WIP Wednesday: Harbor #RenzoandLucia

Hey, loves.

Lucky for you, I have pulled a kind of not really, maybe a wee bit, spoilerish teaser from Harbor for you today.

Do enjoy these two.

They have been so fun for me to write.

As always, unedited and totally subject to change depending on my mood.


For a second, silence answered Lucia back on the other end of the call. It only lasted long enough for her to hear someone let out a heavy breath. An exhale that echoed with relief. Lucia blinked, and glanced over in Renzo's direction, but he wasn't paying her any mind. He was too busy handing over the cash for the pizza, and trying to keep a very active Diego out of the way while he did it. 
"Just a second, now," he said to his brother. "The pizza's gonna taste the same in two minutes, Diego, damn." 
Lucia went back to the call, but there was still a silence on the other end. She pulled the phone away to look at the screen just to check and see if someone had hung up on her, but no. The call was still connected. The stranger part? The caller ID showed Rose Zulla. Renzo had put his sister's contact in the night before to make it easier on himself when he called. 
But he had not given his sister the private number attached to the burner phone. She was not supposed to be calling him back. He was only supposed to call her. 
Putting the phone back to her ear, Lucia said, "Rose?" 
"No, it's not Rose, Lucia." 
It took her a second. 
Then, two, and ... three. 
It was her brother's voice on the other end of that call. 
She had to take those couple of seconds to fully realize the voice that was speaking back to her. She hadn't talked to him in a month or a little more. Not since before he cornered Renzo in an alleyway, and warned him to stay away from Lucia. Oh, sure, he had tried something akin to communication with her. Hundreds of texts--at least fifty missed calls, all accompanied by him leaving her message after message on her voicemail that she simply deleted without even listening to. 
John had been her best friend. Not just her brother, but the member of her family that she was most close to. He was her big brother, but he had never acted like the stereotypical big brother until Renzo. 
Maybe that was why hearing his voice made her heart kickstart for a second. It caused a brief warmth to shoot out from her chest, and travel into the rest of her body. Because her first inclination when she spoke to her brother was to always fill him in on every single detail of her life that he might have missed out on since the last time they talked. 
Despite her anger, all that bitterness and contempt she felt with John for taking her father's side, she still had a habit of loving her brother simply because he was John, and she was Lucia. The two siblings so far apart in age that they never should have made friends, and yet, they had done just that. 
Moreso than the rest of her siblings. 
But as quick as that happy, warm feeling came, it was replaced by something hateful and angry. That just made Lucia so fucking mad. She didn't want to feel that way, but she did. 
He did that. 
Just like her father. 
"You there, Lucy?" she heard her brother ask. 
God, she hated that nickname. 
Lucia sucked in a sharp breath, noting the fact that Renzo was now closing the door with a pizza in his hand. "How did you get this number, and why are you calling from Rose's phone?" 
"Those are good questions. None of which I really want to give you the answers for." 
"Well, then I have nothing to say to you, John. So, good--" 
"Hackers can do anything, Lucia. Anything." 


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