AMA - You Ask, Bethany Answers!

Hey, loves!

We're back for our next AMA.

If you have a question for me, you can drop it into the form HERE.

This is not for outtake requests. Those will be deleted.


1. Does Antony and Cecilia die so far? They get mentioned less and less in the most recent books of their grandchildren.  I would love to see how the family honor their incredible legacy. 

Hey there.

If they're dead, readers won't know about it. It won't be mentioned at all. There seems to be a subset of my readers, a small set, that would like to see some kind of funeral or something to honor those two. But there is a larger subset of my readers who have asked repeatedly for me not to put their death on paper.

So, if you've been following along with ages - or you've kept some kind of time line for this world, you would know where we are right now in terms of ages.

And that's really all I am willing to say on the matter. No, I'm not putting a death on paper of previous characters I have given HEAs to. Even if that death would be natural and due to age.


2. Hi Bethany, huge fan of yours! By any chance were you planning to do a companion novella for Tommaso and Camilla? Thanks for answering! 

Hi there.

And no. I have no plans. Not for any particular reason except they don't have much to say now and I don't have anything to tell for them.

3. When is  Alessio’s book coming out? 

It's already out. Read your heart out.

4. Hi B, I love your books. I love the Commission series. I have never read books about the Italian mafia and I am hypnotized. My question is, will Andino appear in Christopher's book?

There is no commission series. There's a commission world. I think you just mean the second gen books, and thank you.

Andino will appear in Chris's book. Kind of plays a major role.

5. Are you planning on doing another BK branded box with the Guzzi boys? If so would you do paperbacks for all 6 books, or just a few? 

Hi there.

I will not be doing BK branded boxes again - they cost me more money than I make, take a lot of time I could use to spend writing my next book, and in order for them to be worth it and profitable to me, I have to charge more than people are willing to pay.

That's how business goes.

So no, no box for Guzzis. No boxes ever.

Alright, loves. That's it for this week.




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