AMA - New Year Edition, You Ask, Bethany Answers!

Hey, loves!

It’s AMA time again, which means you ask me all your burning questions about me, my life, this writing gig of mine, and whatever else comes to your mind.

If you like this time of the week, want me to keep it up, or you have your own question to ask me … as long as it’s not an outtake request because this isn’t the post for that, then drop it right in HERE and I will get to it soon.

Okay, onto the questions for the week, loves.


1. What ever became of the girl who was supposedly pregnant for Joel in the baby shower for Alessa?

It wasn’t supposedly …. She was pregnant, and it was Joel’s child. That girl is Chloe (or was it Cloe? I honestly can’t remember how I spelled her name, and that’s one of those names where they can spell it three or four different ways). Um, but as for what happened with Chloe after the War … she, being pregnant with a Trentini child, was cared for and helped as much as she needed. Abriella and Alessa brought her into the family fold, which then allowed her to meet and marry a guy who was just a foot solider for Tommas in the Chicago Outfit, who then gained Tommas’ respect and trust, worked his way up through the ranks, and now sits comfortably as a Capo of the Chicago mob.

And Chloe is his wife, they have two children. Chloe had a little boy, who was Joel’s son that her husband adopted, and then who then she had a girl with her husband later… and you’re going to see that boy and the girl, Chloe’s children, and Chloe, again in Cory Rossi’s book.


Because that half-sister is Cory’s heroine. And as she is very close to her brother, he plays a huge part in the book, too.

There was a time when I intended to go back and write a standalone for Chloe and her husband, but I never got around to it because frankly … she never came out to talk to me and tell me their story. I never force plots, if a character doesn’t have something to say that I can work with, then I don’t make a great effort to write something for them. I like to enjoy writing, and I really don’t want it to feel like pulling teeth for me when I sit down to do it. She didn’t have anything to say, so I decided not to write anything for her.

Instead … her daughter, that second child, came out to speak because she is the perfect heroine for a wild boy like Cory. She is a good mate for him, and he wanted a book. So.

That’s how she be.

2. Hi, I love love love your books. So having that said that, I have a question, since you’re going to write an MMF books for one of the Guzzi family, I was wondering if you'll follow through that kind of books and maybe write more like FF,FFM or something down that line or will it be just that one book? I would really love if you did that because pretty sure it's gonna be amazing.

Hi there!

And thank you so much.

Um, I have never given it much thought on like FF or FFM, really. I don’t decide to write something and then create plots for it – it either comes to me, and I work with what a character gives me, or it doesn’t, and I write nothing for it. That’s just sort of how this thing of mine has always worked.

It’s very possible in the new world we’ll see something like a FFM, because I have a series following a Madame and her women … I am very excited for that series because these females are the kind of sexually free, strong women I wish I found more in books. Which was probably the reason why it developed for me in my mind. Also, if anyone remembers Ace from Cozen … well, he finds his heroine somewhere in this Madame bit, too.

We’ll see at least one more MMF in the new world as well … and maybe a FMF or whatever the case may be. There’s lots to come, and those are the ones that have, so far, really come into play for me that I know for sure I am writing in the near future. I can’t say much else, though, I don’t really know yet what will be coming. And like I said above, I don’t make plots, they come to me with a certain thing they wanna tell, and I work around that. I don’t think it’s good to force a trope on a story just because …

3. Is Russian Guns in a different timeline compare to the current stories such as The Marcellos, Donati, Guzzi, Chicago Wars and etc? Cause these families are interconnected through different couples and their stories. Will you ever write a book again related to Russian Guns? Story of Vera or Roman? Or outtakes about Demyan and Claire? Or mention their story or the Avdonin family in your upcoming books?

I have like five (5) different worlds. The Commission world is where the Marcellos and all those interconnected families live because they are connected by the … Commission, hence the name. I have The Undergrounds world, the one I write with London Miller where you met the Russians, and an Italian, and other people. I have a world with Erin where we wrote the Gun Moll trilogy. And another world I just began, where I wrote Cozen and have a ton more planned. And I have my Russkaya Kings world, where The Avdonins live.

Literally nothing from one world exists in another world. That’s just not how my worlds worked, and I wanted to keep them separated because I knew I would be far in the future for some, and in others, places that are controlled by one family are controlled by entirely different people in another world. You can’t have ten Cosa Nostra’s in New York City, and 10 bratvas in little Odessa – that’s not at all how this thing works, I assure you.

So yes, they are in different worlds, and honestly … you should probably just read all my series like they are standalone anyway (because they are) for this exact reason. And if someone pops up that you recognize from another series, then yay, that’s great.

Really, because that’s the extent of the connections in these worlds most of the time.

As for the second part of your question … yeah, someday, I will go back and write something for the Avdonin third generation …. Roman, and Vera. I have a plan for Vera, but so far, not much for Roman. And I want to do them together, so once I have a good, strong idea for Roman, then we’re gonna get a couple books, and they’re gonna be a fun time.

If you want outtakes for certain characters, I have a form for that. It gets posted on Fridays. Or you can look in old Outtake posts here on the blog, find the link, and drop it in.

Will I mention them in upcoming books?

No, they don’t exist in that world … something that doesn’t exist can’t get mentioned when characters don’t know about them.

That’s all I got for that.

4. What do you plan to do more of/less of next year as an author?

Since this is the first day of the New Year – I hope ya’ll had a great Christmas, or whatever holiday it is you celebrate, and if you celebrate nothing, then I hope the past couple weeks were a great break for you – I thought this question was appropriate to answer for today, and that’s why I kept it tucked away in my doc until now, haha.

So, some of the things I plan to do more:

Write – In the past 3 months, I have doubled my output of writing in a month, and as it was, I was already writing a lot before I doubled it. Because I want to write more – I have a second penname I want to start for straight contemporary, high angst romance across a spectrum of topics, and I don’t think it actually fits the brand that is Bethany-Kris. So, I needed to make time to be able to work on that, and doubling my writing solved that issue. Which leads me into the next thing I am doing more of next year …

Work smarter, not harder – this is kind of self-explanatory if someone knows what it means, right? Parts of my process, creatively, have been streamlined as much as I possibly could, like the way I sketch out plots, and how I detail them, which makes sitting down to write a great deal easier, and words come far faster.

Try some new things – you’re going to see me put out some new stuff this year, men who aren’t made, like Michel, but are still dangerous in their own rights. You’ll see me write some assassins, a MMF, yay for boysex, and yeah. So just things you have not gotten from me yet, and while I am sure some people only expect to get mafia romances from me … I never said that’s all you would get from this penname. Buckle up, it’s gonna be a ride.

Taking time off, spending more time with my family, and feeling human – you don’t need details here, but yeah.

Some things I am doing less of next year, or stopping altogether:

Takeovers/parties/etc – this is pointless to me, and while I am sure sometimes the readers enjoy seeing their favorite authors come in for someone else’s release party, it is literally me throwing shit into the wind, and hoping it catches. It is an hour I could be writing. It is a lot of wasted time. I can literally throw giveaways out at readers (but especially MY readers) whenever the hell I want to, I don’t need to be doing takeovers to do it, too.

Branded boxes – I have a trip planned this year to Toronto, and one in 2020 to Edinburgh, Scotland. These boxes aren’t actually as simple as a few days’ worth of work when it is just me doing them, it is a several months’ process. The more work I do elsewhere, the less writing I get done. And with these trips falling at specific points in the year when these boxes would probably be in process, it’s just not smart. There will be ONE box in 2019, and ONE box in 2020. I not yet decided which books or series will be in the 2019 box, I may give people the option to choose between the first two books of the Guzzi series, and the first two Renzo and Lucia books. We shall see.

Sharing so far ahead – by the end of February, next month, I will actually have all, or damn close to it by one book, done for 2019. Every single book. And you all are pretty used to me sharing what I am working on at any given time. In my reader group, I regularly share raw, unedited peeks at my current work in progress. Every Wednesday on the blog, I share a teaser of my current WIP, too. Which is great and awesome and fun and all that good shit – except when it’s not. And in those times, people get confused, they think what I am currently sharing from is a book they’re getting next.

Because that’s usually what authors do, lol, but when have I ever followed those rules?

And then they get irritated when I explain no, this is a book that won’t be coming for sometimes 8+ months from now. So, I will be sharing less of what I am working on NOW, and sharing more of what will be coming NOW. Because when I say those are two very different things, they are. At this point, I will be writing for 2020 in the BK penname … as well as writing for books under a different penname. It’s confusing.

And I hope this explains why.

So, I think that’s all? Yeah, we’ll see.

5. Just finished Andino and Haven’s story and it was amazing! Is Valeria going to get her own story at some point?

Thank you.

And yes, Val is paired with Christopher Guzzi, they are the third book in The Guzzi Legacy … you will learn about all of that in his book, and it should be a trip. LOL.

Okay, loves. That’s all for this week.

Until the next.


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