AMA - You Ask, Bethany Answers!

Hey, loves! We're back for another AMA. If you have a question for me that you would like to be included the next time I do an AMA, you can drop that into the form HERE.

Onto the questions for this month:

1. Just finished Bene!! It's amazing!! Trying not to give anything away, but are we going to get a novella for them? Or is it going to be a part of the companion?

Thank you so much. And yes, Bene and Vanna will have their own piece in the companion releasing in January 2020 for the Guzzi Legacy called The Firsts. But that will be it for them. 

2. Hi, I love every single one of your books! I got particularly attached to Renzo - such heart ❤️ 🌹I wanted to ask you if there were future books planned for Diego and Rose?

Thank you. There will be a companion for Diego next year that will publish alongside the Boxset. You will not have to buy the boxset to get the companion, it will publish by itself as well. But that will be it for them. There will be nothing for Rose. 

3. Do you think you would ever write a heroine who cannot have kids?

I mean, yeah, I can't see why not, eventually. 

I've written heroines who have suffered with fertility struggles and infant loss. It's just a matter of finding the right characters and plot for that sort of thing to be included. I've touched on a lot of delicate topics - I don't, however, just throw them in to mark another one off the list, you know? 

So eventually. When it's the right time. 

4. What is your least favorite part of being a writer?

Always, always the business side of things. The stuff that's all behind the scenes that nobody but the person handling the business really gets to see. It's not fun - it's a lot of repetitive stuff. People don't get into writing because they want to design covers and promo and market and run ads and everything else that goes into this business now. 

But it's where we are. 

5. What upcoming releases are you looking forward to?

The Hunted above everything else. Everything else coming out in 2020 are people my readers who have been reading along will recognize and be excited to get their standalone novels. It's not a new world - they're familiar and they're in my usual genre so marketing to readers who aren't my normal readers will be as it normally is. 

The Hunted is new. 

New world. 
New sub-genre. 
New rules. 
New everything. 

And it's a challenge to interest people who when they look at my stuff, think mob romance, organize crime, romantic suspense ... all human, lol. 

But my muse jumped into The Hunted wholeheartedly. There is a whole world burning in the back of my brain - something that could be amazing and great - and I want to get people as excited for it as they are when I announce the release date for the Astors series, or a new book in the Commission world. 

So, anywho. 

Until next time, loves! 



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