Outtake: New Friends #SienaandCatherine

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This particular outtake was requested exactly as it is written, with Catherine and Siena spending time together and becoming friends. There are some for all the Legacy ladies, too, and I will some time get around to doing that but not before all my Legacy ladies are out in the world and it won't be spoilerish. I love requests that are particular because they help the muse along, especially when I don't actually have an idea to go along with an outtake, but all a request gives me is a couple or a name of a particular character. 

So, please keep that in mind when requesting an outtake--the more details, the better, and the more likely it is that I will write your request once I get to it in the form. Or hell, I might write it before the others if it really catches my attention and I get a good idea for it to write. 




New Friends
A Commission World Outtake
Catherine & Siena

Catherine POV

"You sure this is what you want to do?" Cross asked. 
Catherine glanced over at him from her spot in the passenger seat. "Why not?" 
"I just figure ... well, you've got a good thing going on your own, don't you? I mean, it might not be you doing the numbers when they need done, but you've got it handled." 
Laughing Catherine muttered, "And I am still hiding far too much money under my bed, Cross. I have no concept of how to hide large sums of money. Every time you pull something out from under the bed, do you want to worry about if there's money inside, or what you're actually looking to find?" 
He quieted. "Yeah, you should get somebody on that, babe." 
"Plus," she added quieter, "John and Siena have been married for like two months now. You know I haven't really made an effort to get to know her, and stuff?" 
"That's not because of her, Catherine. That's because we're busy as hell. You're barely even home before you have to take off again." 
"Yeah, but I'm home right now. So ..." 
Cross pulled the car to a smooth stop on the side of the street. Across from them sat a familiar restaurant. Catherine had passed the place a ton of times, but she had never gone in to eat. Mostly because the business was owned by the Calabrese family--or it had been before her family removed their problem--and the Marcellos simply didn't mix with that bunch. That's what she had always been told, anyhow. 
Except now, it seemed. 
And really, Siena wasn't actually a Calabrese anymore. 
Details were important. 
"Did you ever consider," Cross started to say, "that Siena might also have her hands full handling John's side of the business, and she might not have the time to take you on, too?" 
Catherine raised a brow. "I think, if that's the case, then Siena probably also knows names of people, Cross." 
"So do I." 
"Yes, people who want nothing to do with the business of a queen pin at the moment." 
"Your mom--" 
Catherine rolled her eyes. 
Her man just laughed. 
"Yeah, yeah. I know. You're trying to do this on your own, babe. Figure all this shit out, and handle your own business. I don't need the lecture again." 
"Not a lecture if it's true," Catherine pointed out. 
Cross scowled. "You're hanging around my sister too much. Stop it." 
Catherine leaned over the middle of the seats, and pressed a fast kiss to Cross's lips. She pulled away far sooner than she actually wanted to--before the kiss could really get good, actually--but she had to. If she didn't, all she would do was blink, and boom, there she would have been in that car with him for hours. 
Siena was expecting her. 
It was rude to make people wait. 
Cross's disappointed groan followed Catherine out of the car, but she simply shot him a wink over her shoulder before closing the door. He'd be fine to amuse himself without her for a couple of hours, surely. She waved two fingers at him from outside the car, and then turned to head for the entrance to the restaurant. She glanced back at the car just as she slipped inside the business to find Cross waiting for her to disappear out of his sights. It was only once the door closed, and she was gone from his view that he finally pulled away from the curb. 
The woman at the podium turned to greet Catherine with a wide, friendly smile. "Hello, Catherine, right?" 
Catherine blinked. "Uh, yeah." 
"Your cousin let me know who to look for," the woman said in explanation. "Siena is back in the offices, unless you would prefer to wait for her at a table, then--" 
"The offices are fine." 
"Great, follow me." 
The woman directed them through the main floor of the dining room, and then past a private section. They bypassed the bar and the doors leading into the kitchen before cutting through a back hallway that housed bathrooms and storage rooms. Siena's office--which actually wasn't big, but wasn't cramped, either--sat at the very back of the hallway. 
Behind the desk, Siena glared at the screen on her desktop while John sat across from her desk looking like he was two seconds away from taking the computer away from her altogether. 
"First of all," Siena said, "there is nothing wong with my computer, John." 
"It's five years old, Siena." 
"And it works fine." 
"Last week, it froze, you panicked, and--" 
"We don't talk about that!" 
John pressed his lips together to keep from smirking, but it was still clear to Catherine all the same. "Okay, but the fact still remains that it is older, and it should be replaced, love. That's all I am saying." 
"Do you know how much work that is going to be for me to move everything over from this to another computer?" 
"I think we could hire someone to do it and then you won't have to worry about it at all. See, simple." 
Siena stared at John like he was a small child who didn't comprehend large words. "Excuse you?" 
"Hire someone?" 
"John, literally no one but me can be on this computer. What if they accessed the wrong file? What if all the business I have handled for the last several years was right in front of their faces--" 
"They probably wouldn't know what the fuck they are looking at. They fix computers, they don't do accounting." 
Siena sighed. 
John looked unmoved. "So, that's settled then?" 
"No, it's not settled. I am not--" 
"New computer will be delivered tomorrow." 
"You're impossible!" 
"You need new electronics, that's the end of it." 
"I know someone, actually," Catherine spoke up from the doorway. Two heads turned in her direction. John smiled as if to silently greet his cousin, and Siena too offered a little wave as if to invite Catherine further into the office. 
"Well, if you're settled, then," the woman said behind Catherine, "I will get back to my work." 
"Thank you." 
Once the woman was gone, Catherine entered the office, and closed the door behind her. She took the seat John vacated, sitting across from Siena at her desk. The two women stared at one another for a moment before Siena broke the silence first. 
"What kind of someone?" 
"A guy," Catherine said. "I mean, call him a hacker or whatever, but that's kind of like his side hustle. Mostly, he just does whatever with electronics, and if you need a little extra ... or something specific, he can basically hack into whatever you need him to hack into. Which means, he's kind of willing to turn his cheek to any extra business he might find on your stuff for a little extra money." 
Siena nodded like she was contemplating that. "I have computers across ten business that need to be upgraded." 
"And entire programs that need--or could afford to be--redone for business sake," John put in. 
"He could handle all of that," Catherine said, shrugging. "And I promise he's safe to use." 
Siena was quiet for a moment before she gave John a look. Nodding her head to the side as if to silently ask him to leave. John didn't need to be told again. He was quick to drift out of the office, and close the door behind him, but not without a wave over his shoulder at his wife and cousin. 
That just left the two women alone. 
"Sorry I haven't been around much since ... you two got married," Catherine said. "Life is crazy." 
Siena smiled--sweet and brilliant. "That's okay. I hear you're doing big things in Cali with your mom." 
Catherine nodded. "We can call it that." 
"Still making money?" 
"Too much for me to handle." 
Siena rubbed her hands together. "Too much money is exactly what I specialize in, Catherine." 
"That's why I'm here, right?" Then, Catherine glanced at Siena, adding, "Well, not the only reason. Should make friends, too, you know? We woman in this family have to stick together, or all the men railroad right over us." 
"Is that so?" 
"Not really. They're smart enough to know better. I wasn't lying about the friends thing, though. Do you wanna grab lunch, and maybe do something later--a club, or whatever? Without the guys, I think. They're distracting." 
The woman across from her laughed. "Very distracting, I think." 
"Is that a yes, then?" 
Siena nodded. "Yeah, Catherine, sure. I feel like we have a ton to get to know about each other." 
To say the least. 
Catherine didn't doubt, by the end of it, they would be the best of friends, though. Because despite her joke about the men in her family, she hadn't lied about the other bit. 
The women in their family needed to stick together. 

That's just how it worked. 


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