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We’re back to the outtakes again, so yay. I am switching back to another Andino and Haven outtake that kind of ties into the last one I wrote for them. So, do enjoy.

Onto the outtake.


Haven POV
Andino/Haven Outtake

“Oh, my God,” Haven laughed, stretching across the bed to try and grab the ringing phone on the nightstand. “Come on, Andino!”
“No, I made a promise, and I intend to keep it.”
His hands landed firmly to her naked hips before he yanked her back. Just like that, the phone was out of her reach, and the call stopped ringing. She might have been annoyed any other time, but all she could do was smile when Andino’s lips skimmed her spine, and traveled higher until he was kissing the curve of her shoulder.
Just like that, her body was singing.
Her mind, sky high.
Skin, so fucking hot.
He had kept his promise, and hadn’t let her leave the bedroom from the moment she agreed to what he wanted—and really, what she wanted. Not that Haven was complaining, but she had never been very good at ignoring her phone when it rang.
“Just … let me check who it was, okay?” she said.
Andino let out a heavy sigh, and his forehead touched her shoulder before he shook his head with a chuckle. “You’re impossible, woman.”
“It might be important!”
“Anyone who wants to take time away from me loving you is not important.”
“Even if it was your ma?”
He stiffened behind her. “You swore.”
Haven grinned against the pillow. “I have no idea what you’re talking about.”
“Still in the dark, Andino.”
He grumbled under his breath, rolling away from her to fall onto his back on his side of the bed. Tipping her head up, she peeked over at him, trying her very damnedest to hide her smirk, and failing like nothing else.
Andino rolled his eyes. “Keep laughing.”
“I’m not.”
“You want to.”
“But only a little,” Haven teased.
They had a deal, him and her. It was one that worked well for them considering how much of a presence Andino’s family constantly had in their lives. But especially his parents, and more importantly, his mother. The man would never deny he was a momma’s boy through and through, and for the most part, Haven loved it.
He adored his ma.
Loved her entirely too much.
But they did not bring up family in bed.
For whatever reason, that took away any desire Andino had to fuck in an instant. And since Haven preferred Andino’s attention to be focused on her in bed, she didn’t mind following the rule of no talking about family in bed.
Unless, of course, it got her what she wanted.
Like now.
 “Check the damn phone,” Andino grunted.
“Stop whining.”
She tossed him a cheeky smile over her shoulder as she rolled over to reach for the phone. She didn’t get the chance to see how he responded to her teasing because she was more concerned with why the doctor’s office for her GYNO would be calling back when she’d texted the line to cancel her appointment later that day.
“What is it?” Andino asked.
“The doctor.”
“Probably just wants to confirm—”
“No,” Haven said, sliding her thumb across the screen to unlock the phone so she could read the rest of the message. She it read it out loud so Andino could hear it, too. “Mrs. Marcello, the doctor has requested you come to your appointment as expected to discuss something that came up in your bloodwork, if at all possible. If not, please call the clinic back as soon as possible.”
She blinked.
What did that mean?
Across the bed, Andino reached for her, his palm sliding up her naked side as he said, “I’m sure it’s nothing, huh?”
But it could be.
Her appointment had been for the insertion of an IUD, nothing more. At her last appointment, a couple of months ago, instead of getting the shot like she normally would, they discussed changing the birth control. To be safe, the doctor told her to stop the shot immediately, allow her cycle to return before they went ahead with the IUD, and in the meantime, she had bloodwork done just to make sure everything was fine.
The bloodwork had been a couple of weeks ago.
“Haven,” Andino murmured, “just call—they said you could.”
“Yeah, but—”
“Babe, call.”
Haven nodded, because he wasn’t wrong, and she was probably overthinking this whole thing. She was healthy, right? She still jogged every day, she ate well, and took care of her body. But she had to think about how her mother battled cancer twice, and she had seemed healthy before that happened, too.
“Call,” Andino said again, letting her go so he could roll out of the bed to stand. “And I will go make us a coffee, hmm?”
“Unless you want me to stay,” he added quieter.
“No, I’m sure it’s fine. I’ll be right now.”
“All right.” Andino leaned down, using his hands against the sheets to keep him steady before he pressed a quick kiss to the side of Haven’s mouth. “Love you, huh?”
“Love you, too.”
She waited until his footsteps could no longer be heard outside of their bedroom before she called the doctor’s office back. Andino might be the rational one between them a lot of the time, but Haven wondered if sometimes, he only did that to keep her calm.
Like right then.
The receptionist at the clinic picked up first, but was quick to switch Haven over to the doctor’s direct line once she explained that she wouldn’t be able to make that appointment. She promised Andino, after all, and really … she could have made it, but she didn’t want to wait another five hours before someone would tell her if there was something wrong with her.
She’d rather know now.
“Haven,” her GYNO said when she finally came on the line.
“Hi, sorry to call back, I know you were probably with a patient or—”
“It’s fine. I was finishing up paperwork, actually. You’re calling about the bloodwork, right?”
“Uh, yeah. Something came up, the woman said in her message? It kind of worried me, that’s all.”
“Sorry about that,” the doctor replied, “but she’s only allowed to tell you what I can tell her, and I can’t give patient details out. I figured this was something you would want to know right away, and since your appointment was supposed to be today for the IUD, well … now would be the time to share.”
“I’m sorry?”
“You can’t have the IUD put in, Haven.”
“I decided this morning not to put it in, anyway.”
“Well, good, but even if you had decided to continue with the procedure, we couldn’t do it.”
“I’m not following.”

“You’re pregnant,” the doctor said quietly. “Congratulations.” 


  1. Andino is going to be a father♥️♥️ This is simultaneously making my heart soar and my ovaries explode��


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