Wednesday Teaser: Contempt #ComingSoon

Hey, loves! 

Guess what's coming sooooooon. 

So, here is one more teaser. Maybe next week, I will share the full first couple of chapters. Who knows. Next week, Contempt will go live on iTunes and Barnes & Noble for a couple of days before it is pulled to go live on Amazon and in KU for the 4th. So if you are a reader for iTunes or B&N, then you'll want to be looking for that. 

Onto the teaser ...


“You got a job for me, or what?” Renzo asked.
Dare’s jaw muscles tightened, but he nodded. Probably happy that they were now onto an entirely different conversation. Nobody said dealing with Renzo when he was in one of his moods was particularly easy.
Even he knew that about himself.
“Folder on the desk—black strip across the front,” Dare murmured.
Ah, great.
A black strip on the folder meant the job came directly from M. It was the only way Dare chose to differentiate from the jobs he negotiated for Renzo, and the ones that came specifically from M for him to do.
Crossing the office, Renzo picked up the folder, and flipped it open. He found the picture of a tanned-skinned man with short, black cropped hair and brown eyes attached to a sheet of details with a simple paper clip. He gave the picture about five seconds of his attention before lifting it up to read the bit of details it covered.
Christian Savino.
Born: Sienna, Italy.
Known drug trafficker.
Renzo took in the rest of the details about the man before quickly closing the folder, and giving Dare his attention again. The man still hadn’t come further into his office, instead opting to stand in the doorway.
“So the job is what, kill him?”
Because the file didn’t say.
Dare shook his head. “M wants you to keep an eye on the man, apparently. He doesn’t come over to this side very often—most of his business stays on his side of the world, I suppose. Except, he’s here for a span of time. Could be a couple of weeks, could be a lot more. For whatever reason, your boss has reason to believe that while he’s here, he could cause trouble. So yes, keep an eye on him. Report back to me once a week, and I will relay whatever information you give to M. He will decide what to do from there.”
Renzo blinked.
Like a fucking idiot.
“You want me to babysit some fucking Italian because he came to America?”
All the skills Renzo had … the shit he could do, and they wanted him to babysit somebody?
“That’s a joke, right?” Renzo asked.
Dare glanced at the folder. “That’s a folder from M, Ren. Do you think that’s a joke?”
Jesus Christ.
“Fine, where is this … Savino now?”
“Apparently, California,” Dare replied, “but it’s possible he’s doing work across the states, too. You might have to follow him.”
Renzo heard a lot in Dare’s statement, but only one thing registered to him.
He knew better—he needed to stay away until the five-year term was up. The rebel in him was fucking dancing, though.
“Yeah, all right,” Renzo said. “Cali first, then.”
“Follow him wherever he goes.”
Renzo nodded. “No worries.”


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