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Hey, all!

We’re back to AMA Tuesday. You ask me all your burning questions, and I do my very best to answer them as honestly as I can.

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Now, onto the questions for the week.


1. Do you mentor new or unestablished authors?

Hi there.

My first inclination when I went to answer this question was no … but that’s actually not the case. I don’t mentor new or unestablished authors on an official basis. But there have been cases in which people I would consider friends have approached me after writing a book like, “What do I do now?” And I have kind of been alongside them right up until the point that they published the novel.

I have had other author friends who come to me with questions because they know I excel in a certain area of this business, and they want my opinion on what they should do, which in a way … is mentoring, I guess.

But no, I don’t do this on an official basis. For one thing, because it’s skeevy as fuck to charge someone to do something like that – we all learn some way, but I don’t think you should be paying for something like this. And for another reason – because my work is WRITING BOOKS. At the end of every single day, that’s what I want to do and what I am doing, okay? And to mentor someone else means I am taking time away from my already tight and busy schedule to teach you how to make this job into a business that actually turns a profit.

And I just can’t justify that.

So if we’re friends … if I know you on a personal level, then I’m probably gonna be there to hold your hand and walk you through it. But other than that, no. I just don’t have the time, and I don’t want to make a job out of it.

2. How did you build your fan base when you first began writing?

Hi there.

This is going to be a really short answer, and you probably might roll your eyes at what I tell you … but this is literally how I did it.

One book in front of the other. I kept writing books and publishing them. With each new book, a new reader popped up to follow along. I didn’t do major giveaways of Kindles or purses to gain fans. I didn’t suck the ass of the bigger authors around me. I just kept writing, and let my words and books speak for themselves.

Oh, and I never tell my readers one thing and then do another.


3. Which of your books did you cry the most writing?

Huuuuu. This is a hard question, haha.

Okay, so for just content in general, Emma and Calisto’s whole trilogy just about gutted me. I don’t think I wrote a single sentence after the ending of the first book where my eyes were blurred with tears because they killed me.

As for books where like I related to them on a personal level and it hurt me emotionally so I cried a lot for that … uh, Always was one. John’s duet was another. Theo from Chicago War. Dino from DeLuca Duet.

If you’re seeing a pattern because of content, then put two and two together. It does make four, I promise.

4. Hello Bethany, If a film producer will propose you to do a movie of any of your series, would you accept it or give a try to the idea?

LOL, is this a real question?

Are there actually authors out there who would turn something like that down? Because um, I’m not one of them. If someone approached me with that, I would go crazy over it. I would JUMP at the offer, like how high because yeah.

In reality, it’s actually hard to get a book from signing away movie rights to actual production and being put on screen for people to watch. Lots of books get movie deals – only a small fraction of those deals actually turn into movies you get to see. So, that is also something to keep in mind, and I don’t actually think a lot of readers realize that is actually the case, but yeah.

I do tend to be of the opinion that some of my books work better as a television series than just a major motion picture. Like the Filthy Marcellos, Chicago War, etc. Those series are far better as a drawn out television series following the lives of these people through the years than just you know, a single one shot movie or even a trilogy of movies. God, no … not for them.

But then I have books like Cozen where it would be a great heist movie, and yeah. So, it all depends. But yeah, I would be super happy if something like that ever fell into my lap one day.

5. What is your Anthem. If you could pick any one song to represent you?

This is a great question.

So like with most things, it varies for me. They change depending on you know, my mood, what I’m writing, or possibly whatever I might be trying to deal with in my life at the time. Sometimes, I am flexing with my anthem, and sometimes I need something to just describe the darkness that is going on in my head at the time, so yeah, it really does vary.

Right now I would say All I Do by NF is a great anthem for me. That’s sort of me feeling myself in a good way right now, and pretty confident where I am in life and as an artist, knowing where I’m going, and what I’m reaching for.

So yeah, that’s what I would say right now.

Okay, loves … that is all for this week. Until the next one!


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