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Hey, loves!

We’re back for another AMA this week. If you’re new, once I week I answer between 3-5 questions from my readers, although it’s usually 5, it just depends on how many questions I get in my form.

Do you have anything you want to know about me, my writing, or otherwise?


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Now, onto the questions for the week …

1. Hi Kris, first off I hope you and your family have a great Xmas and a wonderful New Year.xx Thank you for answering my previous question about Pink and how he got his nickname, which I think is great. Now to my question which is again about Pink.. is there any chance in the world he would get his own book. Now I love Pink and just the small bits we see of him I love him more and the little bit you have spoke about him we find out he is a single dad. Be still my heart. Now I'm even more intrigued. I know it's probably not going to happen but no harm in asking right. Anyway if not a book how about an outtake with him and his kid. Thanks and take care.

Hi there.

And first, sorry I had to delete your emojis, they were cute, but where I store/backup my posts and writing as a just in case because computers sometimes do strange things, and I need to be able to find things as a fail safe should that happen … anyway, rambling moment over, the emojis interfere with my ability to save posts, and back them up, so I remove them for that reason.

If anybody wondered, you know.

Okay, onto your question. And thank you, we did have a fantastic new year and holiday. I hope yours was wonderful as well.

I never had any plans to write something for Pink, he is just one of those characters of mine that sometimes just show up in my head with this cool little side story who seem to pop up here and there to entice my readers and make them ask me questions like, “Will he get a book?” And then I have to say no but I never really understand why he’s there.

I never say never for anything anymore, though. Because I have said no, never before to books I swore I wouldn’t ever write, for whatever reason (cough, Dino, cough) and then I ended up writing their book. I am not the type of person who enjoys shoving my whole foot into my big ass mouth, so I try not to say never anymore.

What I say instead is what I don’t have plans for Pink, but the reality is … eh, who knows? I might write him something if he ever decides to tell me his story, but for right now, I just don’t know what I would write, and I don’t currently have any plans for him. If that changes, trust that you all will be the very first to know.

I can’t say yes to outtakes for him because if he does come up and want a book, then I don’t want to have boxed myself into a corner with whatever chosen outtake I might have done for him. So, who knows.

And since I now have a cover for Pink ... he's probably going to get a book. Meaning very likely. LOL. I will keep you all informed.

2. If you could pick your favorite person in the world, would it be London Miller?

LMAO, so, if ya’ll don’t know, this question came from London. She’s being cute and dropping occasional questions in this form for me that she thinks are hilarious. Another one is about a woodchuck being chased by a bear but because I didn’t have a good or smartass answer for it, I deleted it. This one got to stay instead. I HOPE YOU’RE PLEASED WITH YOURSELF, LONDON.

3. Hi Bethany, is there going to be a book on Penny from Naz +Roz outtakes?

Hi there.

This kind of falls into the same thing as the Pink question above. I won’t say no or never. Penny seems to be a character that is quite loud in my head, and obviously she has both an interesting and heartbreaking story that should be told.

I simply don’t have all the details yet to tell it, and she has not become so loud in my head yet that she is ready for me to tell her story. I also don’t entirely know who her hero is … I have an idea, but he’s a bit older than her, and given her circumstances, I am not entirely sure I am comfortable with telling that at her current age. Mind you, they are also horribly far in the future, like 2058 … I literally just pulled that number out of my ass, but in all honesty, it could be the year they are into right now because I am THAT far ahead in the future.

At some point, I need people to realize I cannot continue to write in the Commission world in the future without you seeing people from the original books that started the world are dead because that’s what happens when people get older … they die.

And because Penny has come forth through the perspective of Nazio and Roz, I suspect, and probably rightfully so, that people will expect to see them, and other people they are familiar with in the world in her book.

So I am not saying never, but I am saying I have not figured out how yet to tell her story, or if she even wants me to. So, I know this isn’t the answer you want to your question, but it is all I can say for now about it.

4. Do Lucian and Jordyn's kids know about her past, like her marriage and the abuse that led to her meeting their dad? Have they ever seen her scars or burn?

Jordyn wasn’t previously married to anyone … she was in a relationship with someone who offered her a sense of protection while he was alive, but in no sense were they married, and she didn’t love him, either.

As for her past … yeah, they have all heard the stories of what led their parents together at one point or another, or from family, or through the grapevine. It’s not like a dirty secret, or anything. The same way in Andino’s book you see him mention in his thoughts how he knows the circumstances of how his parents got together, and why they’re not really welcome in Vegas, even if they don’t talk about it.

Stuff gets around, people know, all that good stuff.
So, yeah, in one way or another, their kids know.

As for like her scars/burn, I really never thought about it. I would assume so, she has 3 daughters, and so I would assume yes, at least the girls would have seen it. And probably John, as well. I just never thought about it, and I don’t really care to mention that detail in their books because it has nothing to do with their story.

5. I don’t know if you’ve answered this before, but how does acquainted fit in the undergroundly world? Is it a prequel to the Boykov Bratva?

The world is called The Undergrounds, and it is a world I wrote with London Miller. Which means she also writes books in that world. I am assuming this question came because on my website, under my worlds tab, I have listed Acquainted as a standalone novel in the world written BY London.

Meaning, it is a standalone book. In the world. Written by only her.

No, it is not a prequel to anything.
No, doesn’t need to be read after anything.
No, it is not written by me.
Yes, it exists in the same world.

All series and standalones in my world are standalone. You can read them in whatever order you want, including books in The Undergrounds world. Acquainted is a standalone novel about characters who showed up a couple of times in the Seasons of Betrayal series. You don’t need to read Seasons to enjoy or follow along.

That’s why the book is listed there, and that’s all you really need to know about it.

Also, note … this information is also right there on that WORLDS page on my website. I explain that everything, from the series to the single novels, are standalone. I also have it written by Acquainted that it is written by London, and I even link to where you can buy her book on Amazon.

I thought I had explained it pretty well there. But if not, I hope this clears it all up.

Okay, loves.
Until next week.


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