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Hey, loves!

It's that time of the week again where you ask all your questions, and I try to answer them as best I can. Or ... mostly.

To recap, if your Q hasn't been answered, I either haven't gotten to it or answered the same exact question in another AMA, so go look on the AMA tag to the left of this post. Just click on it, it'll show you all my previous AMAs.

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Now, onto the questions.


1. When it comes to Cella and Marcus, I was wondering who is going to fall in love first. Marcus or Cella? And how will they meet?

I mean ... not to be rude, but do you even want to read the actual book since all this is kind of the plot and whatnot. And that's the whole point of reading. LOL. Like, you read a book to find out these things. How fun is it to read a book where you literally already know everything. How am I supposed to get you invested in a couple, their love story, and getting their HEA when I just hand you all that information a whole entire year PLUS before I put out the book?

Long rant short ... no, I will not answer questions like these. Please just read the books when they come out. This is the beautiful part of reading books. You get to be a part of the journey.


2. I know that you are fan of Vikings tv show and beside that is there any other show that you like to watch, or a movie? And what is your favorite genre to watch? And do you have a favorite book?

Hey, there. 

So I have listed my favorite books before in these AMAs. You can click on the AMA tag to the left of this post to go through and find them. I have said them quite a few times, or my favorites at the moment, and whatnot, so I am sure you will find quite a few recs there if you go have a peek. 

Also, I don't rate books on Goodreads that I don't enjoy, so anything where I have actually rated or especially reviewed is something you can trust I absolutely loved, and would recommend it to my readers. 

So, I am a huge fan of Vikings. I love it. It's sexy and violent. All things I enjoy. I also like Grey's Anatomy, Big Bang Theory, and most recently, Peaky Blinders. I actually don't watch a lot of TV since my time is better spent elsewhere, and I'm not really inspired by things I watch on TV. I find it to be mind-numbing, not conducive to me writing or being creative. Instead, TV is the place I go when I literally want to do nothing, think about nothing, and just be. So, that's what I use it for, to numb my mind. 

I feel the same way about movies, so when I get really excited for a movie, I will probably think it is fantastic even if everyone else hates it because I just do not get excited for that kind of thing, and it's not really my style to go to the movies every weekend like some do. Actually, I haven't watched an actual movie in over a year on DVD. I haven't been to a movie theater since I was fourteen. Been a while. 


3. Would Carmine from the Seasons of Betrayal warrant his own book? Also, Caesar as well as he really intrigued me.  

Carmine was married at the end of Seasons with a child (a child that was suggested it wasn't his, but not the point). So, no? Also, Carmine was not a nice person. Literally a vindictive little man with a Napoleon complex who treated his sister like garbage because their father loved her. I mean ... that's not the kind of person I think deserves anything but a bullet in this imaginary world. So, haha, no. 

And who knows, maybe London or I might very well kill Carmine at some point. Be nice to revisit the Gallucci's, eh, London? Reorganize, so to speak. 

(yes, I am putting seeds in here for her to find; will get back to you on this) 

As for Caesar, yes, his book is coming out next month. It's a standalone called Dishonored, and is on preorder currently on iTunes, Kobo, and Barnes & Noble


4. Something that had been in my mind is In the Donati Trilogy, Affonso describes the picture of Emma as 'beautiful blonde', but then Cal describes her as 'dark-haired'. The book covers also feature a blonde woman. So my question is, did she just dye her hair in between? Why did she dye her hair? I know it's not crucial to the plots, but it is something that had been bugging me. Thanks! 


I could easily lie and excuse this just because literally no one but me would know the difference. I could say yes, she dyed her hair sometime between that photo Affonso saw, and their first meeting. 

I could lie. 

I don't really give a damn, though. 

This was totally an error on my part as an author, but the only time she is described as blonde is that ONE time where Affonso looks at her picture, yep. She is dark-haired, although she goes to a very dark blonde later in life, too. But for her books, dark hair. 

So, I do not go back and fix stuff like that in works already published. They are my own errors, and sometimes that happens. That's the funny part about this business. I could go in and change that one instance, but it's never bothered me enough to do it. And I always wondered if someone would notice. 

As for the cover ... so when I commissioned that artwork, I listed Emma as a brunette to the cover artist. And when she came back with these covers the model was exceptionally beautiful, and my vision of havign this split frames all over the image of the same model in different photos to make up her face was perfect. 

One problem. 

She was blonde. 

I pointed it out, but there was not enough photos of the model as a brunette to do what I wanted to do - and the artist had already put in 40+ hours on just book one that I was not willing to pay another 300+ just to have her go in and change the hair color. I loved the cover, and the model. I didn't want to change it. 

So, that is how that came about. 

And kudos to you for noticing, and picking up on that, really. 


5. Hi Bethany, have you ever thought of combining your heroes with differently cultured girls? I Know you have a couples of Russians and Italians with different religion and all, what I mean is like an Indian girl, or Arab?

You mean like Melina in Gun Moll trilogy who is a biracial African American woman? Or, August, Camilla's best friend who is also black and is paired with a Guzzi brother next year? Or Valeria Gomez, who you met in Unruly, but will also see again in the Andino + Haven duet who is Hispanic with a dreamer child? Or Sargon from Cozen who is Persian/Iranian? 

I mean ... I know the majority of my characters are white, but yes, I do occasionally get characters that come into my mind who are not blonde, white, and blue-eyed. 

Will I have an Indian or Arabian or Native American (First Nations, in Canada) character (woman or man) ... yeah, someday. I don't create characters, though. They come to me as they are. So, I can't take someone who comes to me as they are, and change their skin tone and history and culture just because someone wants to see that. It's not how my process works, and I will never get anything done writing-wise. 

But yes, someday, I assume a character like that will come into my mind, and the words will go. 

In the meantime, I suggest searching the #ownvoices tag on Twitter, and even Facebook. You can even add in #romance as a hashtag, too. There are women and men writing exactly these kinds of characters you want to see. 

The difference between me and them is they look like the characters they are writing about. And I will always promote and push for an #ownvoices author to get their book in front of the eyes of someone asking for a specific kind of book/character before I would promote my own. Because that's how it should be.

Please, in the meantime of waiting for one of these characters to show up for me, check out #ownvoices hashtag, and find a whole bunch of new authors waiting with genuine stories to tell in their own voices. 

Here is a great thread to start with. It will show you the variety of different #ownvoices authors to find, and all the amazing things they are writing about. 

And on another note - since I have this soapbox here, and a second to do this - dear readers, and other authors, please stop patting white authors on the back for writing POC, or minority characters. We don't need/deserve a pat on the back for being inclusive. It's not something you need to personally give one person celebration to for doing - that defeats the purpose of inclusion to tell someone, "Good job" for doing something that should just be anyway. There's enough of a white savior complex anyway. No one needs to go adding onto that by putting a white author on a pedestal for what POC authors have already been doing--and trying to do--for decades and have been ignored for doing it, too. 

Happy reading. 


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