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We're back for another outtake. I pulled this from the request form, of course, but it is another one that has been in there for a while. Apologies to the person who has been waiting for it and all, but I just haven't really had an idea yet to sketch out for it. Now I do, though, so I hope you enjoy another peek at Tommaso and Camilla's HEA.

Okay, onto the outtake!


The Speech
Tommaso POV
An Effortless Outtake

A few feet away from their wedding party's main table, Tommaso leaned back in his chair to watch the scene unfolding in front of him. Or rather, the way his new bride's whole face lit up when her brother stepped in to ask her for a dance.
Everyone had danced with Cam more than he had during their wedding reception. But frankly, more people had danced with him than she had, too. So was the way of a wedding with large families.
Not to mention, their kind of families. It just couldn't be avoided, and since it was all about the respect of the matter, really, they didn't refuse. Besides, as his father reminded him more than once over the last few hours--in fact, every single time Tom dared to complain that he wasn't getting any time with his wife--soon enough, he would have Camilla all to himself.
His father had a point.
Tom was greatly looking forward to it.
With every new guest that came up to congratulate him and each task they had to complete--from giving a speech to cutting the cake--the minutes ticked by getting closer and closer to that magical one o'clock in the morning when he would finally be able to sneak his wife away to a hotel suite in the city before they jetted off early in the morning for a week-long honeymoon far, far away.
No mafia business.
No family.
Nothing but him and Cam.
Tom wanted that to happen.
But he had to wait.
So he did.
Forever his father's good son--always the boss's best set example. Tom didn't know how to be anything different now, even when he wanted to be.
Cross stepped back from Cam as the song ended, but gave a quick shake of his head at an approaching man like he was stopping the guy from coming to ask for a dance of his own. Which made sense when Tommaso heard Camilla mutter, "These shoes are going to make me cut my feet off by the time I'm done tonight."
"Sit," Cross replied. "I'll give you a few minutes to rest them."
"Best brother ever."
Cross grinned wide. "I try, Cam."
Once Cam had stepped around the table and Cross shooed another guest away, the man came to grab the item sitting in front of Tom's glass of whiskey. The microphone. While Cross hadn't been in the wedding party--although Tom had been more than willing to make a spot for him, had he asked--he had still expected Cross to make time to ensure Camilla felt as special and loved as she should be on her wedding day.
He was her big brother, after all.
One of her very best friends.
It's what they should do.
Cam sat down in the chair next to Tom's with a sigh and a smile as Cross turned to face the rest of the room, one hand high with Tom's glass of whiskey in hand. Not that it mattered, a server was already waiting with a replacement.
Like the man knew he would need to.
Had Cross planned something?
It wouldn't surprise Tom at all.
"I regret my choice in shoes," Camilla whined. "I wanted to dance more, but this is killing me."
Tom frowned--he loved the shoes she picked to wear under her dress. All six inches of heel and white satin. They were going to make her legs look fantastic when he had her naked and bent over something later.
For right now, though ...
Well, he might be able to help with that. Who in the hell was going to complain if Camilla danced in her heels or the silk stockings instead?
That's who.
"Here, babe," Tom said, reaching for Cam's legs under the table.
"What are you--"
The tablecloth hid how he pulled her legs into his lap to pull off her shoes. The satin heels hit the floor with a click-click that was hidden by Cross taking all of the attention when he spoke into the microphone as the room quieted.
"Fuck the damn shoes," Tom told Cam.
She grinned. "Sounds like a plan."
"Everyone in this room knows how loved my sister is," Tom heard Cross say.
"Only a couple of hours left, and we're out of here."
Cam pursed her lips, the glint in her eye making him think of a million and one dirty, terrible things he'd like to do to her right then and there. One thing in particular that had to do with smudging that ruby red lipstick of hers across her mouth while he made her eyes water.
She always looked so pretty like that.
Loved it, too.
"Dad made me promise," he said quickly.
Cam gave him a look. "I can't convince you to break the rules?"
She absolutely could.
And probably would.
"Don't test me," he murmured.
Cam winked.
Tom about lost his control right then and there.
"At least promise me one more dance," he said while Cross continued his speech to the rest of the guests, "because I've been dying here, Cam."
"I can do that."
"And I'm glad to know," Cross said, turning to face his sister and Tom who had moved closer together until their shoulders touched and their grins were angled toward one another, "that my sister has found someone else to love her the way we do, too." He lifted his glass higher to toast them, smiling with a nod as he added, "Congrats--to your forever and ever, Cam, because it's exactly what you deserve."
It certainly was.
Tom would make sure she had it.


  1. i love this!! !I just reread their story and some of your other outtakes on them....my <3

    1. I get requests for them often - they're just so quiet to me, and I don't want to write it and it not sound like them, if that makes any sense. Hopefully they'll pop up a little more than they do.

  2. I always had a soft spot for Tommaso and Cam. They're my fav! I just can't get enough of them.


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