The #NazandRoz Series - Chapter 2

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New Plans

"Aren't you supposed to be up in the air right now? Why do I hear--" 
"Little change in plans," Roz said. 
Naz glanced up from the bathroom sink where he'd been flicking his razor into the basin--fuck, here he was at twenty-five, and his father still bitched when his face wasn't clean shaven. Made men can't have that, shave it, Cross would bark. Drove him crazy. "What do you mean, a change in plans?" 
"I agreed to make a quick pitstop in England for--" 
"Kyle," Naz said dully. 
That asshole. 
All these years, and Naz still thought Roz's former mentor was a bit of a prick. Not that the guy had ever overstepped his boundaries, or anything, because that wasn't the case. Naz just figured the guy's cocky attitude was little too much to take even when he was in a good mood, never mind when he wasn't. And that was saying a lot considering his father was Cross Donati, and Naz was ... well, himself. Cut from the very cloth that made his father, too. 
"What did Kyle wanted that you were willing to entirely change your plans, switch flights, and ... when exactly are you going to get into New York, then?" 
Because fuck, he'd had shit planned to be there to pick up Roz, not some random driver with a car. He wanted to be the one to pick his woman up after not seeing her for a little more than two months. Not to mention ... being separated by the world for five goddamn years. This was supposed to be their time--she was finally come back to stay. 
He was ready for that, even if he didn't give her an impression that he cared either way. Naz let her know he was happy that she was coming home--because fuck yeah, he was. But he didn't tell her she had to come home, and certainly not for him. He refused to step in or step on her dreams in anyway. If she wanted to further her career beyond what she had already accomplished, then he was going to be the first person to tell her to do that. 
Even if what he wanted the most was for her to be with him. 
"I'm not sure," Roz said. "I switched out the final flight to detour into England. I planned on getting a ticket when I went back to the airport. I really don't plan to stay here very long. A couple hours, maybe. Just long enough to appease Kyle, and then I'm on my way to you, Naz." 
He smiled a bit at that. 
Still ... 
Fucking Kyle
"What did he want, anyway?" Naz asked. 
"Uh ..." 
She sighed. "I guess there's a girl he's found that needs a good mentor behind her. She's from New Jersey, but he's been placed at the same school I attended until graduation. They don't think she's going to stay there for very long though. Seems she gets kicked out of every school her parents send her to." 
Naz straightened against the sink, and considered her words for a minute before replying. "Sounds like maybe someone's parents should stop sending their kid to someone else to take care of, and start taking care of her themselves. But what the fuck do I know?" 
Roz cleared her throat. "I looked into them--called Kyla back the next day to get some information. They're old money from Jersey, and yeah. It could be rich-kid syndrome, but that also just means they have enough money to satisfy a spoiled kid, Naz.  Which you know, is exactly what people do when they don't want to deal with a kid they can't handle. They send them away to prep school, and give them enough money to keep them quiet until they're old enough to get them out of their hair altogether. Instead, she's been sent to schools for the arts--and they don't bring her home at all. That doesn't explain anything to me. Not why she's rebelling like she's hurting, anyway." 
Naz shook his head because yeah, she had a point. And this right here was Roz in a nutshell. He knew now why she stopped in England, and whether she wanted to admit it or not, it probably had very little to do with Kyle. More like, his sweet woman found someone she thought needed help, and just being who she was, couldn't walk away without seeing if she could be the one who might be able to help the girl. 
How was he supposed to get mad about that? 
He couldn't, really. 
"All right," Naz finally murmured, staring at himself in the mirror. A few extra hours, that's all. He just had a few more hours than he was expecting to have to wait before he'd have this woman back in his arms--they could start this thing called life together, finally. What were a couple more hours in the grand scheme of things? He could wait that long, surely. "Just call me whenever you're on a flight on the way here. So I know, babe." 
"You got it." Roz laughed nervously, adding, "I might have a little surprise for you, by the way." 
"Might? Either you do or you don't, Roz." Naz chuckled. "Not that I need anything, babe. Just having you back in New York is going to be enough for me, if that's what you want, too." 
"Of course, that's what I want." 
"Then that's enough for me." 
"Well, we don't really get a choice in this surprise. It's coming one way or the other." 
"Oh, there's a cab. Okay, I'll call you in a couple hours to let you know the new flight time, okay?" 
Naz was still trying to figure out what her other words meant. "Roz--" 
"Love you, Naz." 
He could figure it out later. 
"Love you, Roz." 


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