Outtake: The Wedding #CrossandCatherine

Hey, loves. So, yes, we are still doing the Cross + Catherine outtakes that a ton of people asked for. There will be another one focused around their wedding, and then that's probably gonna be it for them. I do have some outtakes planned for Naz and Roz just to let you all feel like I have kind of given you a little look into their future, but that's about all I am writing for them. And then it will likely be back to our regularly scheduled program. 

For those who keep asking: 

Yes, there will be outtakes for Dishonored. 
Yes, there will be outtakes for Andino after he is published. 
Yes, I will soon put the Outtake request form up again soon. I am still trying to knock some of the requests down in there a little bit so it's not so overwhelming. I have 30+ requests in there, so. 

Okay, onto the outtake. 

Do enjoy, loves. 


The Wedding
A Cross + Catherine Outtake
Dante/Cross POV


"Smile, bello." 
Dante gave his wife a look just as they came to a stop next to the seat where she was meant to sit for the duration of the ceremony. "I am ... aren't I?" 
Catrina smiled softly, and leaned in to kiss his cheek. "You are. Sometimes, I just like to keep you on your toes." 
He chuckled. 
She was always good for that, no doubt about it. 
"Are you ready for this?" she asked. 
Really, Dante hadn't been expecting that question from his wife. Then again, this whole day had seemed like one thing coming at him after another. He really didn't get time to sit and focus on one thing before another was coming for him. From the moment he woke up, he had to move, move, move. He didn't even get the chance to really stop and think about what this day meant. 
That didn't mean it wasn't on his mind--oh, it very much was. He just hadn't given it the time to properly think on it. Maybe that was better, anyway. His daughter was happy; she was marrying the man of her dreams, and Dante knew that. There was no questioning it, not that he wanted to. 
"Of course, I'm ready, Cat," Dante said. 
Catrina nodded. "Mmhmm, not the least bit sad, then?" 
Damn this woman. 
"You just sit in your chair and look beautiful like you're meant to. Got it?" 
"All right." 
She pressed another fast kiss to his lips, and patted his cheeks with her fingertips in that way of hers. It was what he loved most about his wife, he supposed. No matter what, Catrina was still Catrina at the end of the day. Keeping him on his toes at every turn, and making sure he was the best man he could possibly be. He had to be. After all, he was standing beside the best woman. 
Once his wife was settled into her seat, Dante went back and walked his mother to her seat, too. He waited while Cross came in with his mother, and walked her to her seat. The theatrics of a wedding--things that annoyed other people--were the same things that Dante enjoyed about a proper service. 
As soon as everyone was where they were supposed to be, Dante headed for the back. All that was left now was for the ceremony to really get started. Checking his watch before he slipped through the back doors of the church, Dante lifted his head as they closed behind him to see the line of women in chiffon staring back at him. 
All were smiling, some were whispering. 
He stepped past the line of his nieces--all being Catherine's bridal party--to find his daughter waiting at the end with her back turned to him. With her attention down on the large bouquet in her hands, she didn't notice him staring. He took that moment, feeling the noise at his back quieted a bit as his attention focused in on her. 
His only girl. 
His impossibility. 
Funny--she was very possible, and she proved that to him time and time again. Stronger than people gave her credit for, and more amazing than anyone would ever possibly know. She was the perfect mixture of her mother and father. God knew she looked just like Catrina, but she had a whole lot of him coloring her up, too. 
She made him so fucking proud. 
They knocked her down; she got back up ready to fight
Like his kid should. 
Thing was--she wasn't just a girl anymore, either. Very much a beautiful young woman about to take the biggest steps into a life of her own. And maybe, even up until that moment right then, Dante was still seeing Catherine as his little girl. The one in her pretty clicky shoes and sparkly dresses. The little girl who still held his hand when they walked down the street, and always wanted him to tuck her into bed night after night. 
But she wasn't that girl anymore. 
She was this woman. 
Catherine turned then, and lifted her head to find her father standing there. He might have been embarrassed to have to catch him staring, but he couldn't even bother to feel that at all. She'd asked him earlier when she revealed her dress to Cross whether or not he was sad about this day. 
He'd not really been sure if his answer was honest, then. 
He knew, now, though. 
No, he wasn't sad at all. 
"Ready to get me married, Daddy?" Catherine asked. 
Dante nodded. "Yeah, time to get you married, vita mia." 



Zeke's hand landed firmly on Cross's shoulder as the music changed again. His friend's silent show of support. He knew what that song meant--he and Catherine had gone around and around and around in way too many conversations to count over which song should be the one she walked down the aisle to. Something more traditional, or something altogether different. 
All this time ... 
He'd waited all this time
And in just a few moments, all the time he waited would mean absolutely nothing. Moments of his past that would feel like they hadn't really been the struggle he thought they were because this moment right here meant it was all worth it, anyway. Every moment spent waiting for Catherine, and this day, would be worth it. 
That was surreal. 
Not once since he woke up that morning had he really stopped to appreciate how unreal this entire day was. Maybe because a part of him had still believed it couldn't possibly be real even though he knew without a doubt that it was very much real. 
The doors at the back of the church opened at all once, and Cross's head snapped up instantly. There were so many familiar faces in the crowd, honestly. People he'd known his whole life. Friends he'd known for decades. People he loved beyond words. And yet, the only thing he really wanted to see was standing at the back of the church with her hand tucked around her father's arm. 
Cross smiled, then. 
Catherine, all the way at the end of the aisle, smiled back under the blush color of her veil. 
He'd seen her dress already--the damn woman knew what he needed without even needing him to tell her a single thing about it either way--and yet, it still kind of struck him to see her standing there again with it. His heart felt the same way it had back at the hotel--like it was about to beat right out of his chest, like he couldn't control it at all. His lungs still ached with every single breath he took. And yeah, his gaze still blurred a bit with the threat of tears, but he blinked them back. He didn't want to miss this, not for anything
He'd waited all this time, after all. 
He was not going to miss her walking to him now. 
There was no way in hell he was going to miss this woman walking to him--this beautiful, amazing woman who belonged entirely to him. There was no other person on this earth who was made for him. Not like Catherine. He belonged to her, too. 
That's kind of how love worked, he supposed. 
Cross wasn't entirely sure how long it took for Catherine and her father to come down the aisle. It kind of felt like he was in a daze, like his vision tunneled, and the only thing he could really see was her soft smile getting closer and closer with every passing second. Each step she took had his heard thundering impossibly louder. 
And then there she was ... 
Right in front of him. 
Dante handed her hand over with a nod and a smile before taking his leave to sit beside his wife. All things that seemed to happen in the background of Cross's mind, really. He was still focusing on Catherine. 
And her soft smile. 
He found his fingers trembled a bit when he reached up to pull her veil back like he was supposed to do. Never once did her gaze leave his, though. 
And there she was again ... 
"I love you, Catherine." 
It wasn't like she needed told again. God knew he told her all the fucking time anyway. He couldn't say it enough, really. She still liked him to say it, and he still needed to tell her. It was his thing. 
And she exactly what to say back. 
Catherine's smile widened a bit. "Promise?" 
Cross grinned. "Always, babe." 


  1. Awwww this was really cute ❤ I love Cross.
    Yay, I hope to read outtakes of Dishonored soon 😊 and can't wait to read Andino & Haven in a couple of days

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