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1. One of the many reasons I am excited about the Guzzi brothers books is because they are gonna be different. Like the fact that one of them is bisexual and then you have two heroines that are outside of their race. I am happy that August is with one of them. I loved her and her personality plus her braids that I can relate to. I wanted to ask what made you make the family so different from the other families in the commission world in such ways? Also, which brother do you look forward to writing the most? But, I love all of your books and you are an amazing writer. ☺ 

Thank you!

You know, I never actually planned to have The Guzzi Legacy series be so colorful and unique - it was just how it ended up being. As these side characters like Valeria and August popped up, I knew they were perfect for the Guzzi brothers and they just had these awesome stories to tell about how they got together, and so, it seemed meant to be.

The characters always come to me with their stories as they are, so if it fits, and they have a book to tell me, then I write them.

And that's just what the case was here, as well. The Guzzis are a very colorful family and they have a lot of love to share. I can't wait to get down and start writing them.


2. Hey, Bethany! First off, wanna let you know that as an avid reader I really appreciate all the effort you put into writing such beautiful materials. And I can't wait to read one after the other on upcoming ones. My only question would be about your recent book Cozen. Will that world be purely about the Astors (like Fourth hopefully?) Or are there other families as well? 

Hi there.

Thank you for the kind words.

So, I have kind of answered this again and again, but as a brief reminder ... The Empires and Badlands world features several dozen different families and organizations that all deal with organized crime or the underworld in some way.

Yes, there is an entire series for the Astor family, and it will be the first series I write from the world when I get around to it. Fourth will also open up the series as the first book.

The world is not just for the Astors.

There is a lot more to see.


3. I've always wondered how you keep the characters and their timelines straight. With each legacy book, the timelines are not always in sync (i.e. Captivated takes place before John's story and therefore Cella's marriage, child and widowhood) and sometimes we see a different angle of a similar or exactly the same situation from a different perspective and I'd like to know your method of making sure that you're on track with the stories we remember. I picture you with a gigantic board on the wall with lines everywhere connecting everything LOL. - Natalie LM 

Haha, well ... it's not quite a big board, but ...

I do have a large document in which I keep track of dates, days of the week, and important events that happen in each and every legacy book. So then, I know it was between *such and such a date* and *such and such a date* when for example, John was supposed to have gone and visited Renzo about being around Lucia.

Or, I have it marked when babies are born in the future. When a wedding happened. Where Andino was when John was doing this or that, so that I know in Andino's book, well at this point, he needs to be over here to make sure it stays on track.

As for books that happen years before the Legacy ones, like Captivated ... I don't really keep those in the timeline doc because there isn't any point. There is no real event that happens in those kinds of books that might overlap with the books that do need a timeline to keep me straight.

But that is how I do it - just keeping strict notes with each new scene I write of what day it is, where each person is, and what they are doing at that moment or what might have happened that I need to keep track of for an upcoming book.


4. Hi, first I want to tell you how much I love all your books! You may have answered this question before but why didn't Theo and Evelina have any children in the future? What was the reasoning behind it? 

Thank you.

Theo and Eve didn't explicitly state why they didn't have biological children in their books, but they did hint at it toward the end. They didn't think they were the right kind of people to have children, and they were worried that the experiences of their lives would transfer over to their children.

Like history repeating.

Some people just aren't meant to have their own children, or don't want their own biological children, because that's not in the fabric of their being. There's nothing wrong with choosing to be childless. For some, that's the better way to go. Their entire purpose is not to just have a third generation of Outfit children, you know.

But with all that being said, there are outtakes on my website that show Theo and Eve adopted and fostered several children over the decades. That was what they chose to do instead of having their own biological children.

They fostered and adopted children and teenagers that came from abusive homes who greatly needed someone that understood the pain they were going through, and would love them through it.

Go ahead and look on the website - it's there to read.


5. I hope this question does not offend you or make you uncomfortable in anyway, and if so, I do apologize in advance and understand you not answering. How do you feel about Julia Quinn, one of the biggest historical romance authors, getting a Netflix show for her books due to Shonda Rhimes interest in her books despite her I can't envision historical HEAs for black characters, the only black people in history were slaves/former slaves comments? 

Hi there.

So, I had to go and look into this controversy because, despite enjoying historical romance the most in my genre, I actually don't follow authors and what's happening with their careers and books. I just pick them up on the shelf at Walmart, and read.

And I have never read anything by Julia Quinn, just from checking my bookshelves and whatnot. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing at the moment, but I ain't sorry about it either.

As for her comments ... now, I went and did a deep dive into anything I could find that would show black people in a historical context with what would be considered HEA that does not include slaves/former slaves.

And there are some. There are not a lot by way of Europe, United Kingdom and the USA, and even Canada ... you know, where all these books are usually placed as taking place in. But there are historical figures who are black who had places in royal or important households, like musicians (one of whom was a Queen's favorite, and was greatly regarded, there are even paintings of him).

Also, mind, slavery was never actually legal in places like England. That didn't stop horrible people from taking people from Africa on ships and selling them like cattle in the new world, but if we're going by facts, slavery was never actually legal over there.

So, no, that's not an acceptable excuse as to why she doesn't want to write historical romances about black people, in my opinion. It is possible, it could be done logistically, and as a historical romance writer, she should be familiar with this little thing called research, so she has no excuse for opening her mouth and spewing ignorance.

If she doesn't want to write black characters in a historical context because she doesn't want to deal with the logistics of what life would be like for black characters in a certain time period, then that's what she should say.

Mind you, this is my opinion.

Now, what do I think about Shonda getting her a show?

I don't think anything about it at all. Shonda can give a platform to whoever the hell she wants to give one to. The only silver lining in that is the fact that Shonda is very much a powerful, prideful black woman and you can almost bet with her on board, you are going to see some amazing characters of color on the show.

Do not lose hope in that yet.

Okay, loves. That is all for this week. Until next!


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