WIP Wednesday: Naz & Roz #ComingSoon

Hey, loves!

It's WIP Wednesday again, and I am still working on the short novel for Nazio Donati and Rosalynn Puzza. I originally said I wouldn't be doing something for these two, but because it's a short, fun read ... and an easy story to write, I figured why not. It was a good summer project for me.

Do enjoy.


"Missed you, my girl."
"You just saw me yesterday."
Was that supposed to make a difference, because Naz didn't think so. He couldn't control the way he fucking felt all the time when it came to this woman. Even a second away from her was one second too many, as far as he was concerned.
He wasn't going to apologize for it, either.
"Besides," he said, "I think you like it when I miss you."
Winking, he spun them around so that her back was resting against the smooth trunk of a tree. Leaning in, he kissed a path across her smiling cheekbone, and then down to her lips. Over her chin, and jaw. Finally, down her throat. Soft, slow kisses that allowed him to feel the way she shivered, and drew in quick, short breaths.
God, yeah.
He liked that.
Slowly, Naz came back to her mouth before lingering there a little longer with his next kiss. So then, he could taste her. Feel the heat of her mouth, and enjoy the way their kiss had somehow become a familiar dance for him.
Roz grew silent, and her gaze locked on his. Her soft fingertips came up to stroke overtop the dusting of facial hair covering his jaw and cheeks. There was something in her eyes--something he knew, because it reflected back in his. He wore that same look from the moment he laid eyes on her, and really saw her.
Still, he stayed quiet.
This was all on her.
"I think I more than like it, actually," Roz whispered.
"Love it, maybe."
Naz quirked a brow high. "Is that what this is--love?"
"Isn't that a little crazy, Naz?"
"What, to be in love?"
"I'd rather be crazy than normal, Roz," Naz returned. "And you're far from normal, aren't you?"
"Like you, too."

"Mmm. Better we're crazy together. It's more fun this way." 


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