2018 - End of Year Wrap-Up for Bethany-Kris!

Hey, loves!

As I have tried to do at the end, or beginning, of each year for the last couple, I thought it would be fun to do a year-end wrap-up kind of post. A look back at what happened this past year, a shout out to all the people who helped to make it possible for me, and a look forward at what is to come next year.

You all make this career far more fun for me. I started writing later in life – I was around 20 – for free on the internet. In the span of three years, I wrote, free, approximately 15 full-length fictions that are still floating around on the internet under a penname I haven’t really shared with anyone because I don’t think what I used to write will really entertain you compared to what I write now.

But nonetheless, this was how I started out. And when I decided to jump into this publishing thing, I honestly didn’t know what to feel or expect. Yet, as each year passed me by, it got better and better. 2018 was by far – by far – my best year to date. I don’t humble brag, I’m not out here posting orange banners and income details like some others do because that isn’t my style. I didn’t get into this business for those things in the first place, and I’m not staying here for it, either.

Although, making a livable income helps to make the hard days easier, let me say.

Still, I thought you would all like to be a part of my wrap up, and looking back before we look forward. So, what happened this year.

Well …

Cross + Catherine: The Companion
Naz & Roz
Maldives & Mistletoe

And a boxset with Seasons.

This is before I get into audiobooks that were produced and released this year, although those total five between the Cross + Catherine series, and two standalones.

So that totals:
8 full-length novels.
3 companions novellas.
1 boxset.
And 5 audiobooks.

These are just the things I delivered to my readers … there were other things that happened behind the scenes that I either might not have announced, or I did but quietly without much fanfare. Like selling the Hebrew translation rights of the Filthy Marcellos. Or the French translation rights of Duty and Vow very shortly after release. I also saw a lot of the Marcellos, and a War title go into live in Portuguese this year through a Brazilian publisher.

That’s a hell of a lot.
I accomplished a lot.

And I’m proud as fuck over it, no doubt about it.

I had a goal this year, which isn’t something I talk about a lot to you all, to publish more standalone titles this year than I had in the past. And I did that – four, actually. Isn’t that crazy? I think, at most, I had a whole total of one or two standalones before this year, and part of me was beginning to think I couldn’t write a book unless it was part of the series.

Some other stuff you got to see this year from me?

-       ---   We got to go back into The Undergrounds world, where we met Violet and Kazimir, to spend time with Caesar and Aria, two problematic people trying to find happiness … or ruin someone else’s happiness.
-       ---   You got a peek at the new world coming up in 2020 in Cozen, finally we were able to get ap roper peek at SOME of those Astors.
-       ---   I finally was able to revisit Chicago, almost entirely back to the beginning, with Maldives & Mistletoe.
-       ----   And if you’re paying attention, or in my reader group, I have teased you a hell of a lot about what is coming next year.

I just wanna give a shout out to some of the people who made this past year easier, better, or more fun for me in their own ways.

Tori, my PA (this was also a new development toward the middle to later third quarter of the year). I regret not bringing Tori onto the scene about 2 years ago when I realized I was becoming overwhelmed with mundane things and details in this business that just killed my time on a day to day basis. Besides the business side of things, Tori has become someone I love and trust, and I am so grateful for her.

London, who if my tribe was simply a tribe of one, it would be her. There is a lot I would like to say here, but those are personal things to her and I, but what I am going to say is that it is a shame there is a whole country, essentially, between us … because I wish daily that she was closer.

Eli, my editor, who makes my words pretty, and catches strange things and never takes my moods too seriously, because God fucking knows those come and go. I appreciate and adore you so much, hon.

Sasha, who every single day, manages to do something that makes me smile. It could be a teaser, or just a GIF, but it doesn’t matter. Conversations with her make my whole day better. The romance reading community needs more people like her, to be honest. And I am the lucky bitch who gets to have her as part of my team.

To the ladies who proofread for me – Tracy, Felicia, Mia and who entertain me with their reactions and encouragement and constant love and support, this job of mine would be a hell of a lot more boring without you all.

All the ladies in my Dushkas reader group, hugs to you all. Every person who sent me a PM, DM or left a comment this year saying such and such book was life to you, thank you. Every reader who picked up a book of mine this year.

Some other ladies I would like to just name and give a shout out to for being there, supporting me, or for something else they did this past year that sticks out to me – Kazy (Ari), Sofia, Lia, Mary, Mia (a different one from above) and more. So many more.

Every blogger that shared.
Every reader that liked.
Every reviewer who took the time to leave a review.

The OGs who have been here since the jump – since The Arrangement, still out there saying that is my best book hands down when even I am over here saying it’s trash.
The brand new readers who found me this year because a random book of mine caught your eye, and you finally decided to give me a try.

My kids who make me constantly feel like I am going to have a nervous breakdown.
My hubby who loves me through it.

Everyone who helped to make 2018 literally my best year yet (I have the numbers to prove it), thank you. I might be an author, but that doesn’t mean I always have the right words to say to properly thank you for the amazing things you have done for me.

I am human, I am flawed. I have my good days, and I have my bad days. I say things that sometimes make people do a doubletake because it comes off as harsh, and sometimes I go quiet for days. And yet, you all are still here.

And that’s the thing about this journey of mine that a lot of people don’t actually know at the end of the day. I started this writing thing saying I am writing for me; I will always write what I want to write. If people come along for the ride, then that is great, but if they don’t … well, I am still writing what I wanted to write at the end of the day.

I am still doing this.
I still follow this philosophy because it has proved to work for me on a creative and business level. I never feel like writing is a job (it’s the details in between that do that for me). I get to have fun doing something I love.

And it regularly stuns me that so many of you are still here with me, coming along for my ride.

Buckle up, it’s gonna be a hell of a year coming up. And all the years that follow.

And believe it, 2019 is going to be hella fun.
Lots of angst.
Lots of heat.
Some suspense.
Lotsa crime.

So what else can you expect for 2019?
Let’s make a quick list:

-         ---  More talk of my secret projects because … I have a new penname planned, and part of next year is dedicated to me getting books ready for it.
-         --- Maybe something from me and a coauthor, if all goes well, or a firmer release time for something from it, but I will not say who or when just yet.
      --- 10 or so full length books?
-         ---  A couple companions, mostly for Guzzi.
-         ---  My first MMF, which lord … all right, it’s been fun, and they have ripped my heart apart in the best way.
-       ----    More talk of the new world because 2020 is coming fast.
-        ----  Who knows? Surprises, maybe.

Now, with all this said and done, and my fantastic 2018 laid out bare for all of you to see how you helped me make this magic happen … I hope you all are ready for 2019 and what is yet to come. I know you probably wanted a WIP Wednesday this week, and I will try SUPER HARD to find one piece of Alessio that doesn’t spoil Corrado to share on the 2nd.

Because other than outtake Friday next week, you won’t see me post here on the blog due to the holidays, and my deadline for Les looming fast.

Love you all.
Beyond words.
Be filthy.
Break hearts.
Stand for something.
Until next time.



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