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(please note all of these questions are from the same person; they have simply dropped them into the form as one paragraph of several broken up questions)

1. Hey Ms. Kris, Hope you and your family is well. I want to begin by saying that your novels made me an avid reader. Before them I tried to read multiple times but couldn't get through the first few pages. So, thank you for making me fall in love with reading.

I'm confused about why John was removed from his future position of the don of Marcello Empire after Dante. If it was because John was bipolar, so why was it okay for him to takeover the Calabrese?

Hi there, and thank you.

So, it was never actually explicitly stated that John would be the one to take over after Dante was finishing heading the Marcellos. That was simply something that people (both fictional characters in the world and MY READERS) assumed because John was the oldest, and the first boy.

That’s not how it works.

John was not the best fit for the position when he was still struggling with his life in a personal way. He could not take over a family when at the same time, he didn’t trust his own family. He had his own shit to work through.

It had nothing to do with him being bipolar. Being bipolar didn’t exclude him from becoming a boss – hence, why Andino put him as the boss of the Calabrese faction, a separate organization where he had all the say.

They picked the best man to control the Marcellos and that was Andino. I also always intended for my world to come full circle in these final novels, and John came from the Calabrese family before they were called the Calabrese. That is literally where Lucian’s father was born, and was intended to control alongside the Marcellos way back in Antony if you wanna go read that book again.

So the world comes full circle with the actual blood of Johnathan Grovatti taking over his family that had been stolen after his murder.

If people wanna make the fact John isn’t the boss of the Marcellos over his bipolar disorder, that sounds like something other people should probably take a look at, not me.

2. Why did Dante have so many problems with Cross dating Catherine? I understand it was genuine worry like any father of a teenage daughter would have like poor performance on studies, teenage pregnancy etc. but he was really harsh on Cross. I mean, he should be happy because Cross was from mafia, an Italian, lived in New York... Perfect for Catherine.

These are issues that never existed in their books. Dante didn’t like Cross because he was disrespectful, rude, and arrogant. It had nothing to do with teenage pregnancy, poor performance, or anything of that. He also stated clearly he didn’t care if Catherine married someone who was in their lifestyle, or not, just that she was happy.

He didn’t like Cross because of his behavior.

As any parent would …

And that’s that.








3. Even after knowing that Affonso raped his mother, why was Calisto still in touch with him? Moreover, why didn't Calisto protected Emma (like by marrying her or helping her to escape) before she gets married to Affonso. I mean he could see that she didn't want it and would probably get raped and beaten by his evil uncle / father?

Calisto didn’t know his mother had been manipulated, or hurt by Affonso until years AFTER it happened, when he was already a made man? Made men can’t go against their boss/family without being killed for it? And after he did find out the truth, when his mother was already dead, he did the best he could to put distance between Affonso, who had, mind you, also manipulated him for his entire life? He didn’t give Affonso what he wanted, he actively did what he could to go against Affonso as much as he could without facing punishment for it?

All that happened, so.

The marrying Emma thing … is literally the same circumstance as what I said above. He was not in a position to actually be able to do anything to help or protect her. And keep in mind, Affonso never raped Emma, she knew what her duty as a wife was, and while she didn’t like him, she did what she had to do, and she never considered it rape, or marital rape. Was it? That’s a different topic, and she is the one who dealt with it.

4. The Marcellos are very modest and somewhat feminist bunch. Like we see incidences where Antony had beat a made man for disrespecting his wife. So why didn't they interfered with Emma being married to Affonso? I mean they could certainly see that she didn't want to get married. Even later she was hurt by her husband, but no one cared.

I have no idea when they “saw” these things you mention. They are their own family and organization, and didn’t even go to the wedding when it was had. Or at least, all of them didn’t attend. People can’t just know something because someone else knows it, that’s not how it works?

They would have needed to be told Emma was unhappy, that she was forced to marry Affonso, and that her home life with him was not good for her because he was a horrible human being. They didn’t know any of these things. They were not there to know it. They live their own life, and take care of their own organization and wives, organized crime families don’t interfere or try to control the happenings and business of other families. That’s how people die.

So this “they didn’t care” doesn’t exist. That never happened. They didn’t know. Books are fiction, but they take after real life, too. Just because something is happening somewhere else doesn’t mean everyone around you knows it is happening too. Books are the same way—just because a reader sees something happening in one family doesn’t mean every other family in that world knows it’s happening too.

And even if they did … yes, let them go start a war for a woman who was given by her family in a business transaction where they have no place, and a bunch of innocents will die for the happiness of one woman.

I mean, Andino would do that for his wife. And so would everyone else for their wives, but … not for another man’s wife.

Just so that’s clear.

Remember, despite the fact you all love these heroes, they are still … bad people. And they do bad things.

5. I feel really, really bad for Cella. She was the most energetic yet simple or rather uncomplex of Marcello princesses. She didn't want any violence, so she married a non mafia guy. When her husband died and she is left with her infant daughter, I wailed like a baby. But I saw in another AMA that you paired Marcus with someone named Cella. Is it Cella Marcello? Or some other character. P. S. Mafia and single mother romance are my two absolute favorites. Categories to read. So, I can't wait to see a mafia boss romancing a single mother, if this is the same Cella?

It is the same Cella – Cella Marcello was always destined to be with Marcus after putting her through a lot of hell to get there.

So yes.

Okay, loves, that is all for this week … onto the next.


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