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Hey, loves. It’s that time of the week again where you ask all your burning questions, and I try to answer them as best that I can. Sorry this is a little late today, we had a bad storm and lost power for a bit.

Also note: there will be no AMA next week, it's Christmas. ;)

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1. Hi, Bethany.1st I like to tell you that I love your books. My question is, will there be a book for Valeria on what she went through with her past and future when she is taken with her daughter Maria. Thank you I can't wait for more future books from you.

Hey, there. And thank you for the kind words.

Valeria is paired with Christopher Guzzi, which I think I have stated before – I know it’s listed on my fan page in the albums for the family trees, and it may even be on my website. But yes, you will get her story there. No, we will not see a lot of her past – parts of it, yes, and she will talk about it, but you’re not going to get a lot of it first hand because that’s not when her book actually takes place, and she’s beyond that point in her life when Christopher comes into it.

Her book starts shortly after Vow ends because, well, Christopher is called in by Andino to do a job …

Can we guess what that job might be?


2. If you could fight any animal with your bare hands, what animal would it be?

Mmm, nope. My hands are sacred. My husband doesn’t even allow me to carry in groceries or help with things that might injure my hands. They’re how I make money and support my family. My hands are tools that make magic, so …

I would run away, haha.

3. I absolutely love your characters, especially the Guzzi family. I can’t wait for the Guzzi Legacy books! I recognize August, Valeria, Cella & Ginevra from other books. Are Vanna & Alessio brand new characters? Do they have connections to any of the other families in the Commission World?

Vanna and Alessio are new in the way you haven’t seen them on page before … but not new in the way you will recognize where they come from. Because you have seen the people they come from before in previous books, if you understand what I am saying.

You will get a bit of a mention and explanation for some of Alessio’s relation in the third book of the Renzo + Lucia trilogy because he is involved in some things that Renzo is as well by that point in Renzo’s life, and you’ll also see Alessio’s partner (in romance and life in general) with Corrado Guzzi there, too.

As for Vanna … she comes from a familiar place that will make you raise your eyebrow and probably glare at me but I cannot tell you where because I am keeping this a very closely guarded secret. There are maybe 3 people who know who this chick is, and I DO NOT want any of my readers to know until I release their book.

It’s been fun for me keeping this secret – I plan to continue until release day, or unless someone figures it out before then, I may confirm it.

4. Just finished rereading Duty, loved it even more the second time around… it would be interesting to see the scene where Kim tells Gio about her run in with Haven at Andino’s house.

Cool, this sounds like an outtake. I totally have a form for that HERE.

5. At what point did you realize you could write full time? What did you do before you wrote full time?

Hey, there.

So I actually realized I could write full time when I was making in four months of writing what it would take me an entire year to earn in my previous job. NOW, I make that in a month-or two. So it’s kind of only been uphill for me since I actually moved over like that and made that huge step. And it was a huge step for my family – a risk, if you will. I didn’t actually quit my job until we were sure I could make this into a living. I never wanted to make my hubby struggle to bring in enough money to support me and the kids without my help.

As for what came before this … what I did before, rather … uh, let’s just say I was in a branch of retail, and I will literally do ANYTHING else before I would ever go back to that job. Like anything because no.


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