AMA - You Ask, Bethany Answers!

Hey, loves!

It's that time of the week again where you ask me all your burning questions, and I try to answer them to the best of my ability.

Just a reminder - please don't ask me for outtakes in the AMA form, that's not what it's for. I also won't answer those kinds of things. If I have not gotten to your question yet, I may have answered one just like it in a previous AMA, and you can find that by clicking on the Ask Me Anything tag in the top left-hand corner of this post. Or, I may have not gotten to your question yet down the list.

And do drop me a Q in the form; I can only keep doing these if I keep having questions to answer, right? If you have a question for me, put it HERE.

All right, here we go.


1. Have you ever considered writing a different genre or other types of romances? 

Hi there.

I have considered writing thrillers - or espionage type thrillers with some political assassination aspect. Think Salt, or Sparrow. Just because that's something else I like to read and watch. But as I have never actually sat down and tried to plot one out, I am not sure that it's where my creative time is best spent at this moment in time. So, I haven't really gotten too deep into that bright idea of mine, to be honest.

As for other types of romance ... I really like reading historical romance, but I would never consider writing it. I would consider, someday, having a penname to write NA romance where the characters are fresh out of high school, or new to college and are just regular people without the whole crime aspect that is in all of my novels now.

Also, paranormal romance is another thing I like and would probably write again. I do have one, but it was one of my first romances, it's not very good, and I wouldn't actually recommend it to my readers at all, haha.

So yes, someday for sure. I just haven't gotten to a point yet where I have the time to focus on multiple different genres or pennames. I am still trying to keep the BK name steady and on a decent schedule for my readers. You all enjoy having several novels from me a year, and I like writing them, so for now ... this is where I plan to stay and focus until I have time to do more than just this penname.


2. What's the best gift a fan has ever given you?

Um, you know, I have gotten so many amazing things from my readers and peers that I don't think it's fair to say one thing is more amazing over something else. Just the fact that someone even thought about getting me something at all--like I deserved a gift from them just because they're a fan of my work--is pretty amazing.

And humbling, honestly.

So, instead of saying what my favorite thing is because I don't actually have a favorite ... I love them all simply because of the effort someone put into thinking about me, I would rather list some of the things that have been gifted to me by readers.

And please, if I forgot about something you sent, just know I love it, I still have it either in my glass case or on my bookshelves (if it wasn't' something I could eat, because ...).

A reader from the UK sent me a whole box of chocolates because we don't know what real chocolate is here. Let me tell you that.

Another reader sent me a box of 160 of my favorite chocolates, and also a set of bathbombs just because.

I have gotten thank you cards, letters, and even designs of my covers from favorite series made into this cool picture, and put into a picture frame just because it was that reader's favorite series and that's how they found me first.

I have gotten a book with pages folded so that it looks like my logo when it's sitting upright, and opened a bit so the pages are all spread out. I have been gifted jewelry that relates to my favorite shows, or with quotes from my characters on it, and a pillow with my all-time favorite quote from one of my books printed on the pillowcase.

Someone sent me a whole box full of candy and chocolate and DVDs and a baby blanket for baby Devon when he was brand new - as well as souvenirs from Seattle where the reader is from. Someone else sent me a shirt that says, "I like writing. You, not so much."

Notebooks, bookmarks, signed books, makeup and so much more.

I know I am forgetting things, and that's a shame. I have gotten many amazing things, and I love each one of them.

Please don't feel like you have to send me things -- you don't. But if you do, I cherish them. Even if it is just a card to say thank you, or a note handwritten by you. I keep it all. They are kept, loved, and safe. I promise you that.

Thank you.


3. Are there any shows or movies that you've gotten inspiration from for your stories? 

Not really, no. The things I watch don't relate to anything I am writing, really. And that's usually a pointed choice by me because I don't want to be inspired by something that has already been done. I would prefer to be original, or as much as possible.

So, no.


4. Is there anything you have to do to get into your 'writer mind-frame' or to get into the groove? 

Um, I don't think so.

I have kind of gotten to the point now where writing is a habit as much as my desire to smoke a cigarette is, or my need to have a Rockstar SuperSour drink everyday. I need to sit in my chair and write every day.

Yes, I have days where my brain is tired, but I still feel like I need to write or work on something even on those days.

That's really the best advice I can give to people who struggle with putting out words, too. If you sit down day after day in the same place and at the same time it will become a habit. It will become something you so as a second nature, like an extension to breathing and waking and eating.

You do it because you have to, because it is what feels natural and normal.

I do listen to a playlist I curated just for writing. The songs on it change often depending on what my favorites are at the moment. But it's not something I need to write. I just enjoy it because it blocks out the noise from my house when I am trying to focus on getting all the words out for the day.


5. Does Cross still speak to you or is he silent now?

Ha, well ...

He's not as loud as he used to be. Like, until I got to the point where I could actually write his story with Catherine, the man was damn loud. I guess like Cross is, you know. He does what he does, and that's all there is to it.

So, he used to be really loud and vocal with my time and attention when it came to the creative process. That was the main reason why I had most of his books plotted out like two years before I could even find the time to sit down and write them out.

Now, he's not as loud. He's still there because I'm not done with this world yet. When I'm done really done with a world and someone might show up again in another book, they're typically still in my head running around and being their usual selves.

So yes, he's there. He talks.

He's just not as loud as he used to be.

Okay, loves.

That is all for this week.

Until the next!


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