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Hey, loves! We're back for another round of AMA on the blog with me, BK. Obviously, it's my blog. Anywho ...

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1. Hi! I just want to say i love your books. You're the Queen of Mafia Romance. No one took the time to do the research like you did ( if i see one more book with the author saying La Familia instead of Famiglia or going on and on about Capo di tutti (gli) capi , i'm gonna smash my kindle. I hate when they do that. Or not having the ranking order right. For god's sakes they can't even bother to check Wikipedia, let alone some other sources. Rambling aside, my question is : are you going to write another series with the Russian Bratva? I don't mean the Avdonin/Vasin famillies, but another series? Altough i wouldn't mind a novella about Roman, but i understand that they said what they had to say. I ask this because generally i prefer Bratva to italians. Thank you! Kisses. 

Hi there.

I make mistakes, too. Nobody's perfect. I like to see some growth when mistakes are made, though. That's always a huge determining factor for me on certain things.

And I love both Russians and Italians. I mean I started with the Russians after all, right? Haha. I just ended up focusing on the Commission world a lot because it grew so big and so fast that I don't think the stories I have put out for that world would have been the same had I waited and went back to them. They formed as I wrote them. I will be going back to my Russians once this and next year has finished. I was trying to plan for at least one Russian series a year, if not possibly two. We will see how it goes, I am not going to release 2021/2022 schedules until closer to probably the end of 2020. I have waffled a lot back and forth where I want to write after what I have announced. Some have seen I announced a Dark Fantasy/Paranormal romance standalone coming in January - that will open a new world. I want to be able to do a series for that a year as well. I also have my Astors to write, co-author projects in the works ... and more.

I really just need to finish what I am writing for 2020 at the moment, and then I can say for sure what is happening.

As for your question ... Roman is getting a series, actually. So is his sister, Vera. Sofia, from the Vasins is getting a book. Her mother and father will have something as well, I think I had planned a duet. And within that world, you will meet another, at least, two Russian families that I have in mind. One is in Chicago, heavy human trafficking, and another in Nevada, heavy in Casinos, laundering cash as well as some fake cash dealing.

So, I have some things yet just for that world alone.

2. Hi Bethany, hope all is well. I was just curious whether or not the John/Siena or Andino/Haven companions can be purchased separately from the boxset that you're releasing next year? I already have the paperbacks for the individual stories. Thanks! 

Hi there.

And yes, they'll be priced at 2.99 each, the companions, as is standard for my companion novellas. And they will release if not on the same day as the boxsets, either a week before or after, for you to be able to purchase separately. I know some people don't want the whole boxset just 20k in the back with the new content. I get some authors use that as a marketing tool with their readers to sell the boxsets and that's cool. They can run their business however they see fit. I just find with my readers, they would rather just buy it separately which is why it's priced where it is so it's fair to me, my work, and the cost of production for a whole second book that releases.

So, yep. You'll be able to buy them separately.

3. Will we ever get a story about Ginevra’s sister Greta? She has so much spirit! I’d love to know more about her. 


Interestingly enough, I get this question about the sisters, as well as Adriano and Alessa Conti's army of daughters a lot. I keep saying no because there's nothing in my mind. However, I am not closed off to the idea of these people getting a story. I just don't have anything to tell for them right now. If that changes, ya'll will, of course, be the first to know.

4. Hi Bethany! I’m love your novels and I love true crime. Can you recommend some true crime novels on La Cosa Nostra, specially the early days? Thanks!
Also, if I’m not wrong, Joel is said to have a son and I think his sister (step) is going to be featured in the book with Cory. So, this is not so much as a question, as it is a request but do you plan to write a book on Joel’s son? If not, then can you please write a book for Joel’s son :P I don’t think people would have been nice to him, being a son of a disgraced & dead man, outside of wedlock.
I maybe trying to persuade you to write for him 🙈 But still, do you have his story in your mind and if yes, do you intend to write a book on him? Thanks!

Hi there.

I don't have any recs for that, I have lately been watching a lot of stuff on Netflix for true crime and organized crime, however.

First, some things about Joel's son - his name is Joel Peter Costello, and he goes by J. He has a father on his birth certificate, the man's name is Frankie Costello, also known as, for all purposes, Joel and Adella's father. He married Chloe before she gave birth to Joel's son. He's not technically born out ot of wedlock, and unless someone wants to be a real shitty human being and get government people involved to change Frankie's name on Joel's birth certificate, on paper, he's doing just fine.

However, the guy knows the truth. So does everyone else.

Chloe is also one of Outfit's big bitch's best friends, ie, Abriella, so people have to tread carefully anyway just for that.

The Outfit's changed a lot from what it was in Chicago War. Everybody from the first gen made sure of that because you know, they all ended up tangled in one way or another, with kids binding them as family and whatever else. If I ever did write a book for Joel, it would not be the typical disgraced made man thing anyway.

He's got friends in high places.
He's not too far from high places, either.

5. Hey! Could you please do a video pronouncing the names of the characters in your books? I know it's unorthodox and maybe not really major in the grand scheme of things - but from the snippets in some of the giveaway videos you did, you mentioned some names - and let me tell you, they sound so much better when you say them. 

Haha, hi there.

This is an interesting request, and I will seriously take it to heart. How about that? ;)


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