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Hey, loves!

It is that time of the week again where you ask your burning questions, and I do my best to answer them. You all seem to have such an influx of q’s every week for me, which I love.

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Please note, the first 3 questions are from Fae. *hugs*

1. Hi :) I firstly just wanted to say that I absolutely love every single thing you have written. I feel like your books have changed my life. Anyway, I'm sorry if this has been asked before, but I couldn't find it, so I just wanted to know, why did you decide to write a book about Naz?

Hi there, and thank you. I’m not sure if someone has told me that my books have changed their life before, but all my love to you. My readers make this job 10x better for me, even on the worst days of my career as an author, the readers have always made it better. Keeps me humble, believe that.

But onto your question … I honestly didn’t intend to write a book for Naz, or the companion for Cross + Catherine, sometimes things just work out that way. Or a character like Naz has a nagging voice in the back of my mind with a little story to tell, and I literally cannot focus on anything else except writing what is taking up that space. Once I get the words down, or even sketch out the plot, then I usually can go back to whatever I was working on before, finish it out, and move on.

Believe it or not, but this happens to be how a lot of my books have come about … it’s how the entire Chicago War series came to be because I never knew anything about them until I was well into Dante, and suddenly had this whole idea for this criminal organization in Chicago that was about to go through a heck of a lot of hell all because one man wanted to shake things up – Dino, that was.

Characters just tend to make themselves known in my head, and I simply have to go along with their ride. I always write what I want, I don’t force words, and if the characters want me to write them, I follow the muse. She has not failed me yet, although she has taken me down some very interesting paths I might not have gone otherwise.

2.Also, are you going to write any more "3rd generation" books?

Um … I have learned to never say never, because I have said never before … (never would I write Dino, I did; never would I wrote Cory Rossi, and his plot is done and waiting for me to get to him). I have said never before, and turned around and done the damn thing I said I wouldn’t do, haha.

So, as of right now, I do not have anything more planned for third gens (technically, it’d be fourth gen because I did write Antony, right, and he would be first, his sons second, their children third, and then their children fourth, like Naz). But never say never, because these Guzzis have me in my feelings in some kind of way as I have been writing them, but especially that first trio of a couple … so who the hell knows.

It might happen.

And I ain’t gonna say never. LOL.

3. And finally, when is Michel + Gabbie book coming out, and is it more than one book? Thanks. Fae x)

Michel and Gabbie is a standalone book called Dirty Pool (if anyone is a fan or familiar with the game of billiards, that is where the title comes into play, but if you don’t know or are familiar, then you’ll understand the title better once you read). It will only be one book, I never really planned to write Michel, but he was another one of those characters that just wouldn’t leave me the hell alone, and his book ended up being massively fun and suspenseful, so I enjoyed that greatly.

It will release May 2019. For the exact release date, like day of the week and all, you can always find that on my website under the Coming Soon tab in the header.

Hugs. And thanks for all the questions, hon.

4. Hey Bethany! So excited for all your upcoming releases! Just wondering, will Cozen and Sargon be making an appearance in the Astors world at all?

Hi there!

Thank you, I am excited for this year of releases, too. Like more than people know, I think. I believe 2019 has some of my best books to date – I did different things, I have a new process for writing, I am growing and changing, so these books have my pride and joy in them in a lot of ways, and I cannot wait for you all to get them, really.

As for your question … the Astors exist in a world called The Badlands and Empires, which will make more sense once I get into the Astors, and we talk about all the criminal empires making their mark all over the world that I plan to touch on. There are quite a few, and it’s gonna be wild.

I doubt Cozen and Sargon will show up on page in the Astor series, but I do actually have a family of thieves planned who are Jewish, from Germany, and at some point … someone from that family comes to America because they are looking for a thief who might be able to help them, and they approach Cozen to help. She is wearing her hijab (if you noticed where his family comes from, and the mention of prayer rugs, you would have caught they are practicing Muslims), and practicing her faith again at this point, so it’s a bit of a moral conundrum for her and Sargon to decide whether or not she is willing to go back to her old ways, but we shall see.

I do expect them to show up again, yes … it’s just when, is all. The world is quite big. I have a lot of people to get through, and a great deal of fun to have. I can’t wait.

5. Hi there, Kris! So I have two questions about the original Marcello brothers. I remember that before you published Marcello Christmas novella you sad that that will be the last you will write of them from their POV and from their time (when they were younger and the kids were still small). I was really crushed when you sad that, considering that they are fictional people I got really attached to them. So was it hard for you to let them go? Were you a little bit sad? And the second question is: Are they still speaking to you in your head or are they gone?

Hi there.

Um, yeah, I was really sad to let them go. I have finished other series and characters, never gone back to them, and didn’t feel very much about it either way. I was just ready to move on … but when I have become really attached to characters, like I did with Anton and Vine, or the Marcellos, I have to actually force myself to just not write them. Like, I can’t even entertain it.

I could write them all until I died. That’s just how much I love that family, their dynamics, and their world. They’re so real in my head. But I still have to move on, and that’s the reality of it, is that I can’t stay writing them forever. And as it stands, I have been writing them for four years now, I have spanned like 40 books in this world that all started with three brothers … the Marcello brothers.

It was never meant to be THIS big, and yet … they started it all. They brought in many of my readers, and they are fan favorites, like Vine and Anton were for my very first fans. I love them for more than just what they do for me, but also for what they do for my readers, and how much you all love them.

So yeah, I was incredibly sad, but if I don’t make myself move on, I never will. And I want to tell different stories, I want to let you all fall in love with new people.

As for your second question … they are still there, talking and going on at their big dinner table. For some reason, that’s just how I see the Marcellos in my head. Constantly sitting around the dinner table, bitter red wine being poured, lots of laughter. I think they’re going to be here, in my mind, ever present, until the day I write the last Commission World book. It might not be a Marcello that closes the world out, but they started this world … they’ve been here since the beginning.

They’re waiting to say goodbye, and they know I’m not ready to let them go just yet. So, they’re still there, sitting around their table, laughing and drinking wine as I get closer to the end.

All right, loves, don’t make me get too deep, huh? Ha.

Until next week.


  1. That last answer.. That's how i feel about the Marcello's.


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