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It's Friday, and we all know it's your favorite day of the week for a bunch of reasons, including but not limited to these outtakes. So, I'm not going to make you wait.

I pulled from the request pool for this Tommaso and Camilla one. I do hope you enjoy it.

I have not posted the outtake request form in a hot minute because it had over 40+ submissions, and I would like to go through some of those and write them before I post it again for more requests. There's so much you all want to see, right?

Okay, do enjoy ...


Whispered Surprises
An Effortless Outtake
Camilla POV

Camilla hugged the cup of tea her mother-in-law had brought out from the kitchen for her, and watched from her chair as Tommaso lit up an entire fucking room. Sometimes it still amazed her how this man was capable of doing that—so enigmatic, and electric. He was a lot like his father in that way, she thought.
People tended to gravitate toward them, and paid attention when they spoke. It wasn’t like they could exactly help it. Tommaso just … took over a whole room, and he didn’t even have to try. Sometimes, Camilla thought he didn’t even realize it.
Like this was just who he was.
Engrained in his being.
And Camilla was in no way immune to the daze that everyone else suffered from when Tommaso started doing his thing. In fact, it was a favorite part of her day to simply sit back, and watch her man.
Because he was her man.
Entirely hers.
And wasn’t that something to be proud of?
Camilla smiled, and tipped her tea up to take a drink of the hot liquid as Tommaso clapped his cousin Joe on the back before reaching over to smack his other cousin, Cory, on the side of his face with a gentle pat. Those two brothers regularly made it their mission to show up at her house at least three times a week, but often times, more. Joe was quiet, while Cory was loud.
Yet, when the three of them got together … that all went to hell. It was like they couldn’t help it. Camilla didn’t even mind, really.
She was so caught up in watching her husband that she didn’t notice her mother in law had come to sit beside her at the table again. Dinner hand long been served, and so had dessert. Now, the families that made up the Chicago Outfit would simply spend their evening catching up, and being a family.
It was important to them, she had come to learn. This thing they called the family. Some weren’t related by blood, but the way they acted toward one another, they might as well be. They protected these moments in their life like nobody on the outside would ever understand. Sure, disagreements happened … but they were quickly resolved, and without much fanfare to say they had even happened in the first place.
At first, it had taken Camilla a bit to get used to so many people constantly coming and going from her house, and life. Going from one family member’s thing to the next—her family wasn’t nearly as large as this, after all. But it was hard not to love people when it was people like these.
“You’re awfully quiet tonight,” Abriella said next to Camilla.
She gave her mother in law a smile. “Am I?”
“A little. Something on your mind?”
Camilla wanted to laugh.
Was something on her mind?
Other than the fact she lost her entire lunch before supper, and then ended up blurting out the fact she was pregnant to her father in law before she could even tell her husband?
Nothing was wrong at all.
“Not really,” Camilla said.
It was the truth … kind of. She didn’t care that she had told Tommaso’s father first, really. She was more anxious about the fact she didn’t know how to tell him. He’d been great about the whole baby thing. He’d patiently waited for Cam to live her life, and do her thing. He never pressured, or demanded anything.
They lived, and loved.
Bought crazy, expensive shit that didn’t need to be within miles of a walking, curious toddler. They owned a top floor, glass-walled penthouse suite in the middle of the city alongside their suburban mansion.
They didn’t even have back seats in three out of their five vehicles.
They did all the things that people who were childless had the ability to do because that’s what Camilla had wanted for so long, and Tom was more than happy to go along with whatever made her life perfect.
But didn’t he know?
She was most happiest with him.
Always would be.
“You are a little out of it tonight, aren’t you?” Abriella asked.
Camilla’s gaze swung back to find her mother in law was smiling in that way of hers. A sly way. Abriella was cute like that. Whenever she had a secret, that’s exactly how she smiled.
Abriella raised an eyebrow. “I just talked to you for two minutes, but you entirely zoned out and stared at Tom instead.”
Camilla laughed, and waved that off. “Tired, maybe.”
“I don’t think so, but that’s okay. Big changes in our life means we all need some time to adjust, Cam. Trust me, I understand that better than anyone.”
She gave her mother in law a look, and wondered … did she know? Had Tommas told his wife what he knew about the pregnancy?
If that was the case, Abriella didn’t say a thing. She simply stood from the table, gave Camilla a wink, and patted her daughter in law’s cheek with a soft palm before joining her own sister further down the table.
Camilla decided to just shake off the odd conversation, and put her focus back on Tom and how she was going to tell him the thing he wanted to hear more than anything else in the world. Had she said he’d been waiting for this?
Because he was.
“What are you doing over here smiling to yourself, hmm?”
It was Tommaso’s dark whisper in Camilla’s ear that made her realize her mother in law wasn’t lying. She was a little out of it—completely zoning in and out for no reason at all. It was noticeable.
Hell, she hadn’t even noticed her husband coming across the whole room to stand directly behind her.
Turning in her seat Camilla found Tommaso grinning down at her. There was something about this man that made Camilla’s heart speed up in the best way when all he was doing was staring at her.
She loved him for that.
“Thinking about you, actually,” she said.
Tommas cocked a brow. “Oh? Good things, I hope.”
“When is it ever bad things, Tom?”
“That time I ate your candy stash.”
She gave him a look. “That was a shitty thing to do.”
“And I apologized!”
He did, too. In the best way.
His hands came down to cup either side of her face before he dropped a quick kiss to her forehead.
“Love you,” he said quietly.
Camilla smiled softly. “Too much, I think.”
Staring up at him again, Camilla found that time stopped. And the rest of the room disappeared. It was just him and her, and nothing else mattered.
Maybe that was her problem.
She’d been overthinking, and worrying about things that just didn’t matter.
“Yeah, babe?”
Camilla gave him a half smile, whispering, “I have a secret.”
His blue gaze lit up with mirth. “Oh? A good one?”
“A very good one.”
“Care to share, or …?”
Silently, Camilla popped open the clutch that had been resting in her lap for the better portion of the night. She knew what was resting on the very top. She’d opened the bag over and over again just to make sure what was there was still real.
The pregnancy test was very much real.
And still blinking the word pregnant.
Tom glanced down, and Camilla could literally feel when his gaze landed on the item she was showing him. How his stance softened, and his hands tightened on her face. The slight jerk that worked its way through his body, and the soft noise that escaped his throat.
She could have waited.
Let it be … them.
It didn’t matter, she knew.
Any way at all would have been perfect for Tom.
She peered up to find he was staring at her again. Stormy blue eyes, and love right there. Her whole life was this man.
Camilla nodded, and whispered, “Yeah, Tom, we’re—”
She didn’t even get to finish her sentence before his lips were on hers, and he was kissing her hard enough to take her breath away. It sent her chair rocking back on two legs, but he was right there to catch it.
Camilla could only laugh.
So was their life. 


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