WIP Wednesday: Privilege #RenzoandLucia #ComingSoon

Hey, loves.

It's WIP day which means you get another peek at Ren and Lucia. Love these two - they have been so much fun to write ... so far. Ask me again when I am three months deep into them and we'll see if I might have a different answer.

These are always unedited, and you'll probably find errors.



"It's not the firts time they noticed the young man around, or that you had sought him out," her father continued, unbothered. "Renzo Zulla, his name is. He's got some ties to your brother, it seems. I figured I would let you work it out, you'd learn quickly enough that he wasn't where your attention was best spent. You're a smart girl--you know to stay away from people who might cause you unneeded trouble. And that, Lucia, is all Renzo is. Trouble."
She stiffened as a hot shot of disbelief and anger rocketed through her spine.
"Why?" she asked.
Lucian's gaze narrowed. "Why?"
"That's what I asked, Daddy. Why is he trouble?"
"You've spent more than a few minutes with the young man to know who he's hanging around, and some of the things he's doing. You know exactly why he's trouble, Lucia."
Was that so?
"Like you, then?" she pressed.
Lucian straightened like someone had shoved a rod into his spine. "I beg your par--"
"Like John, too?"
"Uncle Dante, or Uncle Gio? Granddaddy, too? Andino, maybe? Like all of you, too? He's like you, too, right? If you're going to throw stones, make sure your house is not made of glass, Daddy. I hear that doesn't work out very well."
It took her father a second, and then two before he finally found his words to respond.
"That is not the same thing."
"I think it is."
"I think it's exactly the same," Lucia interrupted, unwilling to budge on her point. "And you can phrase it however you want. You can paint our family with whatever golden brush you would like to--God knows we can afford to paint ourselves however we want society to see us, right? But he can't. He's who he is, so you see him as he is. He's not covering up the things he doesn't want the rest of the world to see like you do--like the rest of our family does. It's exactly the same; I don't care what you say."
She had no reason to defend Renzo. After the way he left her that morning, she could have just thrown him to the wolves and said fuck it while she did so. That might have been the better way to handle it, really.
Still, she couldn't.
if she put this morning out of her mind, and thought about all the other things she knew about Renzo, then the truth was far clearer to her. He struggled. He was barely keeping his head above water. He had the responsibility of taking care of his siblings, and keeping himself alive. He was doing the best he could with what he had been given, even if it wasn't very damn much.
Nobody had the right to judge him for that.
Certainly not her father.
"Lucia," her father said before her as she opened the door to the house when he stepped aside, "you're to stay away from that young man. I'm not asking. I am telling you this. Stay away from him."
Definitely not.
And if she did, it would because she chose to keep her distance. Not because someone had told her to do it.

Simple as that. 


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