AMA - You Ask, Bethany Answers!

Hey, loves!
We’re back for another AMA.

Some things to note:

I will not answer your requests for outtakes that you put in my AMA FORM. I have an OUTTAKE FORM for that, which is posted every single Friday, and they go in there. I no longer move your outtake requests from my AMA form into my Outtake form, either. I made separate forms to save me time because I am busy enough.

Second, these AMAs are done every week, and have been for months now. Literally months. Please skim through a few, I so bet your Andino and Zeke questions will be answered in several previous AMAs.

Third, I do these a month ahead of time before you see them posted, it’s how I stay organized with my blog, and all the content on here so I never get overwhelmed. So, if you are wondering where your question is or why it hasn’t been answered yet … you might have asked the same thing ten other people did that I have already answered, or I might not have posted the AMA with your question in it yet.

Okay, onto to the questions this week.

And if you have a question for me – that isn’t an outtake request, see above – you can drop it in HERE, and I will get to it when I can.


1. Will we know “from” (aka who are his parents and all) where Alessio came? Since we of course we know that his name comes from a powerful Vegas family.

Yeah, it’s explained pretty early on in CORRADO where Alessio came from, who his father was, which will be a recognizable name—he was old when Alessio was born to a mistress of his, and died not long after due to his age. Remember, men can produce children to the day they die, it’s just we women who have the issue after a certain age where that is concerned. As for his mother, she isn’t a recognizable name, you’ve never met the woman on page, and you won’t because she is also dead.
So, that’s all for that.

2. Is there any book about the Astors coming out this year?

Nope. Which isn’t something I’ve like alluded to at all … over on you will find any and all of my upcoming releases for 2019. The Astors will open up with the first book from Fourth and his heroine in 2020, right after I release Cory Rossi’s standalone book, one of the last standalones without a series that I plan to write under this penname.
Hope that explains that.

3. Hi Bethany, First of all I love all your books and I've read them all. I can't wait for the future ones. My question is: will there be a book about Zeke and Katya? I apologize if this was already asked before though. Thank you.

Never say never, which has been my general consensus when asked this question. I don’t know, don’t have plans to at the moment, and if I do, you all will be the first to know, of course. But for right now, no. I have too many other things on my plate to write and worry about than Zeke and Katya, who have never been loud in my head to have their story told, so.

4. I love the Naz & Roz series. Can we expect Penny and Luca to end up together?

I don’t know? I’m clearly not that far into the series where Penny could consider who she likes/doesn’t/wants to be with. She’s sixteen, a sexual abuse victim that was traded and bartered by her pedo father and his ring of pedos like him. Luca is also SEVERAL years older than Penny, and I don’t think that’s appropriate to write about, but especially with a girl like Penny in her circumstances. 20-something year old men have literally no business being in a relationship with sixteen/seventeen-year-old girls. It’s gross.

If and when her character gets a little older in the series, or perhaps I write a blog series or a book for her, then maybe I will consider that pairing, if that’s what the characters lean toward, but right now, no.

And it’s not appropriate to me at this time. There are lots of authors writing that type of romance, though, for those who wanna read it. And I am sure people can find it with a quick Amazon search, you know?

But for me, that’s not a question I can or will answer with Penny in her current circumstances and age that she is right now where I am writing her. Ask again in a couple months, maybe.

5. I really love your books especially The Commission world. I was wondering if you can do an updated diagram of a family tree with all the families on your blog. There are so many people that's interconnected in someway, I forget sometimes and I want to refresh my memory. It will also be interesting to look at.

Hey, there.

Please refer to my facebook Fan Page and select Albums, wherein you will find all the family trees, right up to the third generation, and who they are married to. The girls who made those trees worked really had to get everything as right as they possibly could.

I do not have time to do this, to update them, or to make them myself. This is something, for whatever reason, my readers have become really attached to the idea of. It would take me days … and I am not even that talented with graphics, so days to make something that would also look like crap, likely. LMAO.

I don’t have that kind of time to waste, and I don’t want people to take this the wrong way … but making those kinds of things doesn’t actually make me money, or reimburse me in any way except questions from readers about this pairing, or why that person doesn’t have a hero/heroine paired to them (does that mean they’re dead? Etc.) You know that I mean? It takes a heck of a lot more effort than simply making them, and I didn’t make the ones I have in the first place.

This world was never meant to be as big as it is, and so I never bothered to do a series bible, or anything like that as I was writing. Some of my characters don’t even have real birthdays because I never bothered to pick one when it wasn’t important to the story. But if there are readers out there who want to make things like this for my worlds/characters, you are more than welcome to go ahead and do that. I don’t even mind being a sounding board or checking over stuff to make sure it is correct.

I do not, however, have the time to expend to do it myself, and I wish people would understand that … I just don’t.

So, if you want family trees, you will find them on my fan page linked above, up until the third generation, ie, Cross/Catherine (who their children are, and perhaps if they have a spouse we know about), John/Siena, Andino/Haven, all the Guzzi brothers, etc.

Hope that helps.

For the new world, things will be very different. I have already started the series bible, the timeline so I don’t ever mess up how old someone is supposed to be in their book (cough, John, cough) again, and so every character has details laid out from the color of their eyes, to their birthday, and favorite food. Family trees, interconnections, and the whole works. So when it is all said and done, I can easily compile the data, and give it to all of you readers so you have something to look at for the new world.

But for this world, I can’t do it, do not have time to do it, and don’t have any plans to do it. Sorry, but sometimes that is how it has to be.

All right, loves. That is all for this week, until the next. Hugs.


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