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Hey, loves!

We’re back for another AMA in the new year.

I hope you’ve all made your resolutions, and for some, have already broken them like I did mine because fuck change … I like how I am, ha.

If you want me to continue these AMAs, make sure you drop me a question in the AMA form HERE, so then I have something to answer.

Okay, onto the questions for the week, loves.


1. Hi there! I was wondering do you like to read historical drama/fiction books? If you do, can you recommend me some?

Hi there.

So, I actually don’t read a lot of historical dramas … but pretty much everything I read is fiction, so, unless it’s a biography I really want like SLASH, you should read that by the way, it’s a fucking ride and a half. I do occasionally read Historical Romance and love books by authors like Philippa Gregory, etc. I also love books like The Borgia Mistress, etc.

Some fiction books I HIGHLY recommend … Killswitch, The Girl Who Lied, So Much Pretty, The Birth House, anything by VC Andrews … London Miller, JL Lora, Stylo Fantome, Sierra Simone. Those are all books or authors you cannot go wrong with, so have fun, they have a good selection to pick from.

2. When can we get to know more about Cece and Juan?

Probably never. I have said a few times I don’t intend to write anything for them, if you want to know how he proposed, hear them say I love you, see them when they were younger … that’s all in the Cross + Catherine companion, I have no idea what more to write for a love story than those things. And they don’t talk to me, so.

3. Greetings! Have you ever thought of having the main characters as one that's connected to some type of law enforcement and the other from any organized crime? That'll be an interesting read from you.

Hi there.

So I am actually not a fan of this trope, LOL. Especially for a made man of Cosa Nostra because it breaks their code, and I really do try hard to follow the code as much as possible unless it’s important to the character and books (like Gio and Kim, for example).

It is very possible I will deep dive into this topic at some point with something out of the box that isn’t the “norm” for this trope, meaning you can pretty much guess what’s going to happen or the basic plot of it – girl from bad people past meets good guy cop/detective/agent, etc. Or straight up good girl cop/etc meets bad boy.

I’m not in it for that, so if I someday pick it up and decide to try my hand at the trope, it’s going to have to be something interesting.

I’m not here to write boring books just because. I need something that challenges me, or challenges my creativity, and I have yet to think of something for that trope that interests me enough to sit down and work something out.

Although, there are plenty of people who would be quick to say my books are boring, too, but … why ya’ll still here reading, then?

4. In Vow, the Marcellos were talking about how Andino's son would be the last of the Marcello line. I'm confused as to why this is? Why wouldn't a son of his, with the Marcello name and still half Italian be able to continue their legacy?

How many times have people asked this question now? LMAO. I can count ten on the top of my head, probably five that have been put into this AMA form alone, and that is not including the messages I have gotten through my email for it. I only continue to include it in the AMAs even though it’s like beating a dead horse (and one of my biggest pet peeves, next to authors writing Italians but don’t know the difference between familia and famiglia is repeating myself). But here we are, I need to keep saying it because I keep getting asked it, so I take it a lot of my readers either are missing these posts …. Or they hope I will say something different. Hint, I won’t. Love you all, but I won’t.

It’s half Italian from the FATHER’S side of the family. I know readers don’t actually have that kind of knowledge about Cosa Nostra, but I have included it in books … Dante saying that to Andino shouldn’t have been some huge surprise, but there’s plenty of people who want to act like it is, and like it’s the end of the world.

Haven is not Italian, so their sons would only be half Italian from Andino. And any sons his sons had would automatically be less than half Italian on the father’s side. Which goes against the grain of Cosa Nostra, their traditions, and what is expected for made men to be.

And that’s if his one and only son decided to be made – he did, by the way.

With that being said, I have also said each time I answer this question … that if the Marcellos don’t adapt to changing times, then their organization will crumble, and they will no longer be what they are. So, yes, they change, they adapt … the rules of acceptance as a made man become less stringent over time.

Which means … the Marcellos continue on, as does their legacy, as does the sons who are not fully half Italian from the father’s side.

How’s that?

5. Why did you decide to go the MMF route with Corrado Guzzi?

It ain’t gonna be as deep as you think it might, I promise. LOL.

So, one day in chat London and I were talking about her Saints & Thieves, which is an upcoming title of hers that is a MMF. And just writing that in general, the topic of MMF. I mentioned I had one in the new world, an Astor son, but that I really wanted to write one before that but I didn’t have a character that had come to me yet with that kind of story to tell.

At that point, I had yet to begin thinking about the Guzzi series. This was a year ago or somewhere around there. And then all of the sudden, Corrado was in my mind, and he had this guy standing next to him who he called Les. I already knew Corrado was probably going to be paired with Ginevra, who you met in John’s duet, and in Andino’s duet … but I didn’t know the details. I didn’t know the whys or the hows or what was going to happen, just that it was the likely pair because of circumstance.

And I always try to sit back and let these characters decide how they wanna tell me their stuff. But with Alessio standing there next to Corrado, I already knew about The League because I had Renzo and Lucia planned for a while (you’ll learn more about The League in their final book), things started coming together. Shit started making sense, Corrado wasn’t like his brothers, or his father. He was different, in a lot of ways. And Alessio was the man who was with him every step of the way from the time they were 17 years old.

So, I just started sketching it out, chapter by chapter, scene by scene.
And you all are not ready.


  1. Wait a moment August and Benito are another couple?

    1. A Gyzzi couple. They are the 4th book in the series.

  2. Omg....I just finished Effortless and the outtake and everything clicked on my head.I feel like a detective.
    By the way, I love your books. Andino is my man.


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