WIP Wednesday: The Hunted

Hey, all!

We're back for another WIP Wednesday!

So, I actually posted this teaser in my reader group late last night - but SUPER late. So, here it is again. For those who may not be aware, The Hunted is a Paranormal/Fantasy romance about shifting mermaids and the landwalkers/humans who hunt them.

Enjoy, loves.


The Hunted (January 2020)
She didn’t.
The last thing he saw from the red-headed mermaid was the tips of her tail fin that peeked out from the water before disappearing beneath the surface again. Those bluish-green scales with the black markings seemed to wink at him—taunt him—before she was gone.
Rage filled him.
Disbelief, too.
The confusion was the worst, though.
He mind raced from one memory to the next. He tried to put all the pieces together, but it felt like none of it made sense.
Oh, he knew what happened.
Remembered it perfectly well.
But why?
His gaze scanned the water, entirely ignoring the ship that was now skimming along the edge of the shoreline of the island where he currently stood. He looked for any sign of the mermaid—bubbles in the water, shimmering scales … anything at all.
Eryx found nothing.
Why did that ache in his chest?
Why did it hurt that she hadn’t stayed?
He still wanted to kill her. The memory of his hand wrapped around her throat the night before had him inhaling so sharply that it hurt like nothing else in his lungs, if only because every time he tried to squeeze hard enough to take away her air entirely … he hadn’t been able to.
But he wanted to.
Now, more than ever, he wanted to catch that mermaid.
Kill that mermaid.
“I’ll find you, little mermaid,” he told the sea.


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