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It's that time of the week again where you ask all your burning questions, and I try to answer them as best as I possibly can. If you're wondering why I haven't answered your question yet, I may have already answered one exactly like it in a previous AMA, so just click on the Ask Me Anything tag on the upper lefthand side of this post to find the older ones.

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1. I thought Tommas and Damian are cousins? Why does Joe say Tommas isn't his uncle, but is actually his cousin? I'm so confused. I'm guessing I have the family tree wrong, but I literally can't remember where this was mentioned in the first generation novels. 

Um, so your aunts and uncles are people who are siblings to your parents. That's how someone becomes your aunt or uncle, when you are born, and your parent has a sibling - that person is an aunt or uncle to you. You would be their niece or nephew. No one is your aunt or uncle just because they're a cousin to your parent.

Tommas and Damian are cousins.

Which means any children they have would be first cousins once removed.

So, Joe calls Tommas his uncle because he's 30 years older than he is, but no, he's not his uncle, he's just a cousin.

Hope this explains it.


2. Hi there ;)
So my question is - after having read “Captivated” - (which I absolutely loved, btw), does Lucia work at a woman shelter as a consequence of what happened to Liliana? I imagine it must have influenced her but could you tell us what made Lucia go into it? 
Xoxo, 😘 

So, no?

It's said in the Legacy prequel why Lucia volunteered for the summer before she headed out to college why she chose the woman's shelter.

For one, because of her father's history.
And for two, because she wanted to get out of the house and what she felt was the way people like her parents saw her - as the baby, too young, still a child, etc.

When all that happened with Liliana, Lucia was still young-ish. She would have understood what happened, and whatnot, but she wouldn't have really understood the impact it would have had on her sister until she was a bit older.

So no, she picked the shelter because of her father's history with shelters, and because she wanted to have a bit more freedom the summer before she left for college. It's important to note that Lucia is almost eighteen when her books start. She's like most women her age - selfish, to a point. She's not thinking about those around her, she's thinking about herself.

Hence, Renzo.
A boy who constantly has to think about everyone around him, or no one gets taken care of. Her rose tinted glasses get pulled all the way off.


3. You obviously don't have to answer this as it is a bit personal, but which male character of yours do you think most resembles your husband? Through personality characteristics, physical appearance, etc. Or, any other people in your life. I'm just wondering if you base specific characters from specific people you know in real life. 

Gian Guzzi.

In appearance, and moods, temperaments, languages, habits, tendencies, and whatnot. Gian was modeled after my husband in a lot of ways.

Even the way Gian would roll him his dress shirt sleeves to just below his elbows is the same thing my husband does whenever he has to wear one. And his arms, like Cara mentioned about Gian, look fucking awesome when he does it.


My husband also speaks French, as well, and has a rich family history and background that would make some people's eyes go wide, but this isn't the time or place for me to tell it, and he wouldn't appreciate me hanging up all that laundry for people to see on the internet.

But yes, Gian Guzzi is most like my husband.


4. Does Siena stay involved in the money business when John takes over? Does he rename the family?  

Hi there.

So she does, yes. Siena loves working with money and numbers, and she is very good at what she does. She can take any amount of dirty money and with enough businesses, can make it clean again. And since she was already so familiar with the Calabrese family's money, where it was coming from, and so forth ... she is the perfect person to make sure John didn't miss anything from his people trying to hide him or short him cash, you know.

So yes, she continued on with the money business. And she helped Catherine for a while too.

John does rename the family in the sense that it just became a secondary Marcello faction that he was the boss of. So, he runs the faction as the boss, but his boss is still technically Andino at the end of the day. John is the Don of the faction, he has control.

But he would still have to defer to and answer to Andino.

But since Andino has always and will always see John as his equal in business, it's not a problem, you know. That's not an issue between them.


5. I just wonder has the story about Andino & Haven been published and if so what was it called? I looked at your other book but couldn’t find it. I have just stayed to read these mafia stories so was trying to catch them all. Many thanks - Fiona. 

Hi, Fiona.

I certainly hope you're not just staying for Andino and Haven because you're missing out on a ton.

But anyway.

Andino and Haven is called the Andino + Haven Duet. It features two books, Duty and then Vow. They are not released yet. They will be released in October and November, back to back.

Look for them, then.


Okay, loves.

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