Cece & Juan Vignettes - The Complete Blog Series!

Hey, loves!

As promised, I did compile The Cece & Juan Vignettes into a proper ebook for anyone who wants it to download and sideload it on their device. Also a quick side note: you can plug in your email by clicking the SUBSCRIBE at the top of the blog and you'll get an email every time I make a new post on the blog.

Back to Cece & Juan, though. These files will also be added to the website in the coming weeks but because this series was exclusive to the blog, it will stay only on the blog to download for just a bit.

For reference:

The MOBI file is for Kindles*.
EPUB is for all other devices.
PDF is just because some people prefer it, and I take three extra minutes to make one for you.


Cece & Juan Vignettes | MOBI
Cece & Juan Vignettes | EPUB
Cece & Juan Vignettes | PDF

Enjoy, loves. Once more, thanks to Sasha for making the cover for this blog series. I cannot wait to share what she came up with for the next blog series.

Soon, soon.

And a side note, if you wanna buy me a coffee to say thanks, my Ko-fi link is always on the left sidebar on this blog. Or click HERE. Don't feel as though you have to, but thank you so much to those who have since I first posted my Ko-fi. It means the world. :)



*If you're not sure how to sideload a file to your Kindle, learn here:


  1. So this means Juan and Cece wont have their own book?

    1. I said this before I ever even wrote them a blog series - that was the reason why I wrote them a blog series so readers would have something for them. I have nothing to write for them.


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