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Hey, loves. 

It is that time of the week again where you ask me all your burning questions, and I try to answer them as best I can. I am running low on questions in my form, so do make sure to drop me one HERE. I can only keep doing these things as long as I have questions to answer. And please, no outtake requests in the form. That's a whole different thing and I just move them over to the correct place for that. 

Now, onto the Q's for the week, loves. 


1. Hi. If you HAVE to choose one book of yours to get a movie. Which one will it be? 

Hi there. So I actually tend to think that with a lot of my series and books, they would make a better television series than just a single movie. Simply because you know, there is so much involved and it goes into so much, right? You could be in New York one day, Chicago the next, Vegas ... Canada. There is just enough information that it really could be a series, and I think that would be better suited for a lot of them like the Marcellos, Chicago War, and so forth. 

But just a single movie, huh? 

Um, I would probably pick Cozen for that - I think it would make a great thriller/heist movie, actually. You'd be left in suspense until the very end and you would have the big AH-HA moment like you do with all heist movies. And what was interesting was when I wrote Cozen, I wrote it with a movie in mind. Not that I wanted it to have a movie, but like ... I wrote it kind of thinking, if someone was sitting there watching this play out, how would these two characters (no spoilers for those who haven't read Cozen) interact if you were watching them on screen and you didn't know the twist until the end. 

So yeah, I think Cozen would personally make the best movie. 


2. Do you have plans to do a book about Vera? I love the Russian Guns Series! 

Thank you. The Russian Guns is definitely in my top five favorite series that I have written - and not because I think it's the best of all my series and books because it isn't, I have certainly written better books after that series and I grew a lot as a writer since then given it was my first series ever. Um, but it is a top five favorite of mine simply because it is the first mafia series I wrote. I got a lot wrong in it, I never kept a proper time line to actually keep track of things happening, ages, birthdays, weddings, and so forth. I was just very caught up in this book and these characters who suddenly took over my mind like they had so much to say and I just could not seem to get it out fast enough. 

It knd of felt like they took over me for a while, at least until I finished those first three books. They wouldn't let me go - I love them for that. 

And that is why it will forever be one of my all-time favorite series. Well, that, and Anton. I felt like when I wrote him, something clicked in my head about romance heroes and that was the point when I kind of knew and decided for me personally that a hero's behavior and actions outside of his marriage or because of his job title was never going to come into his life with his wife and children. As in, I could and would absolutely write men who were bad, men who by all standards would be considered the anti-hero in real life, and yet at home with his wife and his children, his love for them would never be sacrificed by his behavior and actions. 

Antony literally changed the way I looked at writing my heroes in that way. He is the reason why you never have to worry about me writing a hero who abuses a heroine or treats her like shit when they are together. He is why I do that. 

As for your question, because I kind of went off on a tangent there for a second ... yes, I do eventually plan to go back and write a book for Vera and one for Roman. I have the basic story for Vera all done out in my mind, but I have not gotten far enough in those plans to actually pen the plot out entirely to begin writing it. 

Someday, yes. 

That is the plan. 


3. Do you like more to write from hero's or heroine's POV? What's easier between those two perspectives?

Hi there, so this really just depends on the book. I like to be able to give all my characters a voice when they are main characters, so I try very hard to give the hero and heroine equal amount of page time when I am writing a book. I don't actually find one easier to write in than the other. Or at least, not yet. That may not always be the case, as far as that goes, but as of now, yeah, I don't find a difference. 

There was one book where the heroine didn't let me hear her voice at all - Infict. She never came out and spoke to me, it was all Connor doing the talking, and no matter what I tried, I couldn't actually seem to write from Evelyn's POV without it feeling fake and forced. As though it was basically just me doing all the talking for her. 

And so, that entire book was written from his perspective. I always try to do what is best for my books, you know? Nine times out of ten, what is best for them is having both perspectives, and I prefer third because that allows me to be a little more free in what I tell the reader while writing. I don't actually like writing in first person. I think I have a whole total of one book in first person, and I mostly hate even reading it too, to be honest. 

But that's a story for a different day. 


4. Hey Bethany! I love all of your books and was wondering if I could become an advanced reader for you?! I mean... it would be a great early birthday present ;) 

Hi there. 

So, the best way to ask this question and actually get put on the list for ARCs is to contact me directly, or my PA, Tori Ward. And you can do that by contacting us through my Facebook page HERE. Try that. 


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