AMA - You Ask, Bethany Answers!

Hey, loves! We're back again for another AMA where I answer 3-5 of your burning questions as much as I possibly can. Do you have a question for me? Awesome.

Drop it into the form HERE.

Onto the questions for the week.


1. Before I post it in the outtake form, I want to know whether it's possible to get snippets of Dare and Cree. Along the lines of romance, wit, fights. Anything really. They are almost all I think about after finishing the Renzo and Lucia books.

Hi there.

So this is kind of hard to say, because I really don't know. I have intentions of LIKELY writing something for The League in the future which means they will probably be showcased a lot given their status in the business, and ownership on one man's part.

So I'm not sure they will specifically get a book, but I also know I don't want to just write things for them willy nilly when I very well might end up contradicting myself in a book at some time in the future. So that's something I have to consider as well.

With all this said, you can absolutely put requests in them in the Outtake form, I just can't say whether or not I will actually sit down and write it right now. Maybe eventually, maybe it'll be something I'll just want to write, but I can't give a guarantee, type of thing. So yes, put it in, but hope for the best while you're at it, basically, haha.

2. I just love all of your books and do re-reads often. I just noticed last night ( kind of slow on it I guess! ) that in Andino's book Vow, the remark was made about Corrado Guzzi. The remark was that Corrado owed a favor to Lucian. I must be overlooking something or can't figure it out but why would Corrado owe Lucian a favor?

Hi there.

Well, they exist in the same world, so why wouldn't they have met up at one point or another? It's entirely possible, and his job at The League would send him all over the place, essentially. I can't find a reason why he WOULDN'T owe a favor, if something happened that put both men in a situation together.

And besides all that, you'll get the reason why in Corrado/Alessio. It's not a part of the plot, but I also don't feel like spoiling it that much.

3. I don't know if this has been asked before, but how did you come up with the AMAZING plots?? Also, do you have any advice for budding romance writers?

Hi there.

I guess I come up with them from a little bit of anything and everything. Sometimes a picture strikes something, and suddenly I will have these new people talking very loudly and clearly in my head.

And other times I am inspired by a new song, or people walking down the street. Real life events have also inspired me, actual criminal families and their history.

All sorts of things, really. I tend to weave my own flavor into it, and obviously, created this huge world where stuff just seems to continue to grow, but yes, it comes from everywhere, and it just sticks inside my brain like tar until I finally get the chance to sit down and scratch it all out.

As for the advice thing ... Write good books, be consistent, respect your readers, and don't read reviews just for the sake of punishing yourself when it comes to the negative ones. Everybody's got an opinion to share, but that doesn't mean you have to listen to every single one of them.

And you know, take care of yourself. That's something I don't think a lot of people understand or say nearly enough in this business, but you really have to take care of yourself. Business wise, mentally, emotionally ... all of it. It's not an easy business, and this is a lonely fucking career, so just take care of yourself.

Okay, loves. That is all for this week. Until the next!


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