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Hey, loves. It is that time of the week again where you ask questions, and I try to answer them as best as possible. Please note that if you're just dropping statements into the form that have no question or nothing you really want me to discuss, talk about, or something to answer, then I thank you for your kind words, but there isn't anything for me to add to it. 

And on the same vein, if you are adding Outtake requests to the AMA form, I move them over to the Outtake requests because my AMA form is not for that, thanks. Meaning, please stop asking them in this form. Okay? 

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I can only keep doing the AMA if I keep having questions to answer, right? 

All right, onto the questions for this week, loves. 


1. Fractured Ties release date?

I'm kind of amused that this was literally all that was written for this question. 

Anyway ... for those who do not know, Fractured Ties is Kolya Boykov's book. You would have first met him in Where the Snow Falls, the second book in the Seasons of Betrayal series. Like most of my books, I often pick side characters and decide to go back at a later date and give them their own book or series, depending on how much I like them or what I have to tell for them. Kolya is one of those characters. 

Thing is, that was a co-authored series, so anything that comes from that world is mutually agreed upon by London Miller and I. It is OUR world, not mine, and not hers, but OURS. The Boykov Bratva series, a series we agreed to write together by way of me writing one book, and her writing another book, and so forth until it was finished will be published when all books in the series are done. So, when all the books are done, I guess you'll see an announcement from London and I about an upcoming series. 

Maybe it'll be under a new penname. 

Who knows. 

Have to wait and see. 

That's all I have to say on that for now. 


2. I remember a while back you said it was love at first sight for your husband, but you fell in love with him gradually. You've also explored love at first sight in your novels, but I'm wondering how you would explain love at first sight. Like, I've been told in the past it doesn't exist, and only lust at first sight does. Sooo now I'm wondering how you would explain it. How do you think it happens? 

Hi there. 

So first and foremost, I don't--ever--discount what someone else has experienced. So if someone else says they have experienced love at first sight, then they have. Just because someone else hasn't had that wonderful experience doesn't actually mean that it doesn't exist. Someone who has never seen snow before doesn't believe that it doesn't exist simply because they've never had the luck to stand beneath the sky when snow is falling down, and yet ... it's still very real. 

So yeah, people who say it doesn't exist and dumb it down to add injury to insult with something like "It's only lust at first sight" really have no place to talk, as far as I am concerned. And I don't mind telling them that, either. They've not experienced it--too bad for them, maybe someday if they haven't found their one person yet. Especially on account of someone like my husband who is pretty clear in his feelings and what happened to him. 

As for the other bit of your question ... I would explain first love kind of like how I have written it. Different in each place where it appears. For one person, it may only take a look. For someone else, it might be first touch. A conversation. A single day in someone's presence for their soul to recognize that is the other soul they have been looking for all this time. That's the thing about love at first sight, I don't actually think it can be summed up by one single experience. I bet, and believe, it is kind of different for each person who had the fortune of experiecing it. Which is also why I try to write it differently each time I do touch on it, which actually isn't often. 

Because that's also the thing about love at first sight - it's rare. Which makes those who experience it extremely lucky. I don't think everyone should fall in love at first sight, that's not how love works for almost everyone, right. 

So, yeah. That's how I feel about it. 


3. I know you can't write novels for every single character you introduce, but what happened to Cal's half-sisters? Did they marry made men or did they distance themselves from that world? 

Hi there. 

So, I never really gave them much thought after the series ended because honestly, that's what they would have wanted. They had so much focus from Affonso and the mafia about what was going to happen as they were the Donati Principessas, right? Expected to be arranged into proper marriages picked by their father, etc ... further their name and family, and so forth. 

But you can safely assume with Calisto in control and Affonso gone, those girls literally got to do whatever they wanted to do. One wanted to go to a school for dance, and she did. I imagine that was the direction her life went into, I don't know who she would have married, or whether or not the man would be connected, that never seemed important to me since I never intended on giving them books. I don't stop to make entire life stories for characters who don't really stay with me or I don't intend to give a book to at some point in the future. 

We saw in the books that they were close to Emma - they got attached to her pretty easily and quickly, so you can assume they remained that way over the years. Probably closer, even, after Cal and Emma were married, you know. 

So yeah, that is kind of what I would have expected their life and future to be like. Happy girls who grew into happy women who were able to choose things about thier life and what they wanted from it without the input of a man who only really cared about what they could do for him at the end of the day. 


4. I don't think I've ever cried while reading any other novel (or ever because of any personal reason in my life) as much as I did during Dino's books. So, any chance you'll write about his son? I know you've said Dino has moved on from that world, but I just can't get enough of him or anyone he's closely related to. 

And because this question is closely related to another question in my form ... I will add that one too and answer them both together ... 

Hi Bethany! First of all I will say that I absolutely love ALL your books (The Marcello clan the most)! Though I was wondering if Theo will learn about Dino's fake death? Dino can show up I guess cause his enemies are dead! So are there any chances that the brothers or their children will meet again sometime in the future? 

And no. 

And no, no, no. 

Okay, guys? Like I know how much you love Dino. I know how much you want him to come back and be like, heyyyyy, everyone. But no. He is not coming back. He does not like that life. He doesn't want ANYTHING AT ALL to do with the mafia or the life he left behind. He knows Theo and Lily are happy, he helped to make them safe, and that is literally all he needs. 

He is living his best life tucked away in a cabin on the lake with Karen, their son, and their daughter you never got to see. That's all there is to it. That is literally never going to change. My mind will not be swayed. No matter how many times you ask, the answer will absolutely remain the same on this topic. 
Dino is where he is. 
He will stay where he is. 

Because here is the thing - DINO REALLY DIED AT THE END OF A CERTAIN BOOK. But because I love my readers so much  .... and I knew how much that death hurt them, I chose to go back and write him a series that would allow him to live on for those who wanted to see that. But in the world, he is gone. And I cannot bring him back. 

So that duet for him was almost like me stepping out of the canon rules of my world to make readers happy because how often they asked about him, and for a book for him. 

I gave you what you want once. 
With Dino, it will not happen again. 

I cannot make this clearer. 



5. Hi Bethany! I am in love with your writing- obsessed with the characters! I wanted to know when the Naz and Roz novella would be releasing. I have read all the WIPs and cannot wait to read their story. 

Hi there. 

So I would have included this in the last AMA, but I focused that around writing and kind of missed this question. Naz and Roz is out now, and you can find it HERE. Hugs. 


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  2. Love your books!! Will Naz n Roz be getting a 2nd novel, or novella, of them a little older, where they are in their careers, getting married??? I was kinda shocked their book ended how it did, but then I was like, well, she could have left it open on purpose.

    1. Yes, that's how I ended it and how I intended for it to end. That's a happy point for them ... Maybe I will do an outtake for them but they will not be getting another book. This is the end of the series. At this point, I am four generations in. People are dead. Readers are going to start asking why grandparents and great grandparents are not on the page. The vast majority do not want to read my books in which original characters are dead. This is the end.


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