WIP Wednesday: Harbor (Renzo + Lucia, 2)

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Are you ready for another sneak peek at Harbor?



The man’s hand tightened on Renzo’s forearm. “Now, you wait just a second, young man.”
He glanced down at the unwelcomed hand on his body. “Remove your fucking hand before I do, please.”
There, he was kind.
He gave the man a warning.
The guy’s gaze narrowed on Renzo’s face. “I thought something was strange with you two last night, even if you didn’t come out of the truck. You think someone wasn’t going to see those wires hanging down like that? All I had to do was watch the damn news to hear about the robbery just across the border. Looking for a dark vehicle, they said. Likely stolen. You’re not going anywhere. The cops will be here soon, so you might as well just give it up.”
Oh, was that what he thought?
Renzo had news for him.
“You’re going to let me go, or I’m going to make you wish you’d never even seen my face,” Renzo murmured. “Last chance, sir.”
“I just told you … you’re not going—”
“Let him go,” came a soft, yet still firm, order from the side of the truck.
Renzo really wished Lucia had stayed in the truck, and let him handle this, but she was out now. Out, and with his gun in her hand, it seemed. She’d already racked the weapon back by the looks of it, and she had it pointed right at the side of the man’s head as she edged closer to them. There was no shake in her hands, and no hesitance in her gaze with each step she took. Just a cold determination leveled on the man still touching Renzo like he had any business doing that at all.
“Babe,” Renzo started to say.
“Now, little girl—”
The man had a hand up, as if that was going to stop Lucia or the bullet if she pulled the trigger. Renzo almost wanted to scoff, but somehow, he managed to keep it in. How, though, he didn’t have the first fucking clue. If she pulled that trigger, the bullet coming for his head was the last thing the man was ever going to see.
Simple as that.
“You threatening me, girl?” the man asked.
“Looks like it,” Lucia returned.
It wasn’t much—a couple of seconds where the guy’s hand loosened on Renzo while his attention went to the thing he figured was the biggest threat to him at the moment.
And her gun.
No, it wasn’t much, but it was enough for Renzo to act. He only needed the chance, and he was the fucking type to take it every time. After all, he’d never know if he didn’t try. That’s what life had taught him, frankly.
Swinging back his free arm at the same time he jerked away from the man, Renzo swung forward fast and hard. His fist connected with the side of the man’s face with a sickening crunch. He saw the blood spew from the guy’s lips before his body dropped to the ground like a sack of dead weight.
It took Renzo a second, and then two before he realized no, the guy wasn’t fucking dead. Just knocked the hell out. Which honestly, worked for him.
The next thing he did was yank that fucking gun out of Lucia’s hand before she hurt herself, or somebody else. She just looked startled as he flicked the safety back on, and tucked the gun in the waistband of his pants.
“Stay in the truck,” he barked at her.
Okay, maybe that was rude.
Lucia blinked. “He grabbed you!”
“I had it handled, Lucia.”
“No, you really didn’t.”
“I did!” Renzo scrubbed a hand down his jaw, and shot her a look he hoped got his point across with his next words. “Don’t step in on something like that again. You don’t need to do that.”
“I will do whatever I want to do for you, Ren. Got it?”


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