It's not a thing for him - he doesn't have a complex over it. He's perfectly fine. 

As for the other part of your question ... um, the Irish are really crazy, and Gabbie comes from some of the most dangerous Irish there is. So, prepare to see a side of Michel you probably weren't expecting since a lot of readers seem to think he's not like his cousins since he's not a made man. 

He's still the son of Catrina and Dante Marcello. 

He's a silent sort of vicious. 

Okay, loves. 

That's all for this week. Until next!


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