Outtake: Before the Wedding #CrossandCatherine

Hey, loves! 

So there seems to be a lot of outtake requests, or rather, I seem to get a lot of outtake requests that kind of revolve around Catherine and Cross's wedding. I don't think you guys realize it, but I truly do love the way you all love Cross and Catty. I think if I kept writing them and their kids forever and ever and a day, you would all still be reading them with me. And honestly, that makes my heart explode with a ton of love. 

Truthfully, I figured I was done writing for this couple ... including outtakes, in a way. I figured I would write some for Naz & Roz (I still will be doing that, by the way, for those who keep demanding I give them more of those two) and that would be the end of it. After all, I have already written a ton of free outtakes for this couple, and a bunch that I compiled into The Companion. But it's a good laugh on me because haha, you people just keep asking for more. 

And that's okay, honestly. 

A lot of your outtake requests for these two seem to revolve around their wedding day. Before, during, and after, at the reception. And so, I have decided to write those things for you - because apparently, I don't know how to tell you no. Ha, no, I'm kidding. I just figured since there are so many outtake requests for this exact moment in their story, that I should probably sit down and write it for you all. 

So yes, a serial of outtakes based around this moment in their lives, the before the wedding, the wedding itself, and after. So three outtakes, all for their wedding day. Today is the before, next week will be the day of the wedding, and the week after that will be the after - the reception bit you didn't get to see. 

Do enjoy, loves. 


Before The Wedding
A Cross + Catherine Outtake
Catherine POV

"God, this dress was worth every single penny," Catherine's mother said, making one more quick sweep around her daughter to check for anything else that might need fixed last minute. For Catrina, that could be as simple as a tiny thread sticking out, or a single hair out of place. "Do you love it as much as I do?" 
"What do you think?" 
Catrina winked. "That you're glad your father paid for it?" 
"Well ..." 
Catherine laughed, and turned a bit to watch how the blush-colored ballgown shimmered as she moved. She had wavered on which style of dress to choose--she was lucky enough to have the body type that would look good in just about any style. And her mother made her try on every single style just to make sure she knew what each one looked like on her body. 
In the end, she went back and forth between a form-fitting mermaid style dress that was draped in lace from the plunging neckline to the hem of the long train, and this blush-colored ballgown. During those fittings, her mother had pointed out the lace, mermaid style was very close to the dress Catrina had worn for her wedding. Catherine knew it was true--she saw the pictures of her parents' wedding. That alone was enough to make her consider the mermaid dress a little more. 
For whatever reason, though, she kept going back to the ballgown with its pretty color, and a huge train. She wasn't the type to go for something like this--she rocked sexier styles and this felt very ... regal. And royal. 
Her mother said exactly what she was thinking, then, reaching out to fix the crown that rested beneath her veil. A gift her father had gotten made by a jeweler overseas--her something new, he'd said. Got knew it looked good and fit under the veil. It set the whole look off, to say the least. 
"You look like a queen about to take her thone," Catrina said, smiling. 
Catherine glanced back at the mirror again. 
Her mother wasn't wrong. 
"Ready to go downstairs and get this show started?" Catherine asked. 
Catrina nodded. "Just about. One last thing ..." 
"What's that?" 
Catrina was quick to round the table in the private room, and pull out a small gift bag underneath. Inside the bag, she pulled out a tiny velvet box, taking a moment to look it over and hold it in her hands before coming back to stand in front of her daughter. She smiled, and shrugged a little bit. 
Catherine almost found it funny. 
In a way, she thought her Ma looked ... nervous. That wasn't like Catrina at all. 
"It's going to seem a little silly--" 
"Nothing you give me is silly, Ma," Catherine said quickly. 
She wasn't lying. For a long time, she'd tried her very best to be different from her mother, but the truth was far more obvious. They weren't clones of one another, but they were very similar in a lot of ways. She loved her ma far more than she would ever be able to explain. 
Catrina nodded, and then opened the box. Inside, a small ring rested in black velvet. Sitting atop a thin white-gold band was a cluster of blue sapphires. "You know ... when I was a young girl, I didn't have very much. We were a poor family, and what little bit of things we did have, well, they were cherished items. And when my mother married the man who would be my half-sister's father, this was the ring he gave her for their engagement." 
Catherine blinked. "But you don't like him." 
Maybe she had said that a little too bluntly, but honestly, that was putting it mildly. Whenever Catherine did get her mother to talk about her family, which wasn't very often, Catrina didn't hide the contempt she felt for the man who essentially forced her out on her own at a young age. The man who hated her, in a lot of ways. Or that's how Catrina always seemed to describe it to her daughter. 
"I don't, you're right," Catrina murmured. "And maybe that's why I kept this ring tucked away for so long, even though it had exchanged hands after being given to my mother, and--" 
"What do you mean?" 
Catrina quieted, and Catherine could tell just by the way her mother's jaw worked, that she was chewing on her inner cheek. More nerves--it just felt strange to see her ma like that. 
"My mother gave it to my sister before she headed out on her own to try and find me," Catrina finally said, although her voice barely broke a whisper. "When I found my sister the first time years later, when I came back for her, she still had it. She gave it to me ... asked me to keep it safe, said I could give it back when the time was right." 
Catherine felt the telltale prickle behind her eyes, but blinked to keep the tears back. "Oh." 
"The time never got to be right," Catrina murmured quickly. "You know what happened to Catherine, and so I have kept it tucked away." 
"Waiting for the right time," Catrina said, smiling and meeting her daughter's gaze. "You are her namesake, and so I thought it would be better in your hands, now. And you need your something blue, too." 
"Wouldn't Michel be--" 
Catrina was quick to shake her head. "No, he has his own piece of his biological mother. Something else I kept tucked away." 
Catherine didn't ask her mother for more details in that regard. She didn't have to because they never did. It wasn't something they talked about, really. It was never made to be a big deal in their family, and honestly, the one person who might have made it into a big deal--Michel--never actually saw it as a problem. 
Catherine had learned the truth about her brother's paternity shortly after her brother was married. But apparently, Michel had known since he was fourteen, and found some kind of paperwork in their father's desk. While the world and all the legal documents said Catrina was her brother's mother, the truth was that it had always been Catherine--Catrina's sister. And his father, well, their mom and dad didn't talk about that. 
Not that it mattered. 
Those were the details. 
To Michel, and to Catherine, his mom and dad were Catrina and Dante. Nothing ever changed that. Her brother didn't have a complex about a history he really didn't know, and didn't seem to care to know. She didn't know what, if anything, her mother told her brother. That shit wasn't for Catherine to ask. It really wasn't her business. 
With careful hands, Catrina passed over the small ring with the beautiful cluster of sapphires. Catherine slipped it down her index finger, happy to find it was a perfect fit, really. And for some reason, it kind of felt like the ring had found a good and proper home on her hand. 
Catrina smiled at her daughter. "I know, silly, right?" 
Catherine shook her head, stepped forward, and hugged her mother without warning. It took Catrina a half of a second before she was hugging Catherine back. "Not silly, Ma. I love you, and it. Thank you." 
Thank you really didn't seem like enough. The way her mother hugged her tighter said it absolutely was. 
"Let's get you married, Catty," her mom whispered. 


  1. Outtakes like this always make me tear up. ❤

  2. I just love anything Cross & Catherine. Thank you!

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