AMA - You Ask, Bethany Answers!

Hey, loves!

We're back for another round of AMA. I do this now whenever I get a few questions backed up into the form. So, if you have a question for me, you can drop it in HERE.

Something that's regularly asked in here is if someone can buy signed paperbacks. And yes, on my website right now - SHOP HERE.

Onto the questions this month.


1. Will you ever tell us who Vanna is? 

LMAO - yes. Hi there.

Yes, I will tell you who she is - sooner than you think. I will not give you any lead up to it, I'm just gonna drop something that'll tell it all. No one is going to find out and know and have to keep it a secret, say like ARC readers. We're just all going to find out together.

Soon. Honestly, I always kind of felt like it should have been obvious where Vanna originated from ... or the people she came from, maybe, would be a better way to say it.

The past always comes full circle.
In this world, it's always come back around.

2. Cory Rossi? He needs a story please.

Literally writing him right now.

As in, for real, in the other window of my Chrome is a writing app where I keep a scene I am working at during any given time backed up while I write real-time (cause I get that fucking serious about backing up my writing; will not lose more than 3-5k of words ever again) is Cory and Della in a meeting the parents type scene at the moment.

He's coming soon, too.

Pretty Lies. Next year. ;)

3. Hello Bethany, I am trying to start a career as a writer and was wondering if you have any advice, especially how to get a mentor. Thank you so much, I am a huge fan of your books. 

Hi there. Thank you so much.

My only advice is if it's really what you want to do, you will find a way to do it. And this can work for anything in life, not just your writing. But it still applies.

On the mentor thing ... I never really had one of those. I kind of stumbled into this career one way, and am where I am right now by flipping the table and doing it an entirely different way. Nobody was here to teach me, it was me and Google and a friend or two who were in no better or worse positions than me. I never had a mentor, so I have no idea how you go about getting one. Maybe just approach and ask?

It couldn't hurt.

And you won't know how it'll work out until you do it.
Good luck.

4. Did I read it correctly??? Roman Avdonin will have a book?? Oh my god oh my god. 


Yeah, you read it correctly. It'll probably be books. It's going to be messy with drama and angst. I have gotten closer and closer to a satisfying arc for Roman. He'll be a great way to go back and maybe open the Russian world again.

Have to wait for more on that.

5. Hey! I'm super enthralled with Corrado, Alessio, and Ginevra's relationship. I would love to see more of them in some one shots and stuff like that - especially with their new daughter :)) Also, are you planning a novella for them? XOXO

Hi there.

Yeah, they're featured in The Firsts as one of the main couples (a Guzzi Novella) and then they'll have their own novella later in the year as well, if all goes right. It's on the schedule, so I'll be writing it at some point. The Firsts is done, though. It comes February 2020 I believe.

Lots to come yet.

Hugs, loves.
Until the next time.



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