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This specific outtake was requested by a reader, but I seem to get quite a few requests on and off for Gian and Cara in some form or another. Usually them together, or them with their kids. So today, this outtake kind of takes care of all of that. I hope you enjoy the outtake, and maybe we get to see more of these two in future outtakes, if I get any more inspiration to write about them. 

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The Twins
A Guzzi Duet Outtake
Cara POV

The thing about toddlers? 
They never stopped moving
Cara thought the sight of Marcus darting around the living room like he was a speeding bullet was not helping her morning sickness. At all. She didn't remember being this sick with Marcus when she was pregnant, but as everyone liked to point out to her, each pregnancy was different and she couldn't expect this one to be the same as her first. 
Shame, really. 
She would much rather go back to puking once a day than five times a day. Hell, she hadn't even gained very much weight in her first ten weeks of pregnancy. She thought maybe a pound or two ... but nothing. The constant sickness meant it was hard to keep anything down so she could gain a bit of weight. 
Cara stared at the ceiling in an attempt to soothe the way her vision swam. She seriously didn't think she would be able to make it in time to hit the bathroom if the little bit of bagel she had been able to swallow down decided to make its appearance known when it came back out. Laying back on the couch, she prayed Gian got home sooner rather than later because Jesus, she just needed to sleep, or something. 
Just keeping her eyes open made her want to vomit. 
"Marcus, Ma is sick." 
She turned her head, keeping a hand on the cool cloth currently covering her forehead to find Marcus was standing right next to her. She jerked a bit, surprised the toddler had managed to move that quietly. He wasn't exactly known for being a quiet kid, after all. 
Marcus frowned, and put a hand out to touch his mother's cheek. Cara smiled, the action as sweet as could be, and ignored the stickiness on her son's hand. Probably from that arrowroot cookie he'd been toting around for half of the morning. "Ma sick?" 
"Yeah, baby." 
"Sorry, Ma." 
"It's okay." 
Cara laughed a bit, and nodded. "Yeah, Ma is going to see the doctor later. And you're coming too." 
Gian had decided that, actually. Cara had been more than willing to tough out these first twelve weeks because the sickness should have waned a bit, and got better toward the end of her first trimester. That's even what that doctor said, too. But here she was, nearing the eleventh week, and it hadn't gotten better at all. If anything, it just got a hell of a lot worse as each day passed. 
Gian was worried--that was the problem. It wasn't something he was willing to say out loud because the last thing that man ever did was say something that might upset her. But he was worried that Cara wasn't getting enough to eat because she couldn't keep anything down for longer than twenty minutes. And when she wasn't throwing up what she was eating, she wasn't very interested in food at all. 
And if she wasn't eating ... then the baby wasn't getting nutrition, either. 
So, the doctor it was. 
"See baby?" Marcus asked, his eyes lighting up. 
She didn't think her son really understood the whole process of the baby, and what was happening. All he knew was that he was getting a baby brother or sister. And to him, a baby meant something that was already small and tangible. Like his friend's mother who had a one-year-old son that was still crawling, and not really babbling just yet other than the usual one syllable words. He didn't understand that his baby brother or sister wouldn't already be crawling and babbling at all when they were first born. 
Cara didn't want to ruin his excitement by trying to explain something a kid his age didn't understand, anyway. 
Cara grinned, too. "I don't know if we're going to see the baby today. Maybe, though." 
"Still not better, then?" 
At the sound of her husband's voice coming from the living room doorway, Cara let out a sigh of relief. Not that she couldn't handle Marcus because she could ... but when she felt like any second, she was about to spew vomit all over the floor, having Gian around as a backup for their son really helped. 
She glanced her husband's way, and offered him a tiny smile. "Not really, no." 
Gian did his best to smile back, but it didn't matter, really. Cara could still see the worry in his eyes. He was quick to cross the room, and kneel down beside where she was resting on the couch. One of his hands came up to stroke her hairline as he leaned in, and pressed a quick kiss to her forehead. For the moment, she was content to just sit there and enjoy the feeling of him close. No matter what, that always made her feel better. 
And then just as fast as she was feeling good again, the need to vomit rose up faster than she could even take in a breath. Cara barely managed to sit up in time on the couch, but Gian already had the garbage can from underneath the side table sat down in front of her, ready to be used. 
He was good that way. 
Quick that way. 
And while some men might have picked up the toddler and headed out of the room to leave their wife to handle her own business, he stayed right there. Stroking her back, her hair, and then her face, too, when she finally finished spilling her bit of breakfast into the trashcan. 
"I'm fine," she mumbled. 
"You're really not," he returned. 
"I feel like trash." 
Gian chuckled. "And yet, you look like anything but, mia cara bella." 
Yes, his beautiful daring. Even when she was throwing up, looked like hell, and could barely manage to get off the couch. Even at her worst, she was still beautiful to him. 
God, she loved this man. 


"Marcus, come see Papa," Gian murmured, kneeling down to take his son's attention away from the row of pamphlets someone had left on the desk inside the doctor's office. Happily, their toddler left the items alone to do as his father wanted. Once Gian had Marcus in his arms, he stood and turned to Cara. "Feeling any better?" 
She let out a slow breath, and nodded. "That medication helped." 
The doctor finally agreed that clearly, her morning sickness was not waning. And it was very possible she was dealing with a rare type of morning sickness that wouldn't wane, either, and would only continue to get worse. To avoid possible hospitalization when her body wasn't getting enough nutrients, the doctor settled on an anti-nausea medication that was safe to use during pregnancy. 
Thirty minutes after taking the meds, and Cara could watch her son dart around the room without feeling like she was going to puke all over the place. Small miracles were everywhere, apparently. 
Before they could say anything else, the door opened, and Dr. Candel strolled in with his gaze drifting over the paperwork he held in his hands. "Cara, we're sure of your conception date, aren't we?" 
Cara glanced at Gian. "I know when I got pregnant." 
This pregnancy was planned as much as any fucking pregnancy could be planned. She'd tracked her cycles, knew when she was fertile, and somehow, they managed to get pregnant that first month trying. 
"But you're sure--" 
"I know when I got pregnant," Cara repeated dully. 
"Your hormone levels for pregnancy are ... five times higher than they should be," the doctor said quietly, glancing up to meet her confused gaze. "I can tell you don't know what that means." 
"Not particularly." 
The man nodded. "Well, there could be a few different reasons for the higher levels, but I think one reason might be far more likely than the others, considering--" 
"Is something wrong with her or the baby?" Gian asked sharply. 
"Uh, I don't think it's just one baby," the doctor replied just as calm as ever. "Given the fact Cara is an identical twin, and there are twins further back in her family's history, genetics say she is more likely to have a set of twins in her lifetime. The other reasons that could be causing this high level don't really apply to her, and there would be a lot of unnecessary tests to see if that was the cause. Whereas, I can tell if she's carrying twins with a simple--" 
"Wouldn't we have heard two heartbeats last week when I came in for a normal checkup?" Cara asked. 
"You're still early. The babies are still quite low in your pelvis. It's possible one is behind the other, and that is masking the heartbeat." 
Cara glanced at the small ultrasound machine in the corner of the room. "Can we find out today?" 
"Absolutely. Let's just get you settled on the bed, and we'll find out if my theory is correct." 
Gian kept a tight hold on Marcus as Cara slipped back into the hospital gown, and rested back on the bed. Soon, cold gel was smoothed over her midsection, and the doctor rolled the wand lower on her belly before the grainy images on the machine started to take shape. Not that any of them were discernable, but there was one thing that was mistakable on the screen when Cara looked as he stopped moving to capture an image. 
"And there they are," the doctor said. "Two sacs, two babies." 
"Two," Gian said on the other side of Cara. 
She smiled back at him. "Twins." 
Marcus blinked at the screen. "Baby?" 
Gian laughed, shifting his son so he could get a better look. "Babies, Marcus. Two babies." 
"I suppose that explains the extreme sickness," the doctor said, glancing back at Cara. "We'll keep you on the meds. Congrats." 

"Twins," she said again. 


  1. So, fraternal twins huh? Me likey!!! 😃

    1. No, both sets of Cara and Gian twins are identical. Two babies is one sac is less common than two babies in two sacs even in identical twins. Both sets of Guzzi twins are identical. (which is going to make finding the right covers very fun for me)


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