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1. Which of your books do you think would've had the best playlist to go with it, just based off the emotions in the book? 

I think Dishonored would probably have the best playlist. Really sexy songs, and then really fast-paced, high crescendo beats. And of course, you'd have the haunting songs, too, to fit parts of the storyline.

So yeah, I really think Dishonored would have the best playlist in that regard. It's kind of a mixed bag where music would come into play - you would get a really good variety, and I can already hear it in my head, really. haha.


2. Will Cece ever have her own novel? I know you mention Naz having one.

Probably not. Or at least, not at the moment that I can think of. She really doesn't have anything to say to me by way of a story, and I do not force characters into stories just because readers want to see them. It never works out well, my heart isn't in the book, and I assure you that you would be able to tell if I did write a book that way.

Besides, if you read The Companion, you get basically the whole look at when Cece and Juan got together, how they faired over the years, right up to the point where how he asks her to marry him, and their wedding.

What more is there to see for a love story?


3. I love love love your books! When did you decide that John was going to be with Siena? I noticed that throughout the C+C series we saw the phrase  'Better than a Calabrese?' It got me thinking that you probably planned John + Siena early on. Can you give us more insight into this choice?

First, hi, and thank you for the kind words.

So ... actually, haha.

You can look back into the original Marcellos and see them insult the Calabrese family. Antony calsl the Calabrese "a bunch of snakes" in his original novel when his best friend mentions his father is having problems with them on the business side of things.

So, yeah, I have always had that planned from the moment Lucian came from Johnathan and his mother, Lina. And they were murdered. I always knew who Lucian's children would be, and who they got with, so.

Yep, from Antony.

Go back and check it out if you want to see the insults being flung at the Calabrese in there, too.

They've always been a family of snakes.

The choice was made because from the jump when I created this world, I wanted it to come full circle. The bad blood between Chicago and the Marcellos fixed with a marriage (Captivated). The lost legacy of Lucian's biological family taken back by John.

Everything comes full circle in this world by the time it gets closed out.

That's why.


4. This is maybe a silly question but I have serious dilemma here and I'm asking you for help because you are an author and I think that you will give me an honest answer. So,I started reviewing books a few months ago and I'm pretty much new to this. I try to keep my reviews short, without spoilers and without giving away does the book have HEA  or not. But while on Goodreads I found that almost every review has some kind of spoiler. So I'm asking you what is one review supposed to have, just my thoughts and opinion of the book or something else?

Hi there.

So, everyone has their own way of reviewing but as a reader looking at reviews (not an author reading reviews of my own work) here is what I feel when I see things like:

Opinions like: "I wouldn't write a book this way/that way/with that kind of heroine/that plot twist/insert whatever here."
Knocking stars off because it's a: Standalone/series. Cliffhanger/not a cliffhanger. Written in first person/written in third person.

What I do is fuck all the way off.

As a reader, I see reviews like that, and just fuck right on off. For one, you've either ruined a book for me by exposing everything that happens in the book (so why would I even want to read it now?) or you're rating a book in an attempt to appear literary in your reviews, but knocking stars off for things like whether or not it's a standalone or a series or whatever in that regard just seems petty, and like you need a reason not to see a book as five stars because you can't simply just enjoy what you're reading, you need it to have something wrong with it.

If I see a review with this kind of stuff, I go away. I don't follow that reviewer, I don't care about their opinions of a book, and most importantly, I don't actually feel like I can trust their opinion of a book. I also don't comment, like, or engage with said reviewer. Because I'm not an asshole, and while I have an opinion about the way they review, I don't actually need to share it with them.

Because assholes do that.
I try not to be an asshole.

It's a different thing to say, this book is a HEA, or part one of a series of cliffhangers, or whatever. That's different, and I really don't care about that.

But when we're basically giving a book report of everything that happens in a book, or trying to appear literary in your "critique" then I have other people to follow and read reviews from to get their opinion on a book I might want to read.

Again, though, everyone has their own opinion and way to review. That's the thing about Goodreads - you're allowed to do whatever the hell you want over there, and review however you want, or rate whatever you want with whatever rating you want just because you want to.

They don't have really great policies.
And they're not a friendly place for authors.

So, review how you want to, just know there are people like me who have opinions on the way people review, and choose to follow or not accordingly. Just the same way you can review however the heck you want.


5. What else can you tell us about The Empires and Badlands World? Like how many books will there be? How long will you be writing in this World? Which couple are you most excited to write about? Just wondering how much you've actually planned about this World and if there's any information you could share about it. 


So you can go back in my old AMAs and get lots of information on this new world because I have answered this question again and again in many different forms.

But to recap:

- I can tell you it is not a world based on one type of organized crime organization, but several. You will see all different kinds of cultures, and illegal activities going on. There's more than Italians in the world, after all. I want to play around somewhere else for a while. That's why I am writing it.

- there will be probably 50+ books in the new world.

- likely 10 years writing in the world to finish it out.

- I am just excited to start it in general, but especially with the Astors because they are a huge figure kind of like the Marcellos are an imposing figure in the Commission world.

- I have fifteen folders currently for this world (not folders on my computer, actual physical folders on a shelf with names of families/series marked on each one) and some are connected, some are singletons, etc. I have birthdays, events, timelines, plots, names picked out, couples decided, and into the second generation in some cases for some of the folders already set.

That's how I plan it.
It's all handwritten.

There is a lot of labor and love going into this series. I want to make sure some of the mistakes I made in my first world (messing up timelines in some of the original books, getting birthdays fucked up, and in one case, an age of a certain character fucked up) does not happen again. These are not mistakes I can go back and fix in series that are widely popular amongst my readers - while people may not have noticed those mistakes, or if they did, they never told me ... they are there, I know about them, and I do not want to make them again for the new world.

On a side note - personal, kind of. I am seriously hoping/praying/begging that by the time I start the new world, my new office will be built. I want one entire wall to just be a big black or whiteboard that I can just go to town on for work purposes, so ... I will, of course, give you all a tour when it is finally built etc. haha. Hopefully next summer.

Okay, loves.

That's all for this week, until next.

Remember to drop me a question.

- Kris.


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