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Hey, loves!

We are back again for another AMA where I answer 3-5 of your questions, or whatever has been dropped into my form if I don’t have enough to make it to three. Sometimes, I get a lot of repeat questions, and I just leave them until I feel like answering them because it’s been so recent since I just answered specific questions. Please check through some of the older AMAs, I am sure you will find the answer you seek for things like Andino, Zeke, Cece, and more.

Do you have a question for me? Awesome.

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Please note that if you drop rude things into my form, I will either publicly respond to you in a way you won't like - but everyone else will surely enjoy - or I will ignore it altogether because it isn't worth my time and effort. Just as an FYI.

Now, onto the questions for the week.


1. Hello Bethany! I am a bit confused. It’s about The League! Have we met Cree and Dare in another book? Or are they new characters? 

Hi there.

The League is a new development to the readers of this world – they are not a new development to ME. I have known about The League in the world since way back in the Legacy prequel for the Filthy Marcello series where I first introduced Lucia seeing Renzo while she sat in her brother’s car. I knew then that he was going to be something more than what he was, and that there was a special company/organization that would train him to be that special person. I did not have a name for it until far later – about three to four months ago, I suppose, is where I actually sat down and decided what I was going to call the organization. And thus, the name The League was born. And because The League never had anything to do with any other plot in this world up until these Legacy series, I simply didn’t feel like I needed to make page space for them. That’s all.

As for Cree and Dare … they are brand new characters. You have never met them before, and Contempt will be the first time you see them. You will see them again in Corrado and Alessio for The Guzzi Legacy … whether or not we see them again beyond these Legacy series is yet to be determined because I honestly have no made a firm decision on whether I plan to do a full series for The League and the people inside it. However, I do think people will like Cree and Dare, if not get a little annoyed with them at times. What’s the fun in being perfect, so to speak, so yeah.

That’s the gist with that.

PLEASE NOTE: the following two questions are from the same person.

2. Does Ren meet up with Corrado and Les in The League?

Hi there.

I guess I am not sure what you mean. They all work at (or for, rather) The League, so yes, they know each other from that.   If you mean – do they see/do we see them all on page together? You do yes for Corrado in Contempt … he shows up a couple of times, once toward the beginning of the book, and then he shows up on page at The League again with his twin toward the end of the book. Keep in mind, Contempt takes place 5 years AFTER (or thereabouts) when Alessio, Corrado, and Ginevra all got together, so they’re well into their … life and love.

So yes, you’ll see Corrado on page in Contempt.

And yes, Renzo knows Alessio and Corrado from The League.

3. Did Lucian ask Gian for a favour or how does he know about The League? 

LOL, I love that my readers get so curious about stuff they don’t know or haven’t read yet, but you could just read the book and like learn that way, not spoil every little detail ahead of time. But because this isn’t spoilerish, really, I don’t mind explaining it.

The Marcellos are a HUGE organized crime figure in the world. I have made that clear time and time again. They are one of the most powerful, but especially in the United States. Them, the Outfit, and Guzzi are three of the most powerful families. The League trains assassins to use for jobs or to sell to people just like the Marcellos. So, why wouldn’t they know about them?   And Lucian was owed a favor by Corrado … not Gian. And that’s not how he knows about The League, he knows because they’re a powerful family with a lot of money and shady business and that’s exactly The League’s typical customer.

4. Hey, Bethany! What are some authors you recommend for mafia lovers? 

Hi there.

Not a lot because I don’t read a lot of mafia. I say this often, and I am not sure if people don’t believe me or what it is, but true fact is this – I don’t read a lot of mafia or organized crime romance. I just don’t. Not my preference, I usually don’t like the way other authors tend to write it, and we’ve all got our own styles. So it’s cool to just respect that, I have lots of other stuff I like to read, and just because I write in this subgenre of romance does not mean I am reading it, too. Because I am not.

So, my list is short:   London Miller
JL Lora
JM Darhower

I recently read an organized crime romance (not mafia) from Dee Garcia and enjoyed it – Volatile Obsessions. Prophet by SM West has a hero who is not exactly on the right side of the law, and I also really enjoyed that book, too.

And if I ever have anymore, I always and quick to let everybody know. I tend to review books I like on Goodreads, and include them in my newsletter. So, if I do that … then yes, I am not doing a swap with another author. I have chosen to pick up their book, I really liked it, and I want to share it with my readers, so I did that.

And that’s all for that.

Until next week, loves!


  1. My God, I have a lot to read ... it makes me anxious, I want to have all the books. I want to know everything. I'm going crazy.


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