The #NazandRoz Series - Chapter 6

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England: Part 3


The thing Naz hated the most about countries he wasn’t familiar with? The fact that he didn’t know where anything was. He swore it felt like the cab he had managed to hail just drove around aimlessly for twenty minutes even though he knew the driver was actually taking him to the hospital. But to him, because he didn’t know any of these streets or where to go for the hospital, it just seemed like the guy was driving aimlessly.
It was only made worse by the fact that Naz didn’t actually know what in the hell was going on. He’d gotten a text from Roz with the same of a hospital, and told him to get there now. He came to England to surprise her, and to get answers … he didn’t think his first stop after waiting for her at the hotel would be a fucking hospital.
Was it for her?
Had something happened?
Was someone going to die because they hurt her?
All possible things.
The cab pulled up to the drop off lane at the hospital, and put the car into park. Already, Naz’s heart felt like it was in his fucking throat. The panic had been ever constant, and all too present. No matter what he tried to get it to leave, it just wouldn’t go. He was the calm one in the storm—that’s just how it worked for him.
Not right now.
Not when it came to Roz.
He couldn’t be anything when he thought something might be wrong with her. That’s just not how his brain worked. All the logical shit was there, sure, but it didn’t factor into the way he felt at all.
“That’ll be—”
Naz threw a handful of bills over the front seat, saying, “There you go.”
“Sir, that’s too much money.”
“Keep it.”
Naz didn’t even care.
Once he stepped out of the cab, that pressure in his chest got worse. His heart felt like it was about to explode right out of his fucking chest. A car blew its horn at him when he walked in front of it without looking first, but Naz just tossed his hand up as if to say, yeah, yeah, fuck off. He had other things on his mind right now.
He couldn’t get into the hospital fast enough. He went right into the emergency section because he figured that’s where Roz would have come in if something happened … it wasn’t like she had a doctor here to visit, right?
The emergency room was full—not that it was any surprise. It seemed like that didn’t matter what country someone was in. The hospital was always at capacity, and overflowing. Wait times for fucking days.
Naz was planning on going right up to one of the receptionists, giving Roz’s name, and seeing where that got him. All it took was a quick sweep of the people sitting in the waiting chairs for him to find her, instead.
Roz had tucked herself into the corner of the waiting room near a window. She might have seen him coming into the hospital, except she was currently using her propped up arm as a pillow to rest her cheek on her palm. Her eyes were closed, and she’d used a windbreaker to cover herself up. Even her knees were tucked in close to her chest.
Naz might have let her rest her eyes, if she was that tired, considering it was only twelve in the afternoon and she was sleeping in bright daylight. But he couldn’t because this very moment was the first time he realized she was actually okay. It clearly wasn’t her that needed to be brought into the hospital if she was just sitting there sleeping.
“Roz,” he murmured, approaching her.
She didn’t move until he was kneeling down in front of her, and had both of his hands on her tucked up knees. He squeezed her legs gently, and her eyes fluttered open. It took Roz a few seconds of blinking to realize she was awake, where she was, and the fact that she was now looking Naz right in the face.
He smiled a bit. “Hey, babe.”
Roz wiped a hand over her face. “Hey.”
“Pretty sure this wasn’t in the plans when you decided to make a stop in England, huh?”
She laughed bleakly. “No.”
Naz tipped his head to the side. “What happened?”
She sniffled, and he didn’t miss the way her gaze filled with water before she tried to blink it away. Not that it worked. She shook her head when Naz reached up to stroke her cheek with his fingertips, and then brushed a few strands of her hair behind her ear. It wasn’t like Roz to get emotional, really. She had her shit under control—it was one of the things he loved the most about her, but when she did let the emotion through … he knew something was up.
“The girl Kyle wanted me to come meet to possibly mentor?” she asked.
Naz arched a brow. “Yeah, what about her?”
“She’s … not well,” Roz said, and then she frowned. “And not like physically sick, but … in her mind, Naz. She’s got something going on that she’s not telling people. I knew it when I met her yesterday, and then today … it just confirmed what I thought.”
“I don’t understand—”
“She tried to hang herself this morning. We found her in her dorm.”
Naz blinked, and his hands tightened on her legs. “I’m sorry.”
Roz shrugged. “I think someone needs to tell her that, you know?”
Yeah, he did.
Naz let out a heavy sigh. “Fuck, babe. I thought this was about you, or maybe …”
She eyed him from the side. “Or maybe what?”
Just the tone of her voice had him chuckling. This woman knew all of his secrets. She could tell when he was trying to hide something, or just avoid it altogether. There was no way for him to ever pull something over on her. His mother liked to say that was the universe’s way of kicking Naz in the ass for all the shit he pulled over the years.
And hell, maybe it was.
He loved Roz for it, though.
Instead of telling Roz his suspicions about what he thought her news happened to be, he just looked at her and asked, “Listen, do you have anything you want to tell me right now?”
Roz pressed her lips together. “Maybe, yeah.”
“Okay, well maybe that’s why I came all the way here. I didn’t want to wait.”
She laughed, but shook her head. “I shouldn’t be happy right now. This is not the time to be—”
“You’re human, which means you can feel multiple things at the same time. You can feel pain for someone else at the same time you feel joy for yourself for an entirely different reason. That’s normal, babe.”
She nodded again. “Okay.”
“So, any news?”
“Well …”
Roz winked. “Seems I’m pregnant.”
Naz grinned.
There it was.
He’d been right, and while he had pushed it to the back of his mind to let her tell him so he could feel all that happiness and joy because she told him … now, he was just over the fucking moon.
“Yeah?” he asked.
Roz laughed. “Like eight weeks, I’d say.”
“Barbados, then,” he murmured.
“Guess so.”
His heart was hurting again, but it wasn’t for the same reason from earlier. Now, it was because something amazing was happening in his life. This woman was about to give him something incredible.
“I love you,” he told her.
“I know—I love you, too.”
Naz finally got to do what he’d been wanting to do for two months, then. He pulled Roz into a tight hug, and hid her away from the rest of the world. That’s how he liked her best, after all. Tucked into his arms, and safe.
She tipped her head back, and that smile of hers clouded his vision. He dropped a kiss to her grinning lips, and then another and another. Until she was smiling against his kiss.
“So, what happens now?” he asked.
“About what?”
“The girl. Kyle. You.”
“I don’t know, Naz.”
Yeah, him either. 


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