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Hey, loves! It’s that time of the week again where I answer all your burning questions, or try to as much as possible.

So there were a couple of people who just put a bunch of questions into one, and so for those, they will pretty much count as a separate AMA because of the number of questions, in a way.

Do you have a question for me?

Great. Ask it HERE.

*my AMA form is not for outtake requests, which I have said a dozen times, and since I regularly post my Outtake request form almost every time I post an outtake, unless I am posting a series of outtakes following the same storyline, I know that everyone knows this. And so, if you are putting outtake requests in my AMA form, I’m no longer moving them over to the outtake request form. Put them in the right spot, please.

Onto the questions this week.


(please note the first 3 questions are from the same person)

1. I love your books. I have so many questions! I am actually super excited for Michel’s book. We know Gabbie is Irish. But will Gabbie’s family also be affiliated with the Irish Mob?

Hi, there.

Yes, Gabbie’s family is Irish, and are a very active and controlling mob in Detroit. Their book deals heavily in the Marcello faction of Italians that is in Detroit, and in Gabbie’s family as her father is the head of the Casey family, so.

Yes, absolutely.

Will the Irish win? That’s a different topic.

2. Also, Cella’s book is probably going to be my all time favorite! Could you tell us a bit more about her? We all know she’s a sassy little thing!

Cella is … okay, so ya’ll know Cella before her husband was murdered. You haven’t actually seen Cella after her husband was taken from her while she is still trying to raise a child, and now, raising said child alone.

You all saw her at a good time in her life. When she was happy and full of life and living to her fullest. She is not in that place in her book. She is a few years down the road, and struggling. She isn’t the same woman because that’s what death does to you when it’s someone you loved, and they’re taken violently, before their time.

But that’s where Marcus comes in, right?

She needs someone to remind her how to live again. And sorry, haha, but this is all I can give for you all on them. You all seem to want as many details as you can get before a book is even out in the world, and then when you know everything, the book “isn’t what you expected.”

So, wait and see.

3. Last question, how are the Astor’s coming along? Have you started thinking on how exactly you’ll be bringing them into our worlds? And will there be a crossover with the other families?

First, no, there will be NO crossovers between ANY of my worlds unless London and I personally decide to do a fun crossover as an alternate universe for a battle between our favorites (yes, this is something we joked about doing, but our jokes almost always turn into something serious).

I absolutely will not crossover my worlds. That’s now how my worlds work—that’s not how I want them to work. Each world is separate, and you should read them that way.

The Astors are a ruling family/empire in their OWN WORLD called The Empires and Badlands. They do not exist anywhere else but in their world, so no, I don’t have to worry about how I’m going to bring them into your worlds. Their world is their own, so when I write them, I am in the new world, and I am not worrying about the old worlds. I will bring them into the world the same way I have made every other world.

… by writing a book and telling you it’s out for you to download/buy.


I mean, it ain’t that deep, you guys. I promise.

The reason why I am doing a new world is because I have new Italians in New York that I want to write, and I cannot put them in an already existing world when for one, they have never existed there before and I promise a family like a Marcellos will not just ignore a major organization on their territory … and for two, because I am three generations in now. In the new world, I am going back to the beginning to kind of start at present time and make you all fall in love with a new world and new people. I have new organizations all over the map where people already exist and I have written about, and I don’t want to cram all of that into one world. The Commission World, where the Marcellos exist, is already full enough.

Too many cooks in the kitchen doesn’t work.

4. We want Renzo! When do we want it? Now! Hi, Beth! As you can tell, I am a big fan of Lucia and Renzo. Have you ever done an early release for a book? Also is it too late to be an Advanced reader for you, especially for Lucia and Renzo book? Thanks, Bethany!

Hi there.

Quick side note: I actually prefer to be called Kris, because that’s my real name technically, and if I don’t sign off on stuff as BK (just the initials) then I am signing off as Kris. Because that’s what everyone calls me … ha.

Okay, onto the question.

I have not done an early copy of a book and in no way do I intend to do one with books I have firmly planned for release and are already done and waiting to be put on pre-order. That’s not how I do my business, and while it’s fun for readers, for an author like me who needs to plan every last detail … just putting a book live and going, oh, here you go … is really anxiety inducing.

So, no.

When I give a date, unless I am in the hospital or away from my house for an extended period of time due to circumstances I could not control, I promise that is when the book is coming out. End of.

As for the other part of your question … I am not currently opening my ARC team to new members. However, if you’re a blogger, instagrammer, or whatever, then I do tours with Indie Sage and they accept you to request an ARC for one of my promo events. Look into that, if you’re serious about reviewing.

5. Can we please have a Dino and Karen outtake?

Please refer to my note at the top of this post about outtakes.

Also, no.


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