The Naz & Roz Blog Series - Chapter 15

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“No Penny today?”
Roz gave her gyno a smile from the side as Naz helped her onto the bed. At least in this office, she had the comfort of a cloth robe, and not one of those awful paper ones. He was glad she found a new doctor to handle this pregnancy, because he was two steps away from killing the last one who had also come highly recommended.
“Not today,” Roz said, “she didn’t want to miss classes—big test.”
“Ah, I see. Well, let’s check out the little one with the doppler, and hear what we can hear.”
“He’s been moving a lot,” Roz muttered. “Especially at night.”
“Could be a she,” Naz added under his breath.
Roz gave him a look from the side. “It’s a he.”
On the other side of the bed, the doctor laughed. “What, did you decide not to learn the sex during the last ultrasound? I thought you wanted to find out, Roz.”
“The tech couldn’t see, and at the one before that, she wouldn’t tell us because she wasn’t one-hundred percent sure.”
Really, Roz was being nice. The bitch at the clinic was in a mood, and had mentioned more than once that she didn’t think parents should know the sex of their babies before birth. It was her personal opinion that clouded her judgement that day because she forgot that she was a tech, and not the pregnant mother.
“Huh.” The doctor had that conspiratorial glint in her eye, before she reached for the smaller version of the ultrasound machine that she kept in-office just in case. “Well, if we can see today, do we want to learn? You’re seven months pregnant, Roz, so the baby is only going to get bigger. And it will be almost impossible to tell until birth. If I get lucky and can see today, we’ll know.”
She passed Naz a look.
Did they want to know?
“If you want to,” Naz told Roz.
Her sweet smile lit up her face. “I kind of do.”
“All right. Let’s see if we can find out,” he said to the doctor with a nod.
“After we get the regular stuff out of the way,” the gyno replied. “We’ll do the normal checkup first, and go from there.”
The normal checkup, which included measuring Roz’s growing stomach—which made Naz so fucking happy—and checking the baby’s heart beat with the doppler, before moving into look at the test notes for Roz’s sugars and proteins, took about fifteen minutes.
“But your proteins are a little high in your urine,” the doctor noted, “so we’re going to move up to two appointments a week instead of waiting until your eighth month for that just to keep an eye on it. Just to be safe.”
“Okay,” Roz replied
Naz squeezed her hand, hearing the nerves in her voice. One of her greatest, and constant, fears with this pregnancy was that something would go wrong. Even if she didn’t constantly voice her worries, he knew it was still there, making itself known in that beautiful mind of hers.
Anyone that Naz asked said that fear was pretty normal, all things considered. A first time mother, and a first birth … it went hand in hand, and there wasn’t very much he could do to help except let her worry, and reassure her when she would let him. So, that’s exactly what he tried to do as often as he could.
Once the machine was on, the gel had been put on Roz’s stomach, and the screen turned to swirls of black, gray, and white, Naz’s attention was caught. So was Roz’s, it seemed. Just like whenever they heard the baby’s heartbeat on the doppler, they both went quiet, and felt a sense of relief flooding them.
He kept one eye on the screen, watching the different shapes of his baby take form and one eye on Roz at the same time. There was something about knowing she was pregnant with his child, and giving him this amazing gift of life that just stunned him into silence every single time. Nothing could get better than this, he would swear it.
“Okay,” the doctor murmured, “let’s go a little higher, seems the baby has already turned themselves down, so no breech, Roz … that’s good news.”
Roz laughed. “Great.”
“But that’s going to make it a little harder. Luckily, for now … they’re facing outward. You’re going to want them to turn around, but they’ve got time to do that, and a little bit of room. Right now, we might be able to see … let’s just try …”
The doctor grew quiet as the wand moved along the curve of Roz’s stomach, moving higher until she was satisfied that she had gotten it where she wanted. Her hand came to rest on Roz’s stomach, too, gloved fingers pushing lightly.
“Open those legs, little one,” she said.
Naz had no idea what he was seeing on the screen, but as long as Roz was comfortable, and it didn’t hurt the baby, then he didn’t mind. Another twenty or so seconds passed before the doctor  nodded, and smiled as she let go of Roz’s stomach, reached over, and hit a button on the machine to capture what looked to be something of a screenshot.
“There,” she said, pointing at a very distinct shape. “What do we see there?”
Naz chuckled. “Well …”
“Boy bits,” Roz said, laughing.
“Yep, that’s a penis. Congrats, guys, he’s a boy.”
A boy.
Roz looked up to Naz, and he grinned back.
She had been right.
Not that he was surprised.
She was always right.
Bending down, he pressed a quick kiss to her forehead, using his palm to smooth back her hair while she smiled.
“Love you,” he told her.
Roz sighed happily. “Love you, too, Naz.” Then, just as quickly she added, “You better call Cross, huh?”
“Yeah, I will after.”
He looked down at her.
Roz winked. “Call your dad.”
Because she just knew.
Cross was the first person he wanted to tell, and she didn’t need Naz to verbalize it to confirm it. He needed to tell his dad because their legacy continued on.
Another principe.
Another one like them.
A boy.
“And Penny, too,” Roz said, “call her right after because she wanted to know, too.”
Naz laughed, and dropped a kiss to her grinning lips that time. “I will call all the people, Roz.”
“You better.” 


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