AMA - You Ask, Bethany Answers!

Hey, loves.

We're back for another AMA. I haven't been doing these as often, but I do plan to do at least one a month or perhaps two if there are enough questions in the form to do so.

If you have a question for me, you can drop it into the form HERE.



1. Will you be writing Penny's story?

Yep. It comes out in 2020. Find more info on my website on the Coming Soon page.

2. Would Dare and Cree get a full book or at least some snippets leading up to how they came together as a couple? 

As of right now, I am not really planning anything for Cree or Dare. I may write a series for The League and members of it. Other than that, they haven't really talked to me or made their storyline clear. If anything changes in that regard, the readers will, of course, be the first to know as you usually are. :)

3. Have you ever thought about putting your books together by order of events? I notice a lot of characters are involved in the same event. Like Andino’s wedding to Ginny was in 3 of your books. 

I have thought about it long enough to say literally everywhere not to ask me to put my books in chronological order. *shrugs* There are books that happen side by side in time, I cannot take chapters from one book and mish-mash them with another. Nothing will make sense. All series are standalone - they're better read that way when the plots from one book do not fit or mix with the plot from another despite the fact they happen at the same time. So again, no, I will not put my books in any sort of order other than books within the same series.

4. Hey :)
Love your books! Just an observation. For both Demyan and Cella, their first relationships were with people outside the mafia, or wanted nothing to do with the mafia - and they both ended up dying/ it was not their destined match. They get their HEA with someone else. Wanted to ask. Is this intentional on your part? I hope I'm phrasing it right. Like, do you know from the get go that this man will fall for a girl and later fall for someone who won't mind his lifestyle? His true soul mate so to speak?

Hi there.

It's not intentional on my part. In Demyan's book, she was specifically targeted because she was with Demyan. In Cella, her husband was just in the wrong place at the wrong time - an easy target to send a message. It had nothing to do with their preferences toward the mafia or their spouses.

As for the other part of your question ... you can find what you're looking for in Andino and Haven's story - they have a whole duet. Duty is book one, Vow is book two.

5. When will you be publishing Kolya and Maya book? :-( been waiting so long for this :-(((

2020 - it's right on my website on the Coming Soon page.


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